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Spring has begun! The season of a fresh start, new ideas and energy, and for Meet Kate it’s no different. Director of Meet Kate was in The Netherlands for the past month and is now back in Ghana to work on several projects amongst which is the construction of the primary school. Pedagogue Noor van Hout will share her knowledge and experience as a Project manager of “Education and Development”. And we are certainly not sitting still in The Netherlands.
On April 27 the Meet Kate foundation celebrates its fifth year anniversary, and we’re not letting this go by unnoticed. On this date we are announcing very exciting news! To let you in a little, it’s a very special collaboration that we are very proud of! Keep an eye on our social media sites the coming month!
Furthermore I would like to thank you all for the lovely emails and responses on Twitter and Facebook, that make our work that much better!
Kind regards,

Myrthe Oostenbach 
Chairman Meet Kate foundation
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Kelly is back in Ghana
As you could read in our last newsletter, our founder and director Kelly de Vries spend the past month in The Netherlands. On March 16, she flew back to her second home...
Kelly: “I’m back in Ghana. The past month I went to The Netherlands to see my friends and family, and to do some work for Meet Kate. I finally got to meet the new board, what a great team we now have in The Netherlands!
On March 7 I turned 25 years old, and for that occasion I gave myself a special present. On my left wrist there’s a tattoo that symbolises everything that Africa and especially Meet Kate has given me. It is the reversed Meet Kate logo. The eye of inspiration Kate with in the iris the continent Africa. For always in my heart and on my body!”
Now I’m back in Ghana and everything has run smoothly. The children are doing great, the building looks amazing and the daycare center is doing fantastic. I’m so proud of the way things are running in Ghana. And I’m happy I can get back to work..”
Curious about Kelly’s life and work in Ghana? Watch this film!
Introducing project manager 'Education and Development' Noor van Hout
“Hi, I’m Noor van Hout. I would like to introduce myself to you, since I’ll be going to Ghana for the next nine months to work for Meet Kate as remedial teacher and project manager of Education and Development. I will work on the quality of the care at the MKCH (children’s home) and the education at the daycare center. I am looking forward to working with Kelly and the (local) employees of Meet Kate to make a contribution to the development and quality of the lives of the most vulnerable children in Ghana. Luckily I know the culture and country quit well, because I lived in Ghana before, for a year, and worked as coordinator of a basic children’s home. I am convinced that Meet Kate is a special, challenging and well functioning project that in the future will grow into a sustainable and self reliant developmental project.”
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She inspires... We invest. Get involved!
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An exciting collaboration with...
She is on television regularly and the Ghanaian positivity runs through her veins. 
  Let us meet you!
Every newsletter we introduce one of our donors to you. This month:
photographer Alwin Koops
After seeing an interview with Peter R. de Vries, Alwin visited Meet Kate’s website and become enthusiastic about the projects. Because he wanted to support a good cause that focuses on education and children, he started the “Start your own campaign”-website (Dutch). Bridal couples donate at least 10 Euro’s and then receive a DVD with all their wedding pictures.
Thanks, Alwin!

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 Inspiring sessions with Hot Item
Yvo ter Maat: “After seeing a post on Facebook about a texting campaign for Meet Kate, we got the idea of helping Meet Kate with Hot Item. In two sessions we looked at the foundation as a company using the methods of ‘Business Model Generation’. One thing that immediately stands out is that Meet Kate is very well organised as a professional foundation. We are positively surprised by the level of the organisation, both in The Netherlands  and in Ghana. In a creative brainstorm we came up with some easy adjustments for the website. Enthusiasm and openness led to inspirational sessions!”
Thank you Yvo, Jack, Sylvia and Melissa!
Meet Kate foundation 
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