Laser Training Center
Cabarete, Dominican Republic.
December 2013

In this issue:
  • Positioning your tell tails.
  • 3 top mental mistakes before a big regatta.
  • Rulo's tips for those racing or will race in Oman.
  • Still time to register to our Clinics, and regattas.
  • New month long training program for just $2,890.00
  • Coaching position opening.
  • Learn from Olympic medal winners online.

Robert Scheidt tells tales.

Head coach Rulo has just returned from the Senior Worlds in Oman. His first tip following this experience, should help with sail efficiency for top speed.

Where to set your tell tales?

The position for your tell tales is essential for your upwind speed performance. If you put them too close to the mast the air flow is too turbulent.  When placed too far back, the tell tales are less sensitive and will probably cause you to pinch. When the tell tales are too high you wont be able to see them and at the same time focus on the coming waves.

The best position is just above and in front of the  window. On the right is a picture of Robert Scheidt sail in Oman. His tell tales are located 40cm (15.75") above  the front of the window and 20 cm
(7.87") forward of this point.

The correct position for Radial sails  is 20cm (7.87") up and 20 (7.87") cm forward the front of the window.

The 3 top mental mistakes sailors make before an important regatta.
By: Head coach Dr. Rulo.
1. Placing strict expectations on your performance.
Despite what motivators and positive thinkers preach about the benefits of positive expectations, high and strict performance expectations can actually limit your success.
Expectations set you up for failure before you even start racing. In most cases, your expectations mean pressure and pressure can turn into pre-race anxiety.
If you don’t achieve your expectations in the first races, you tend to doubt your ability during or a after racing.

To avoid pre-race anxiety and self doubt, replace high expectations with small manageable objectives. Such as: hike with a straight back, or focus on being locked into the boat while sailing downwind.

2. Psyching yourself out before the regatta even starts.
Do you compare yourself to your competitors before a race? Some sailors I know place too much emphasis on their competitor's  strength, and feel they don’t deserve to win. Your confidence can quickly diminish after you make comparisons to other sailors who you think are better than you.

I remember in 2008 Olympics all sailors  staying at the athletes village were talking about their weight during dinner. Sailors who felt that they were too light or too heavy felt bad and lost the race before even getting to their boat.  To avoid this kind of pressure the British team did not stay at the village, and the sailors showed up only when it was time to race. It worked well in the Laser class with a Gold in the Men division.

3. Getting distracted by the atmosphere of a big event.
The hoopla or atmosphere of racing in a major regatta such as nationals, regionals or Olympics games distracts athletes and causes additional pressure to perform well and therefore more stress.
To succeed in a big event, treat it as just another regatta, and focus on your normal routine and pre race preparation.

Radial sailors get ready for Oman.
Rulo's Tips to perform well at the Laser Radial Worlds in Oman:

1. Bring any sport drink powder: It is easy to buy water in Oman but not to find any sport drink. In warmer conditions, adult athletes can lose between 1.0-2.5 liters of sweat per hour. Sweat is mostly water but contains many other compounds including sodium, chloride, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, ammonia, copper, creatinine, iodine, phosphorus, urea and manganese. If you want to perform well in Oman weather conditions it is vary important to drink more than water.
2. Be prepared for any wind conditions: Most of the days the thermal wind is between 6 - 12 knots but some days can blow more than 15 knots.
3. Practice torquing: The waves are small but choppy. Sailors with a good torquing and steering technique in this condition will have  speed advantage.

Want to sail faster? 
Register now to a Laser training clinic. Sail and enjoy a warm Caribbean vacation.
Special discounts available for sailors coming for the entire month of January.
December 31- January 4th. New Year's Clinegatta.

January 6th to 10th, 2014.  Midweek Clinegatta.

January 12th to 15th, 2014. Pre race clinic.
January 17-19, 2014. 12th Caribbean Laser Midwinter regatta. NOR
January 21st to 25th, 2014.  Master's Clinegatta.
Feb 15th- March 30th. Month long training, see details below.
For full details on our Winter 2014 schedule keep on looking at calendar.

NEW!! A month long training session in Cabarete.
Including, on the water training, gym, and hotel.
All for just  $2,890.00
Here is a new program for those who have the time to train, in a warm and windy place, and are looking for an all inclusive program.
Accommodation: The simple and clean Hotel Alegria. A short walking distance from the club and to Cabarete's largest supermarket. The hotel offers kitchennete facilietires for those who don't want to eat out all the time. Even though coach Max will gladly take you to his local restaurant where a main dish and dring costs less than $4.00.
Training: Five days a week, coach Max will set up marks, or start lines, and run drills for all participants. These on the water sessions will be two hors long, followed by video watching of the days training.
Cross training. The program includes 5 days a week phisical fittness traing either in a gym or with a coach out on the beach using
ones own weight for resistance. For those who don't want to run to the gym, mototaxi are readily available and create a huge dent on  your spending money.
Which other sailors are coming? This is a new program, which was created due to sailor's demand. To make sure you are challenged by other sailors, forward this newsletter to your Laser buddies, and make sure they join you.
Program will run from February 15th to March 30th, 2014. The rate of $2,890.00 is for four (4) weeks of training. Rates are available for shorter or longer stays. Just ask.
Why Cabarete? Great opportunity to learn to kitesurf, surf, chill, and concentrate on Laser sailing. Wifi is widely available so staying touch with work or family is quite simple.

Coaching position available.

After two years of coaching at the Laser Training Center, coach Max is heading back to Europe. This leaves his position open starting April 1st, 2014. Coach Max worked closely with head coach Rulo, helping in clinics with large participants, ran the Laser to Laser program, the beginner and Intermediate clinics, as well as offered private coaching.
Applicants for this position should have racing experience on a Laser, speak English, and be ready to spend hours on the water. For more details email, Ari Basrhi
This is a good opportunity to thank coach Max Stein, and wish him luck in his studies. Max is the person with the white long sleeve T-shirt in the picture below.

Laser Training Center, Cabarete. Tel. + 1 (809) 571-0640.