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Sent: Sunday, March 16, 2014 11:23 AM
Subject: Re: Video Forensic Video Evidence From Husband & Wife Team That Michelle Obama is a Man, a Drag Queen- Underscores The Danger We're All In
This is such bullshit!!  (Sent from my iPhone) 
Thank you for your ill conceived kneejerk response, Patricia, you have just played right into my hands, because you will not be able to rebut anything I am saying below, and I am going to call you on this publicly by forwarding this response out to the IAHF list. If you honestly think you can rebut what I am saying, go ahead and try- I’m an honest person, and I will give you equal time if you are able to rebut what I am saying- but I honestly doubt you’ll be able to because the awful truth is becoming increasingly apparent to anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear.
Sadly, Patricia, the assertion that “Michelle” Obama "is not a woman" is not bullshit at all. Men have Adam’s apples, women do not. “Michelle” Obama’s Adam’s Apple is clearly visible in the photograph below, and in the video below. Moreover, the people who compiled this report are a husband and wife team, both highly trained criminologists with degrees, forensic experts who are well schooled in understanding human anatomy and frankly, they make an unassailable argument by not merely mentioning “Michelle’s” Adam’s Apple, but also several additional very obvious anatomical facts, such as the fact that “she” still has a penis, it is clearly visible on one of the photos shown, but if you are still in total denial, you also have to get past  the additional issues of the proportionate size of “her” hands, the size of “her” ring finger compared to her index finger, and the fact that “her” shoulders are a width three times the size of “her” head. “She” wears hair styles and clothing that is carefully selected to try to hide all of these things, but trained observers such as these law enforcement personnel can see through such disguises.
 (They both live in a City in Colorado where there is a huge number of Drag Queens, so they have a lot of practice making these observations.)  “She” also has extraordinarily developed arm and shoulder muscles, and a pronounced lack of hips. “She” has had hormone replacement therapy in an attempt to enlarge her breasts and hips, standard operating procedure for any “preop” person about to undergo a sex change operation, but it is glaringly evident that “she” still has a penis, you’d have to be blind not to see it in the photos shown. “Their” kids are obviously NOT “their” biological children, they must have been adopted.
It is a well known fact that Obama is gay. When he was a state Senator in Illinois, he frequented the Gay bath houses there, and when he was a student at the Punahou school in Honolulu as a teenager, even though he was always bumming cigarettes, he always had cocaine because he had a lot of gay sex with rich white men who frequented the gay clubs around Diamond Head. This has been revealed by a woman who knew him at that time in his life because she hung out in the same circles with him in Honolulu- see
See additional info at
While your angry reaction is no different from other secular humanists who worship this gay, communist piece of shit, you can’t get past the fact that he is deliberately destroying America as a tool of George Soros and the Bilderberg Group. His mission is to crash the dollar,(which his inflationary policies are clearly doing)to put us under martial law (which he is obviously preparing for as he seeks to disarm our populace while scrapping our constitution)- he has armed the Department of Homeland Security with 1.6 Billion Hollowpoint bullets that aren’t even LEGAL to be used in warfare, and he clearly intends to use them against all of us , and he is setting the stage for the microchipping of the population, which is already underway biologically via nanofibers in the chemtrails which I have been bending over backwards to protect YOU against, Patricia, by educating you about sulfur and other means of detoxification.
 Obama is a traitor,  he is every bit as dangerous as Hitler or Stalin, and he is nothing but the errand boy for globalists who seek to force us into a global totalitarian state, modelled after the EU, which is a collectivist dictatorship. My friend Matthias Rath, MD, an orthomolecular physician and health freedom fighter wrote this well researched book The Nazi Roots of the Brussels EU, which is a free download. It is a solidly established FACT that the globalists seek to destroy America via a variety of means, inflation, and trade agreements that destroy our sovereignty, most recently including TAFTA, and the Trans Pacific Partnership,and we’re witnessing the planned destruction of our nation right now. See info at 
I forced the FDA to give me their internal documents regarding their Trilateral Cooperation Charter With Canada and Mexico, and I have hard forensic evidence that a move is afoot to harmonize our food and drug laws with Canada and Mexico. I have more than 30 years of experience in fighting the FDA to defend your access to everything you buy in a health food store, and am in this bipartisan health freedom documentary film with Ron Paul (R-TX) and Peter De Fazio (D-OR).
