Creative Beading Ideas & Teaching Jewellery Making

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New Beads

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175 Matte Ash-Grey Hematite Rondelles
Unusual Sandy & Maroon Amber
Huge Classy Teardrop Matte Black Agate - Heavy!
Unusual Striking Dragon Tourmaline 6mm
Enchanting Faceted Tortoiseshell Agate Ring
Slim Elegant Tortoiseshell Agate Ring
Large 12mm Faceted Forest Green Agate
Enchanting Yellow-Green Amber Barrels

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MrBead Autumn UK Bead Fairs

Visit us today at the largest bead-only fair in the UK - Saturday 15th October in London at The Big Bead Show, Sandown Park. This year we have a larger display at Stand 18, opposite the main entrance.

Easy free parking close to the M25, and just 10-minutes walk from Esher Rail Station. Say you're a MrBead Newsletter reader and receive a free gift and a gold & black MrBead bag!

Not just millions of beads for sale, the Big Bead Show has many jewellery making classes to teach you how to design and create great jewellery. See the workshop schedule here.

These are our last four fairs this year - but in 2017, with our new van, we'll be doing more shows with a larger display.

Saturday 15th October The Big Bead Show, Sandown Park Racecourse, High Street, Esher, London KT10 9AJ - 10am to 5pm
Sat & Sun 22nd & 23rd October Newton Abbot Gem 'n' Bead Fair, Newton Abbot Racecourse, Kingsteignton, Newton Abbot, Devon TQ12 3AF - 10am to 5pm Sat 10am to 4pm Sun
Sat & Sun 29th & 30th October Cheltenham Gem 'n' Bead Fair, Pittville Pump Rooms, Pittville Park, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire GL52 3JE - 10am to 5pm Sat 10am to 4pm Sun
Sat & Sun 12th & 13th November Kempton Park Gem 'n' Bead Fair, Kempton Park Racecourse, Staines Road East, London TW16 5AQ - 10am to 5pm Sat 10am to 4pm Sun

Full list of: our 2016 UK Bead Fairs

Creative Beading Ideas

Beads can be used to make all sort of things. With a little imagination there are so many things you can make with odd beads. Pictures on the online version of this newsletter show: milk cover, pill box, lampshade and purse.

Bead Tablecloth Weights
Table cloth weights make great presents, especially for summer BBQs. Take a silver bulldog clip and thread wire through the hole. Loop it back on itself, and slide a crimp over both pieces, pulling it tight to the clip. Squash the crimp flat to hold the wire in place. Thread beads onto both strands of wire and finish with a crimp to hold the beads in place. The weights are then clipped onto the corner of a tablecloth to prevent the wind from blowing it off.

Other Ideas For Bead Making:

How to Earn Money Teaching Jewellery Making
Why not make extra money and share the fun you have creating jewellery at the same time. These days everyone is looking for extra ways to make cash. They’re signing up for craft workshops on everything from photography to calligraphy, from oil painting to quilting. Capitalize on this rapidly growing niche market.

There is a huge audience of people wanting to make and sell jewellery they design, but have no idea how to go about it.

A jewellery workshop is perfect for them to learn a new art, create something beautiful to wear, and make friends too. Others need help and someone to provide the supplies and tools to make just a single project they have in mind. They know it’s cheaper to pay you than buy a lot of stuff that won’t get used much. However, if someone asks you to buy anything special you don’t already have, make sure they pay you up front.

You’re an Expert, and don’t Know It!
For you, the experienced craftsman, teaching jewellery is fun and an easy way to earn extra money. The time you put into teaching is usually flexible and you can work as little or as often as you wish. Teaching is a great way to keep cash coming in during the quiet season. You can even limit your workshops to only those months. You’ll also be thrilled from admirers of your jewellery, and they may even purchase some too.

A Growing Business
The more lessons you hold, the more teaching job opportunities arise – they tend to snowball once you start. Don’t feel nervous the first time, act confident and pretend everyone watching is a close friend. Just relax and explain what you’re doing as you make a piece, people are eager to learn and will look up to you.

It’s Easy!
You don’t have to be clever, just psyche yourself up and enjoy yourself! If people praise your work, you’re good enough to teach.

Be passionate about your hobby, as this is infectious. Don’t worry about running out of ideas to design, because your students will constantly ask for things they’d like to know how to make. However, it pays to look in a few magazines or online before you start, to get some ideas and learn what’s fashionable.

Don’t be shy charging. You must have lost a small fortune over the years learning the trade - leftover beads and tools galore. Start small. Just three students paying you US$15 each for an hour & a half session is fine. That’s $45, and you’ll have pieces at the end to sell too.

How to find Students?
Get some good business cards printed and hand them out everywhere you can. Always give one to existing students. Mention on all your e-mails by making a “signature” at the bottom of all your letters – most e-mail programs can do this.

Write a business-like offer to give jewellery making classes, and mail it to all your local colleges and adult schools. Get the list from the phone book. If possible find out the name of the person in charge. They are more likely to read your letter if it’s address to them personally.

Where Can I Teach?

With a little brainstorming, I’m sure you’ll come up with more opportunities. Every region has its own culture. Once you get started, ask your students and everyone else you know for suggestions on other groups who might be interested in a workshop. Word-of-mouth will soon bring you all the new students you wish for.

Ideas for Projects

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