Hello Intenational Peer Respite/Soteria Summit Participant,
Below is information on a free webinar on June 9th Webinar at 1:00 pm, Eastern Time on "Soteria New York: Bringing an Innovative Approach to Psychiatric Crisis to New York," in which we though you might be interested.
Since I am writing I figure I should also take the opportunity to update you on The Summit's progress, which is being conducted through various Circles.
Website Circle.  11 Members.  Work is progressing on our website, primarily by the Marvelous Maddi Mathon, which it is hoped will be launched in July.  Until then, the web page that was used for the Summit will still be accessible.  The new website will keep the information on the original webpage, plus News & Information, including a calendar; Resources, including "how to's," videos & written advocacy materials; as well as the opportunity for people to submit blogs.  
Mentoring Circle.  69 members.  This Circle is to provide mentoring to people who are working on starting Peer Respites or Soteria Houses or want advice about their existing Peer Respite or Soteria House.  I think the Mentoring Circle is ready to start and we now have a form where people can ask for mentoring.  
Advocacy Circle.  42 Members.  This Circle is for advocacy to the wider community to promote Peer Respites and Soteria-Houses, such as the general public, governments, and other potential funders.  As part of this I developed a little piece called Why We Need Different Approaches.   We will have other advocacy pieces that can be used in a modular way as people desire for their advocacy.
Videos Circle.  18 members.  This group is for creating "crisply edited" videos of last October's Summit meetings and related events.  I would love to also be able to produce a documentary style video that could be used for advocacy.
Steering Circle.  87 members.  This is the continuation of the planning group that organized last October's Summit presentations.  
Administration Circle.  11 members. This group is to deal with administrative tasks that need to get done, such as the budget, including fundraising, meeting management, and back office functions. 
Networking Circle.  35 members.  This Circle is for people to connect and work together.  
Global Circle.  26 members.  This Circle is for facilitating the formation of groups who want to organize in particular states, countries or regions.  Separate Google Groups could be created to facilitate this.
If you want to help in one or more of the Circles sign up here.
Webinar | Soteria New York: Bringing an Innovative Approach to Psychiatric Crisis to New York
Thursday, June 9, 2022
10:00am - 11:30am PT / 1:00pm - 2:30pm ET
Free and open to all!
This webinar will discuss the history and future of the Soteria model, an evidence-based alternative to acute hospitalization for persons experiencing psychiatric crises. Soteria provides intensive support in a communal residential setting with emphasis on humane interactions and understanding.
Replications of the Soteria model have been few and far between since the remarkable success of the original Soteria experiment, spearheaded by Loren Mosher and Alma Menn in the 1970s. Recently, a wide-ranging renewal of the Soteria model has taken place in Israel with very positive outcomes.
The need for alternatives to police intervention and hospitalization for crisis stabilization, has led to a development of short term residential facilities in many US states. Following the success of the Parachute Project, New York State has been a pioneer in promoting the establishment of such residential alternatives with an eye on further expansion. This discussion will consider how the Soteria model would be uniquely impactful in New York State.
Join us to hear from pioneers in the development and current operation of Soteria Houses in the U.S. and Israel!
Offered in partnership with New York Association of Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services (NYAPRS) and Community Access. This webinar is open to all.
Pesach Lichtenberg | Founder, Soteria Isreal; Psychiatrist based in Jerusalem
Voyce Hendrix | Director, Soteria San Jose (1976-78); Social Worker, St. Paul, MN
Yana Jacobs | Counselor, Soteria San Jose; Social Worker, Santa Cruz, CA
Daniel Bergner | Contributing Writer, New York Times; Author of Upcoming Book – The Mind and the Moon – My Brother, the Science of Our Brains and the Search for Our Psyches
Elan Cohen | Clinical Psychology Doctoral Candidate; Former Peer Specialist with the Parachute Program
Peter Stastny | Psychiatric Consultant; Co-Founder of International Network Towards Alternatives and Rights-Based Supports
The CBHL mission is to provide leaders with the inspiration, tools, knowledge and professional connections to work across sectors to eliminate inequities and improve health outcomes by:
  • Creating an environment that allows for sharing of best practices, resources, experience and lessons learned across all levels of leadership and sectors;
  • Seeking out members who bring diversity of thought, leadership experience, training, expertise and multi-sector representation;
  • Providing an enriching space to facilitate direct connections, provocative conversations and ongoing collaboration between members.
Take care,
Jim Gottstein
(907) 274-7686
Author of The Zyprexa Papers