It is an indisputable historical fact that every society that has widely embraced homosexuality has gone down the tubes. Think of Sodom and Gommorah in the Bible, think of Ancient Greece, and Ancient Rome:
Look, Patricia, by engaging in this sort of kneejerk reaction, you are playing right into the globalists hands. We can’t win if we let ourselves get all divided up along superfluous ideological lines. We must work together against the Satanic New World Order. It is hard to get past this contention that Barrack Obama is in fact the Antichrist- watch this video and prepare accordingly.  I am a Libertarian, I don’t belong to either major party, I don’t trust either one, and you shouldn’t either- both are guilty of inflating our currency to the point where we will soon experience martial law, and it won’t be pretty. Many of us will die. You would do well to prepare, and that includes by creating an alternative currency in your area as I am here where I live. It also includes stocking up on sulfur and other barterable survival items, because your FRN’s will soon not be worth the paper they’re printed on.
I’ve read every word of UN Agenda 21, the 40 Chapter Blueprint for Population Control…. And I’ve accurately reported that we have a bipartisan movement against it. I welcome your most erudite and scholarly rebuttal, if you really think you can make one.
What you SHOULD do, Patricia, is THANK ME for taking my time and energy to educate you this way, because this information could save your life and that of your family. You SHOULD make a donation to me via this link to THANK ME, and if you were SMART, you’d realize that the chemtrailing is only likely to INCREASE once martial law is declared. 
Here is a website that shows transformations of men dressed in drag "Michelle" Obama is a man. The implications of this massive deception should be hugely disturbing to you, Patricia.

  To be blunt, most of you on the IAHF list are in denial and will do NOTHING to stockpile Sulfur and other survival essentials. Most of you will continue living in cities as if nothing out of the ordinary were going on. Maybe 5% of you are thinking outside the box enough to take me seriously and prepare. You will be among the remnant. Do yourselves a favor- take advantage of my kind offer of Free Shipping on a 20 lb order and get bulk pricing too ($22/ lb) That’s 20 lbs for $440. Free shipping within the US, use this link to order. 
Our nation is being destroyed by traitors within the gates, the facts presented below speak for themselves…..throughout history, every nation that has widely embraced homosexuality has been destroyed, that is an unassailable historical FACT. We are witnessing the planned destruction of America right now. The only question here for all of us to ask is this “Do I have the moral fiber necessary to forward this widely?” If not, WHY NOT? The wages of sin are death. Do you want to die, Patricia? We could yet heal this land if enough people had the courage to not cave in to the Gay, UN, Communist, Satanic Agenda. I am praying for you, Patricia. These are the times that try men’s souls.    
Your Friend,
PS- Anyone appreciate my response to Patricia? I am on the red list of people to be executed just prior to martial law for pushing for congressional oversight on Codex, for pushing for congressional oversight on the Trilateral Cooperation Charter, I had an FBI visit, followed by goons who put bullets from an FN assault rifle on my doorstep in Hollywood Fl after coming to my house to kill me following numerous death threats due to my unwillingness to stop pushing for oversight on Codex. The hearing that I pushed for for 5 years was whitewashed on March 20, 2001, and I had Federal Marshals on my doorstep right here in Point Roberts, but I made friends with the people who came to arrest me.
I need donations to get offshore, out of North America. I can run Sulfur for Health from offshore, but not without your support. Please stockpile sulfur, and help me survive in the process!! If anyone thinks it is easy to stand up to these tyrants the way I do, you should try it some time. Its psychologically not easy having goons issue death threats over the phone where they demand you stop pushing for congressional oversight on FDA crimes that you witnessed first hand while at UN Meetings in Germany, nor is it easy to have to run for your life as I was forced to do when I ran from Florida to the hills of SW Virginia, and then to here.
It wasn't easy living underground during the years I was forced to live that way.
If you want an idea of what it's like, watch the Abbie Hoffman story, he also was forced to live underground: this should never have to happen in America, but it happened to him, and also to me: "Steal This Movie!"
Illigitimi Non Carbarundum! Pax Et Vobiscum, Et Cum Spirito Tuo!

