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This article The Grand Vision Communitarian by Nancy Levant is a chillingly accurate portrayal of what is going on in the world today as the globalists make their liberty destroying moves on us all  I ask you to reflect on it in terms of the (so called) "Natural Solutions Foundations" most recent diversion (described below.)

We defend health freedom by defending US Sovereignty

We can't let ANYTHING distract us from the dire need to push for congressional oversight on FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter with Canada and Mexico because Codex is being ushered into the USA via the dismantling of the country as we're being forced into a North American Union dictatorship: 

Last year I made three trips to DC pushing for oversight on FDA's illegal actions but we were stonewalled by the Oversight & Investigations Subcommittee of the House Commerce Committee which is awash in pharma PAC donations. Unless more people and groups assist IAHF in pressuring these congressmen for oversight on this issue, health freedom in the USA will be destroyed because this is how FDA is making an end run around DSHEA.

The (so called) "Natural Solutions Foundation" is getting a lot of PR mileage out of their effort to misdirect dietary supplement consumers to where they're asking us to "vote for change" by "telling Obama" that we "don't want Codex" (yada yada, yawn). What we're being told is that if this cause is among the top 10 to receive public endorsement on this website that the list will be given to the Obama administration at the inauguration with the expectation that the alleged water walker would then make policy decisions to implement the suggestions.


Just as NSF has misdirected the grass roots in the past by urging such equally superfluous actions as contacting the (unelected bureaucrats) at the FDA during their "public comments" periods to "tell them our positions" (despite the fact that FDA has a long history of ignoring any public comments that don't coincide with their pro Pharma agenda), now they're trying to steer us away from what we must focus on by having us attempt to get Obama, an obviously committed globalist and pharmaceutical stooge, to steer 180 degrees from where he's heading. How realistic do you think that is in light of this information:

Obama selected CFR member Timothy Geitner to be US Treasury Secretary. (Geitner has been running the NY Branch of the criminal syndicate known as the Federal Reserve which borrows money into existence, printing it out of thin air.) Geitner contributed to a CFR Fast Track Report that led Congress to giving Bush Fast Track Authority to, an essential building block to creating the so called "Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America" (SPP) which is the framework via which the ruling elite intend to usher in a North American Union dictatorship modelled after the EU, which is a dictatorship.

Via their Trilateral Cooperation Charter the FDA is participating in the planned destruction of America via illegal meetings with regulatory counterparts from Canada and Mexico via which they've been creating harmonized food and drug regs for all three nations as if a North American Union already existed. Its not realistic to expect Obama to stand in the way of this agenda when he's clearly demonstrated his willingness to assist it. 

Obama just named Monsanto Stooge Tom Vilsack to be Secretary of Agriculture

Obama sponsored The (Drug The) Mothers Act S.1375 which in the name of "preventing post partum depression" pushes dangerous, toxic so called "antidepressant" drugs on pregnent women that often cause homicidal and suicidal ideation by, uh, "educating" them...see what Amy Philo has to say about this scam here

Obama has no committment to health freedom, and he's already made it abundantly clear that he is just another tool of Big Pharma, Biotech, and our would be Globalist Masters. The Bilderberg Group installed Obama for the purpose of accelerating the process of dismantling America in order to force us in to the North American Union Dictatorship currently being created behind our backs as the New World Order uses the financial crisis created by the Federal Reserve to accelerate the move to increased government control and martial law.


IAHF needs your help to get more people and groups pressuring the Oversight & Investigations Subcommittee of the House Commerce Committee to hold oversight hearings on FDA's efforts to create one harmonized set of food and drug regs for Canada, USA, and Mexico. Due to Big Pharma pumping money into these people our only chance is to get enough people nationwide, especially their constituents, to exert pressure.

IAHF is making a trip to DC in mid February to address these and related issues on Capital Hill. We'll be working in conjunction with other health freedom organizations to carry our message to our elected officials. In anticipation of Waxman and Durbin introducting legislation intended to repeal DSHEA, we'll also be educating the many members of congress who weren't on capital hill in '94 when this legislation was passed to its importance, and to the importance of stopping the dismantling of our country as represented by FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter which is a clear attempt to get around the will of the people as was clearly expressed in '94 via passage of DSHEA.

Your donation will assist me in making this trip to Capital Hill in your behalf. Please make your most generous donation to IAHF 556 Boundary Bay Rd., Point Roberts WA 98281 USA or via paypal at