"Bear", John, on the Hammell Farm.... Point Roberts WA..... a Place of Healing.....Please Help Me Bring My Brother to It Now
IAHF List:
This is a message of hope, and I'm praying as I compose it. Have any of you ever been aboard a small vessel at sea with waves taller than your mast breaking over the whole boat and you could hear the May Days of vessels foundering in your vicinity, but you had no steerage way, you're streaming warps and sea anchors in a futile effort to keep your bow into the wind, you're getting slatted around something fierce and knocked on your beam ends, your storm jib blew out like a stick of dynamite goin' off, everything down below is flying around like missles aimed at your head and you're helpless to do much more than PRAY and relay the loran coordinates of the foundering vessels in your vicinity to the coast guard which was too far away to even attempt search and rescue?

There are no athiests in a foxhole, or aboard a small boat at sea in a hurricane, and there are no atheists behind the walls of a mental hospital provided they have any hopes and dreams alive at all of someday healing, of someday connecting with life and rejoining the ranks of the living.

I speak from experience, having been in both situations described above, and right now I'm doing my best to cope with a family crisis that I need all of your help with or I won't be able to properly address the gigantic threat posed to the dietary supplement industry by the FDA's NDI Comments Document which has a comments deadline of October 2, which we must get extended!!

I come from a biochemically challenged family, and a week ago one of my brothers attempted to hang himself, then he slashed his wrists, and I need your help to be able to help him heal and to get here to my farm where I can help him.

Tomorrow my brother will be discharged from a mental hospital 3000 miles from me, and I need your help to bring him here to the farm where I can help him heal. I need your help to be able to buy  him the supplements he need and to get him the medical care he needs from an orthomolecular physician. What just happened to my brother could happen to any of us. I decided to send this out to provide useful information that could help a lot more people than just my brother, but in this economically challenging time, as the communist usurper attempts to destroy America, all of us must pull together, hence this S.O.S. !!

My brother was my hero growing up. When I was in elementary school I loved watching him play football on the HS and college teams where he was a talented free safety on defense and a wide receiver on offense. He was a great open field tackler who hit as hard as Ray Nitschke. When he graduated college he went into the Peace Corps in West Africa where he built school houses and drilled water wells in the Sahell region where the Sahara desert has been encroaching. All told, he spent 7 years in Africa working for different relief organizations: Peace Corps, Church World Service, Catholic Relief. He is a very good man, the sort of person who would give a stranger the shirt off his back- but at this time he needs OUR help, and there are few people more DESERVING of help from strangers...

I am crying right now as I type this thinking about how my brother came so close to taking his life a few days ago. I'm so glad he failed. I'm so glad he had the strength to put himself in the hospital, even though the allopathic doctors know nothing about orthomolecular medicine or about the work of Natasha Campbell McBride, so although they really don't know what to do to help him at least he's been safe and with a roof over his head the past week.

He's been struggling to make a big move from Philly down to Ecuador with his wife who he helped move back to be closer to her ailing parents, both of whom are dying. Then he returned to Philly to tie up loose ends and to complete the move out of the apartment, all of which was made much harder by financial trouble. The move to Ecuador had put him on thin ice.

 I wired $700. that I'd borrowed from him a few months ago while starting my commercial diving business in order to pay him back, but he was robbed of most of this money by an armed gunman in Newark NJ who hijacked the airport shuttle that he was trying to get from the train station to Newark airport in in order to return to Ecuador. He and the one other passenger in the shuttle were forced out into the street and their bags were stolen. My brother had his life savings in the stolen bag...

Distraught due to serious hypoglycemia and problems caused by gut dysbiosis and other biochemical problems my brother returned to Philly. Unable to reach his wife by phone or email due to problems with a Volcano outside her town interfering with communications, he tried to hang himself, but was dissuaded by passers by, then he slashed his wrists, more as a cry for help than as a serious suicide attempt I think because he had the presence of mind to walk to University of Pennsylvania Medical Center where he admitted himself to the psych ward.

As the Communist Obamination who has usurped the high office of the Presidency attempts to destroy this country, to welcome all illegal immigrants with open arms and to bankrupt us more and more people are out of work, and having hard times like this. We've all got to pull together against the New World Order which is trying to drive us all to suicide. This is a true battle between forces of GOOD and forces of PURE EVIL!!

