Temple Beth Am Library Minyan  
 October 2012
 The Minyan Monthly
Here we are in Cheshvan, a month I refuse to call “mar.” As the holidays are now behind us and we get on with living the new year, here’s a kavanah: To thrive and continue to be as vibrant as we are, the Library Minyan must always be welcoming to newcomers, new ideas, and new participants.  This means occasionally going beyond our comfort zone and being open to some new approaches. I and the committee chairs, gabayim and coordinators are happy to hear any suggestions and ideas you may have.
Being a welcoming minyan also means supporting and encouraging fledgling daveners, Torah readers, Haftarah readers and darshanim as they try their wings on the bimah, recognizing there will be glitches and imperfections on the way to learning and growth. Thanks to all of our efforts, the Library Minyan is and will continue to be a warm, dynamic, and engaging community. 
— Scott Taryle
Saturday Night With Your Library Minyan Pals!
Save the date, Saturday evening, November 10, for a very "happenin'" havdalah/melaveh malka ice cream social, 7:30 p.m., at TBA. Music! Comedy! Chat with old friends and meet new friends! You should have received a special email with more information. If you return your reservation by November 1st, you will pay a discounted price.
Steering Committee Meeting
On Sunday, October 14, the Steering Committee of the Library Minyan met to discuss several minyan matters.  (Under our recently enacted governance charter, the Steering Committee consists of Rosh-Scott Taryle, Education Committee Chair Rachel Green, Finance Committee Chair Larry Harris, Membership Committee Chair Susan Laemmle, Ritual Committee Chair Norm Saiger, Social and Hospitality Committee Chair Carl Sunshine, and Youth Committee Co-Chair Sandra Lepson.)
Among the topics on our agenda were an evaluation of the recent High Holiday services,  enhancing the welcoming atmosphere of the minyan, the minyan’s role within and relationship with Temple Beth Am as a whole, encouraging earlier attendance on Shabbat, and our wish-list of fix-it items within the physical space of the chapel. Some of the specific proposals we are currently considering include: (1) obtaining wooden Torah stands, such as those used in the Main Sanctuary and Bait Tefillah, to hold the sefer Torah during Haftarah, rather than relying on a sitter to hold the Torah;  (2) altering our policy to make Library Minyan tickets for the High Holidays more available to non-members of Temple Beth Am; (3) having coffee and pastries before Shabbat services; (4) revisting our practice of sponsoring tribute ads for members being honored by Jewish organizations. Minutes of the meeting will soon be posted on the Library Minyan’s website.
Our ongoing conversation about these matters should absolutely not be limited to the Steering Committee.  We want and need to hear from all of you about these topics and any other great, out-of-the-box ideas I am sure you all have. A general meeting of the Library Minyan will likely be held in coming months, but in the meantime, grab us at kiddush, call us, email us, and let your views be known.
Again With The Kiddushes! 
The Library Minyan Shabbat kiddishes do much to build our community. People smooze and reconnect with each other while noshing. On those occasions when we can offer a full, well-balanced meal, many people often socialize for an hour or more. Although the cost of these kiddish meals is small compared to their value to our community, they are too costly to do as often as we like. To those who have helped sponsor an Library Minyan kiddish, yashar koach! Your assistance has helped develop our community, it has provided a comfortable meal to those who would otherwise have eaten at home alone, and it has given a full meal to those among us who might not always have enough nutritious food to eat.
Please consider contributing regularly to the Library Minyan kiddish program. An extended Library Minyan-sponsored kiddish costs the Minyan $800. It would be great to have one at least every six weeks. Whether you sponsor one or more whole kiddishes, or contribute a little along with many others, your support will help strengthen our community.
And who knows? Perhaps a couple will someday first meet at a kiddish and go on to have children who will themselves will support future Library Minyan kiddishes! We can’t make any promises, but you can be certain that shitach will more likely happen with your support than without! Please help out!  
Please send donations by check payable to the Library Minyan Kiddish Fund to Dale Bodenstein or Larry Harris.
—Larry Harris, Library Minyan Finance Chair
Mishna study 9:20
Tefillot begin 9:45
Temple Beth Am
Dorff-Nelson Chapel
1039 S. La Cienega Blvd, 90035
Yashar Koach on the Sukkah Walks!
Thank you to all the gracious families who hosted guests for our lovely sukkot walks. The great success of the walks is because of all of you! Todah rabah and yesher koach to:
Essia and Howard Cartoon Fredman, Fran and Joel Grossman, Debbie Schmidt and Avi Havivi, Miriam and Mark Prum Hess, Lilia and Gary Hirschorn, Rona and Josh Karp, Susan Laemmle and John Antignas, Teri and Baruch Cohan Link, Fran and Bob Malina, Laura and Charles Landesman Mandel, Shawn and Tom Fields Meyer, Batya and David Ordin, Wanda and Avi Peretz, Fredi and Steve Spiegel, Dafna and Scott Taryle, Judy and Allen Weinstock, Janet and David Weissman, and Julie and Eric Weissman. A special thanks to Miriam Prum Hess for organizing the walks. Her hard work is much appreciated!  
— Val Goldstein, Diaspora Potluck Committee
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