Photo on Left Shows an Actual Microchip Inside Someone's Brain- Now They Can Biologically Chip Us Via the Nanofibers Being Sprayed on Us Via Chemtrails- This Alert is a Serious Wake Up Call:
Heres How to Protect Yourself
IAHF List: Most of you are in denial about what is going on around us. I'm not, partly because I have met several targetted individuals (T.I.s) who have been implanted with microchips as guinapigs who've been the victims of cWEovert government experimentation, unwilling participants in an evil experiment via which our would be overseers have been learning how to put ALL of us under mind control, so they can have total control over our minds, total slavery!
I've met people like Sue Ford, who tried to warn us all about what will be our future unless we fight back with all we have. Please see her in this youtube and please read her book "Thanks for the Memories The Truth Has Set Me Free"
I met Sue (who uses the pen name "Bryce Taylor" at a Preparedness Expo in North Carolina many years ago where I heard her give a lecture about her experience as a victim of the CIA's MKULTRA Mind Control Program, and about how she broke free of government mind control to expose them via her book.
After making friends with her, I communicated with her for a few months by phone and email, then visited her at her home in South Carolina where I picked her brain to learn more about what she'd been through. I've also had many phone conversations with John Mecca, another T.I. who has been fighting back- (See his site here.) And with Magnus Olssen (see this youtube) who has been fighting back very hard via this site.
We all need to stay out of hospitals by becoming our own doctors! If you are pregnant, don't let your baby be delivered in a hospital, they are microchipping new borns now. Don't get admitted to a hospital unless you REALLY HAVE TO, or you could end up being chipped the way Magnus, and many others have been, and then your mind won't be your own anymore, you will become a slave to the N.W.O who will be able to hear through your ears, see through your eyes, and to put thoughts directly into your mind.
Morgellons disease researcher Clifford Carnicom has written numerous research papers on this man made disease, and on the genetically engineered Morgellon's microorganism that is in all of our bodies now, attempting to take over our bodies and to biologically microchip us via the bioappi.
The Morgellons organism has entered all of our bodies via the nanofibers being sprayed on us via chemtrails, and you can prove to yourself that they are in your body by doing the red wine spit test.
Whether or not it takes over your body, and destroys all the iron in your body which is necessary for oxygenation and the maintenance of a properly alkaline Ph in which degenerative diseases such as cancer cannot form, and whether or not you get biologically microchipped depends on how much attention you put on the following countermeasures which Carnicom reported to author Elana Freeland in her book Chemtrails, HAARP, and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth
(in chapter 8 "Morgellons- The Fibers We Eat and Breath").
As you can see I have gone beyond Carnicom's recommendations to explain how we can all implement them practically.
Carnicom's six strategies for countering the Morgellon's organism which has been assaulting our red blood cells and devouring the iron in our blood are:
1. Alkalinize the blood
2. Anti-oxidation
3. Increase the utilization and absorption of existing iron.
4. Inhibit the growth of iron-consuming bacterial archeal-like forms.
5. Improve the flow of bile to further alkalinize the blood and aid the digestive process.
6. Detoxify the liver.
Here are ways to address all 6 strategies:
1. To alkalinize the blood drink sulfur twice a day. It opens up cell membranes allowing radically improved oxygen transport to the cells, which pushes the toxins out. Then you just drink half your body weight in ounces of water to flush those toxins out of the blood that are released by your liver, kidneys and cells due to ingesting sulfur!
2. We need to ingest antioxidant vitamins including vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Beta Carotine to neutralize free radicals caused by chemtrails. Read up on Free Radicals and Antioxidants here.
If you need to buy these vitamins, get them from the Life Extension Foundation, by joining this Foundation, you are helping to fight the FDA. No organization on the planet fights the FDA harder than FDA to maintain our access to supplements. They are clients of mine, so when you join the Foundation, please tell them I sent you! By joining, you will be directly countering UN Agenda 21, the blueprint for population control because LEF funds alternative gerontological, anti aging research! When you join you'll get Life Extension Magazine every month, a discount on products, and many other valuable services including access to knowledgable health advisors who can advise you on your personal health program. (I can do that too if you call me at 1-800-333-2553) I was on staff at LEF for many years before starting IAHF and Sulfur for Health.
3. Without sufficient iron, you won't be able to transport oxygen to your cells and internal organs. The Morgellons organism makes us too acidic, and screws up the utilization and absorption of existing iron, so we must get more alkaline by ingesting sulfur, by getting aerobic exercise, and we must also ingest vitamin C to bowel tolerance because it helps iron absorption.
Foods rich in iron include liver, but be sure to eat only liver from grass fed sources, never eat meat grown on feed lots where the cattle are fed genetically engineered corn. Read this for more info.
4. To inhibit the growth of iron consuming bacterial archeal like forms (Morgellons organisms) you must oxygenate your body by ingesting sulfur, and by getting aerobic exercise such as cycling, walking, running...