The moment I learned of my brothers plight I thought back to when he helped me when I had gotten out of mental hospitals more than 30 years ago but couldn't be around my dad so I went to live with Steve in Brooklyn NY. He'd just gotten back from Africa, and he encouraged me to get a job and to start rebuilding my life after 4 years in mental hospitals. I recovered from orthomolecular medicine, a suppressed alternative treatment mode after mainstream medicine almost killed me. See my story here http://iahf.com/on_the_back_wards.html

Now I have the chance to try to return the favor, and I'm writing this in the hope that all of you can please chip in to help me help my brother. I want to bring him out here to my farm, and to get him on an orthomolecular program of dietary supplementation and lactofermented foods. I know exactly how to help him with his blood sugar problems and with gut dysbiosis, and he can get orthomolecular lab work via Michael Lesser, MD in California if I could just come up with the funds to do this, but I am broke from starting a new business that is just getting off the ground (Salish Sea Barnacle Busters) my commercial dive business at Point Roberts Marina, so I've got to resort to passing the hat this way.

Last Sunday in Church I hit up the congregation after telling them of my brother's plight and got some good donations which helped me pay his cell phone bill so we could at least keep that turned on for when he got out, and now I need donations to be able to wire some cash into his account and to get a plane ticket to bring him out here to Point Roberts.

It is perhaps divine providence that I have only learned how to put the final pieces of my own complex health jigsaw puzzle together in the past year, finally figuring out how to solve my own problems with severe hypoglycemia and gut dysbiosis, so I can teach my brother the things he needs to know to really be stable.

I am going to provide all of you with this information, but it would really help if I got some donations at this time. Anyone who sends $50 or more will be sent a complete guide to curing gut dysbiosis, allergies, ADD, ADHD, depression, schizophrenia and autism. 

I also need your help to get to Expo East vitamin trade show in late September because I want to walk the show floor to urge ceo's of vitamin companies to pound key FDA and Congressional office with a DEMAND that they extend the comments period on FDA's NDI Guidance Document which threatens to nuke the supplement industry into oblivion. (FDA's comments deadline is October 2, but I intend to get it extended with your help to give us more time to really bury those smarmy bastards and congress with turbocharged pissed off complaints.

 Its clear to me that UN Agenda 21 is whats driving FDA's efforts to ban our access to dietary supplements, and I'll be damned if they're ever gonna take MINE away, I'm willing to fight to the literal DEATH if need be because of my genetic need for the supplements I need and that my brother and other family members need, and I know many of you on the IAHF list are in the same boat.

I want to have attorney Jonathan Emord's comments to FDA on a Blackberry as a PDF file that people can email in with a note that they agree with his comments, and I want all of you to join me in deluging the FDA and Congress with these comments which you can read here:  

http://emord.com/blawg/2011/08/fda_guidance_imposes_substantial_economic_burden/   and http://www.emord.com/FDA-2011-N-0410%20-%20Comments%20of%20Alliance%20for%20Natural%20Health-USA%20%28Aug%202,%202011%29.pdf 

Your donations to help me help my brother will help free me up timewise and psychologically so that I can focus my attention properly on developing the best possible campaign for getting FDA to extend their comments period and for urging congress to pressuring FDA to drop these NDI comments since they're blatantly illegal as well as a huge threat to people's lives.

If I don't get the donations I need to fly my brother out here, and to get him orthomolecular assistance from Dr.Lesser, I will be forced to focus all my time and energy on commercial diving in order to be able to help him and I don't want to have to do that because I myself need to fight like hell to maintain my own access to supplements.

Please help me come up with a couple grand to help my brother. Can you spare a grand? How about $500? $200? $100? Can you please spare $50? $25?

This isn't just ANYONE we're striving to help here, this is a great human being, this is my brother who has built school houses and drilled water wells in Africa, this is a highly educated guy who would give a stranger the shirt off his back. This is the same guy who helped me over 30 years ago when I really needed a hand up after reentering the world after 4 years locked up in mental hospitals myself. He didn't have much when he helped me, he was driving a cab in the daytime and teaching English to foreigners at night which is how he met his Ecuadorian wife, but what little he DID have he SHARED.

If you can help, please make a donation here via paypal or by sending a check or money order to IAHF 556 Boundary Bay Rd., Point Roberts WA 98281 USA.

I'll be glad to send you a detailed report on how you can successfully address severe hypoglycemia, gut dysbiosis, candida, chronic fatigue, severe depression, schizophrenia, ADD, ADHD, and autism. Please help me get to Expo East in Baltimore at end of September so I can rally the troops on the show floor so we can get FDA's comments period extended and so we can get Congress to force FDA to obey the law and remove their illegal NDI Guidance document which threatens to destroy our access to supplements.

You can learn more about this threat here.