purveyors of the finest garage rock for 2 decades
reveal their superb new releases:
 The U.V. Race, Davilla 666 and Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds

First up, direct from Melbourne we  have the high energy primitive proto-pysch-punk  of The U.V Race and their new album 'Homo' (April 25thclosely followed by Puerto Rico’s Davila 666 who play fierce Spanish language garage-pop with gang vocals, tambourines, pop hooks, guitar licks and even a touch of psych here and there. Tan Bajo  (2nd May) highlights the band’s “sheer anarchic energy, not to mention a formidable gift for language-transcending hooks.” (Pitchfork)

Next up we have the distinguished gentlemen known as Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey BirdsHeaded up by the legendary Kid Congo Powers, Gorilla Rose (23rd May) contains 13 all original explosive glam-tastic compositions, it’s a sonic trip where Kid brings his past into the present with the flamboyancy of his inspirations.

Not only that, Kid Congo will be TOURING THE UK in April closely followed by Fresh & Onlys  who released their magnificent, Play It Strange last year, in May

KID CONGO & THE PINK MONKEY BIRDS                                              

Fresh & Onlys
09-May UK Leeds Brudenell Social Club
10-May UK Glasgow Stereo
11-May UK London Hoxton Bar & Grill
27-May Spain Barcelona Primavera Sound
02-Jun UK London TBC


Release Date: 25th April 2011

1. Girl in My Head, 2. Burn That Cat, 3. Lost My Way, 4. Inner North
5. Nazicistic, 6. Down Your Street, 7. Slow Mo, 8. Low, 9. Always Late, 10. Homo 

2007 saw the first recording from Melbourne, Australia’s The UV Race—a self-released tape featuring four songs of primitive thud, minimal assemblage and high-energy expression. Over the next three years the band has continued to show dedication to these themes with a string of cassettes and singles and their 2009 self-titled debut full length. Their second album, Homo delivers on the promise of these early releases.

Working again with Eddy Current Suppression Ring guitarist Mikey Young at the recording and mixing stages, The UV Race developed the songs over several sessions. Their willingness to explore is clear, from the psychotic bedroom confessional of “Girl in My Head” with its confident teen-heat swagger, to the seven-minute closer “Homo,” where nods to the Ramones enclose a psychedelic freak-out reminiscent of the closing minutes of The Stooges’ Funhouse.

In between, the band explores influences ranging from their Australian proto-punk and garage fascinations to American country, Krautrock and UK post-punk, citing the Velvet Underground and the Saints as influences.

Tan Bajo

Release Date: 2nd May 2011

1. Tan Bajo, 2. Obsesionao, 3. Yo Seria Otro, 4. Los Cruces, 5. Si Me Vez, 6. Mala
7. Robacuna, 8. Esa Nena Nunca Regreso, 9. Eso Que Me Haces, 10. Patitas, 11. ¡Diablo!
12. Ratata, 13. Noche de Terror, 14. De Verdad

LISTEN: Esa Nena Nunca Regreso


“... one of the best bands at SXSW. Period.” —The Fader

Hailing from San Juan, Puerto Rico, Davila 666 plays fierce Spanish language garage-pop with gang vocals, tambourines, pop hooks, guitar licks and even a touch of psych here and there. Elements of early Stones, Jesus and the Mary Chain, Dead Boys and ’60s girl groups are all evident in Davila’s sound. Since their 2008 self-titled debut album, they’ve released a slew of singles and EPs on labels like Ho-Zac, Rob’s House and Douchemaster. The album even received a coveted cassette release on Burger, a garage rock signal that “they’ve arrived” if ever there was one. Davila 666 toured the US on a mammoth three-month trek that would’ve made Black Flag weary, as well as completed a massive slog across Europe.

As soon as they began recording tracks for their highly anticipated follow-up, Tan Bajo, which means “so low,” the band realized the sounds they were making were darker and more psychedelic than their previous output. Though it retains the pop and rock ’n’ roll one would expect, Tan Bajo is Davila 666’s most cohesive release to date.

