Award Winning Dutch Lessons            April 2013



Dear Dutch Learner,


Lots of good news in this newsletter!


Learn Dutch Fast has received the status of Träger für die Durchführung von Bildungsurlaubsveranstaltungen (Hessen)”. Impossible to translate ;-) but this is important for clients from Germany, because now their Dutch lessons will be paid for by their company.


Talking about Germany, the German journalist Annika Fischer I have worked with for the last couple of years during the Dutch-German Journalist exchange, decided that she likes teaching German so much that she would like to teach on a more regular basis. Together, we will organise a tandem week Dutch-German in Bussum later this year (what is a tandem lesson?), and in near future, you can also stay with her (she lives in Germany) for your private German lessons. Please contact me for more details. I can assure you she is a very gifted teacher, I like working with her very much!


From German to Russian: For those of you who missed the March issue, I want to tell you about Lola, my trainee. She is a Russian teacher; she used to teach Russian literature at a Russian university. Now she would like to start teaching Russian to Dutch or English speaking people. Till July, I will be her trainer. Her Dutch is quite good, so we decided that she would teach some Dutch conversation classes filled with short conversation activities, so she can get some feedback from the participants.

Lola will teach two conversation lesson again, supervised by me. We are looking for people who know the basics of Dutch, but can’t speak it with confidence:


April 11th and April 25th


At Learn Dutch Fast in Bussum
€15,- per session, please bring your own lunch

2-4 participants
intermediate level



This course will not be advertised on the site, it is only for readers of this newsletter.


Of course, Lola will also be available for those of you who want to learn Russian!


From Russian back to Dutch: Some of you might have met Rosemary, my Dutch neighbour who often walks with us during a walk and talk to help with the Dutch conversation part. She would like to help more people with their Dutch. If you speak Dutch at conversation level and just wish to use it without a real “lesson”, she would be delighted to spend some time with you for only a small fee.


Last but not least: I have planned two budget days, where I will use leftover copies from other projects mixed with newly designed activities. Just a fun day to use your Dutch and learn more vocabulary.



Met vriendelijke groet,


Sylvia Clements


Stay tuned: next month, I will post new online learning activities!

Please find the schedule for the rest of 2013 right here.

For more information or your own  project ideas, please contact:

Sylvia Clements, Graaf Florislaan 54, 1405 BW Bussum


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