On Mar 16, 2014, at 7:26 AM, "IAHF.COM" <> wrote:
God Will Not Be Mocked This Way.... We're Witnessing a Battle Between Good and Evil
America is In the Crosshairs..... We Must Prepare For The Coming Collapse of the Dollar
Possible Martial Law..... and Possible WW3
IAHF List: Just when you thought you'd seen it all, now we have unimpeachable video evidence that "Michelle" Obama is actually a man who has had extensive cosmetic surgery, and hormone replacement therapy, but "she" is actually a Drag Queen.
Everything about "Obama" is a lie. He is the errand boy for the most evil people who have ever walked the earth, and we're witnessing the planned destruction of America, and the planned destruction of all nations as the world's ruling elite seek to kill off huge numbers of us, and to microchip the survivors, but none of us has to accept any of this.
Yesterday I worked very hard to create this alert about how to create an alternative currency system as a buffer for when the dollar collapses. As you can see from my letter to my local community, I am working hard to do this here in Point Roberts, and I urge you to emulate my efforts where you live.
Recently, I also sent out this alert about how you can detox this spring to protect yourself from what is coming. I offered you Free Shipping (US only) on a 20 lb order of the world's best organic sulfur- please take advantage of this and please educate your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers and others to the immense danger we're all in.
My sulfur will be as useful as junk silver coins, heirloom seeds, bullets, toilet paper, or other tradable goods in a survival situation because we can expect massively increased chemtrailing after martial law is declared. You would all do well to stockpile at least 100 pounds by taking advantage of my current sale.  Use the IAHF paypal link to order without shipping (US only)!!
I just attempted to have a conversation about the fact that Michelle Obama is actually a man with a friend back in New Jersey. Her reaction was to not be surprised, but she also put me down for expressing my Christian perspective saying that I was only "spreading fear."
I told her that I am merely attempting to warn as many people as I can in the hope that they will take steps to prepare so they won't be sitting ducks when TSHTF. I can tell that she is in denial, and is sitting on her hands, while living in the midst of the biggest urban sprawl in the country- a place where very few people will be safe when the dollar collapses and we go under the ruling elite's long planned martial law.
Do yourself a favor, don't be like her. Watch this uplifting video about the Berkshare- which is the most well developed alternative currency in America. You can create something similar where you live. (You don't have to buy that book, also see this!) Where I live, I'm planning on bringing Francis Ayley, one of the creator's of the Brixton Pound in the UK, and the brains behind the Creation of the Fourth Corner Exchange up here to Point Roberts to speak to us about this alternative currency which we might tie in with, or else create our own like I once helped do in Floyd County, Virginia.
Calmly start taking steps to protect yourself! My sulfur is the best in the world. It will protect you from chemtrails by chelating all the toxic heavy metals intended to cull the human herd, and you will be able to barter with it because a growing number of people are awakening to this reality!
None of us has to be a sitting duck! Don't go into denial, and please forward this widely! Anyone can sign on to the FREE IAHF double opt in email distribution list via this link, and if you appreciate this alert, and want to make a donation to IAHF, you can here!
Today is the second Sunday of Lent. I will be singing hymms. Don't be afraid, we have already won the victory! Obama may indeed be the Antichrist as discussed here. He has been exposed as an agent of the Father of Lies, and we will overcome his evil by pulling together, by helping our neighbors.Please alert everyone you know to the indisputable fact that Michelle Obama is a man, a Drag Queen.
They'll stop laughing when they watch this video.
If we could get sulfur out to enough people, we'd all be so grounded there would be no more war! Sulfur neutralizes acid caused by stress that is dumped into the small intestine to help us all be far more calm and grounded and to have the energy we need to overcome this evil!
Before forwarding this, be sure to delete the unsub link that accompanies all of my list messages, otherwise someone might click on it thinking they were put on my list when they're not on it, but that would unsub you!! Please pray for me, and I will never stop praying for all of you! There are people from all walks of life, all ethnic backgrounds, and more than 60 nations on the IAHF list. I realize not all of you share my faith.
I urge everyone to ponder the truth's I'm expressing here and really search your soul, and ask yourself how you can best fight this evil, regardless of what you happen to believe in. We must all love each other. We must all help each other regardless of nationality, ethnicity, sexuality, etc. I don't hate gay people. I don't hate Obama, I pray for him and for his "husband". We must love the sinner, and hate the sin. Exit only, Jack, thats what the Creator intended!