These Puerto Ricans are poised to turn the indie rock world on its ear. 

“This six-man combo generates a monolithic wall of sound, and if this isn’t as frantic as some of their contemporaries in the United States, Davila 666’s better-than-average chops, potent swagger, and thorough knowledge of the cooler chapter of rock ’n’ roll history more than compensate.” —

“Since picking up Davila’s debut disc, I’ve refused to put it back down. On their US debut, these triple-sixers filter three decades of scuffed-up leather jackets through the Spanish-language translator. Disparate patches of Radio Birdman, The Dead Boys and rudimentary jangle pop are all threaded onto the album, the charms of which are multiplied by the fact that Davila 666 sounds like it was recorded live at a basement birthday party.” —SF Weekly

Kid Congo and The Pink Monkey Birds
Gorilla Rose
Release Date: 23rd May 2011

Album Artwork: To Come
Track Listing:
01 Bo Bo Boogaloo, 02 Goldin Browne, 03 Bunker Mentality, 04 At The Ruin of Others
05 Bubble Trouble, 06 Catsuit Fruit, 07 Our Other World, 08 Hills of Pills, 09 Flypaper
 10 Injun War Crimes, 11 Lord Bloodbathington, 12 Lullaby in Paradise, 13 Gorilla Rose

Gun Club co-founder. Gunslinger for The Cramps. Six-string stylist for Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds. The legendary Kid Congo Powers and his Pink Monkey Birds titles his new album on IN THE RED Records GORILLA ROSE after artist/performer Gorilla Rose.

As a teenage boy Kid met Gorilla thru seminal weirdo band, The Screamers in the emerging LA Punk music scene of the 70’s. He recalls, “Gorilla Rose was a close and constant presence and influence on The Screamers and me as a young pup.  He was to The Screamers like Bobby Neuwirth was to Dylan, a jester of sorts, sparking many of their great lyric ideas. I still think GORILLA ROSE is the most fabulous nom de plume in history. His unsung specter had been in my mind a lot last year so I decided to title the album GORILLA ROSE to honour his name and bring him into rock n roll’s ongoing conversation.” While editing his fan club newsletters at a haunted Hollywood house, a teenage Kid Congo was also exposed to the sounds of Neu, Nico, Billie Holiday, and the “Susperia” movie soundtrack by Goblin. Along with Gorilla and Kid’s Garage rock pedigree, these past influences found their way back into his new album.

For GORILLA ROSE Kid Congo and The Pink Monkey Birds grabbed producer Jason Ward and hightailed it back to the magik gymnasium at The Harveyville Project, a high school in Kansas and also the scene of the crime of their much acclaimed 2009 release Dracula Boots. Kiki “El Coyote” Solis on bass and Ron “The Cap’n” Miller on drums along with, new Pink Monkey Bird, Jesse “The Candyman” Roberts (from Seattle’s The Ruby Doe) on guitar, keys and vocals firms up Kid Congo’s squawking flock.
Brandishing 13 all original glam-tastic compositions, GORIILA ROSE blasts off with the explosive dance anthem  “Bo Bo Boogaloo” wearing their 60’s Chicano Rock influence on their sleeves. Shake it don’t break it! That’s just the start of a wild ride thru funky but chic decadence (“Goldin Browne”) slip sliding rockabilly  (“Hills Of Pills”) ,Teenage punkdom (“Our Other World”) mystic  Kraut rock (“Bubble Trouble”) , baby-making sleaze (“Catsuit Fruit”),  the best bad Peyote trip you ever took ( “Injun War Crimes.”) and even a velvety call from the beyond (Lullaby in Paradise).   

Finding inspiration in the past is what Kid Congo and The Pink Monkey Birds do best. On this 2011 sonic trip, Kid brings his past into the present and names it after someone flamboyant and inspired. GORILLA ROSE.

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