I also use food grade 35% hydrogen peroxide, I cup in a whole bathtub full of water is a sufficient dilution for safety. When I bath in this, it bubbles, and it feels very relaxing to get all that oxygen flooding into my cells via my skin! I like doing this along with sodium bicarbonate which I also put in the bathwater. You can get gallons of 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide from an affiliate link on my website at I have used that guy's product and its good stuff, but he's supposed to pay me a commission anytime anyone orders via the link on my site and he never has!
So if you buy some from him, please let me know, I would like to catch him so I can confront him over ripping me off for the past two years! If you have EVER bought any 35% hydrogen peroxide off the link on my site, please let me know so I can confront the guy!  You can also use ozone if you have the ability to inject it from a gas syringe, thats another bioxidative therapy that will help kill the Morgellons organism so it can't biologically chip you!Do you have a bicycle? I ride miles every week on a bike to pump my body full of oxygen, when you use sulfur it helps open up the cell membranes so you can really pump oxygen into your cells, and it also minimizes lactic acid build up so you don't feel so much pain from exercising! I run sulfur into my lungs using a nebulizer before and after cycling, and I also nebulize Magnesium chloride oil to increase ATP production in my mitochondria which are the powerhouses inside our cells, and I spray Mg Chloride oil on my body using a pump bottle! This also jacks up testosterone!
I give a FREE NEBULIZER to anyone who buys 10 or 20 lbs of Sulfur, along with instructions on how to nebulize sulfur, Mg Chloride oil, iodine, and Glutathione!! When you administer sulfur by drinking it mixed in water, but also by nebulizing it and inhaling it directly into your lungs, you really MAXIMIZE your chances of not being biologically microchipped via the nanofibers which contain the Morgellons organism which cannabalizes all the iron in our blood to lower our oxygenation!! This Morgellons organism also destroys our cellular voltage, interfering with the creation of new cells in the body!!
We need -50 millivolts to generate new cells. I am using a Biomodulator to generate -50 millivolts. You can learn about this medical device designed by Jerry Tennant, MD at this video here, and it wouldn't hurt to read his book Healing is Voltage. In October I'll be attending a workshop on how to use this medical device in Phoenix AZ. I will be using it in my Naturopathic clinic in the Philippines, but I want to learn all I can about using the one I have
5 & 6 To improve the flow of bile, to further alkalinize the blood and to aid the digestive process, you need to flush out the liver and gallbladder. Bile acids are secreted by the liver, and stored in the gallbladder from which they are released through the bile ducts into the small intestine where they aide digestion The best way to improve the production of bile in the liver and improve the flow of bile from the liver to the gallbladder and into the small intestine is to flush out ALL the organs of elimination by doing Richard Schulze's 30 Day Detox, but if you don't have time to do the entire 30 day detox, at a minimum you should do Schultze's 5 day bowel detox, and 5 day liver/gallbladder detox.
I did the entire 30 day detox, it was one of the best investments I ever made in my health! After just the bowel cleanse part of it my energy level skyrocketed at least 50%!! I couldn't believe what was coming out of my colon, and I thought it was already clean because I had been doing regular colonics at the Complete Health Center in Richmond BC where they wholesale my sulfur, but Dr. Schultze's bowel formula #1, and bowel formula #2 are amazing!! His formula #1 contains cascara sagrada, an herb which stimulates peristolsis, muscular contractions of the anus that help push out toxins. His intestinal formula #2 contains bentonite clay and other herbs that act like magnets to pull toxins out of the colon, and between the two formulas you can remove residue from toxic pharmaceuticals, solvents from industry such as all the chemicals I used to work with when I was a boatbuilder, etc. I couldn't believe how foul the stuff smelled that came out of me from this cleanse, but it sure did increase my energy level!
You have to clean your colon really well before you clean your liver and gallbladder so there will be ROOM for all the toxins that will be released when you DO cleanse your liver and gallbladder in order to improve the flow of bile.... it is worth it to do all of this so you won't be biolotically microchipped by the Morgellons organism that is now inside us all due to the nanofibers we are breathing in the air!
You don't want to be mind controlled do you? You don't want to be chipped and tied into the Borg, do you? Well then do these steps so you can remain FREE!! And for God Sakes, if you are going to deliver a baby, stay the hell AWAY from hospitals, they are most likely microchipping all new borns now and anyone who goes in for almost any sort of operation in some hospitals at least!
Whats the best way to stay out of the hospital? Clean all your organs of elimination and take sulfur twice a day while doing all the stuff in these steps.
I hope to do Free Conference calls about all of this to which I'd invite guest speakers like Clifford Carnicom, and Michael Murphy. If you know anyone else who I might invite to speak on these calls please suggest them, or yourself if you feel you could add something useful to this. Please contact me at or call me at 1-800-333-2553 H&W Toll Free North America, or 1-360-945-0352 World.
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