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Newsletter for Offshore Residents of Pittwater, Australia  Volume 6, Issue 57; July 2004


Scotland Island Residents Association

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ADSL Connection to Homes on Scotland Island and the Western Foreshores

For some time, your residents association have been working to provide offshore residents with better internet communications. As a result of some high level discussions with Telstra and Pittwater Council, we are pleased to advise that some (about 50%) of homes on the island may be eligible to connect to ADSL in the next month or two.

Pittwater Council, together with the Scotland Island Residents Association (SIRA) have been lobbying Telstra to provide us with the internet service we need.

Council and SIRA have made a concerted effort to persuade Telstra to be part of an initiative called 'Smarter Communities' This initiative will help to alleviate parking problems, transport problems, and all of those other matters affecting offshore communities.


1. To be eligible for this service, you MUST complete a special application form which will be forwarded by SIRA to Telstra at the highest level. If you have previously applied to Telstra for ADSL you should do so again by completing the ADSL Demand Register by clicking the link below. If you have NEVER applied to Telstra you should also complete the Demand Register.

As part of this register, you should read the Telstra Privacy Statement by clicking the link below.

2. Homes on Scotland Island and the Western Foreshores have been divided into 3 geographic areas. See map by clicking on the link below. If you are in ZONE P315, you will be able to get ADSL immediately. But you MUST complete the Demand Register. Please note that this form does in NO way sign you up for ADSL. You will be contacted by phone by Telstra to verify that you want to proceed.  It is also important to realise that Telstra are facilitating the ADSL service at their exchange. You will be perfectly free to use any Internet Service Provider (ISP) of your choice.

Residents of ZONE P317 will be able to get ADSL in July if they fill in the Demand Register. There will be an additional delay for these homes of up to 8 weeks due to the technical requirements of Telstra.

Residents of ZONE P316 (like me (sob)) can NOT get ADSL at the moment. However it is most important that they also fill in the demand register. If sufficient homes in that zone are registered, then Telstra will make every effort to speed up the application.

Finally - please fill in the Demand Register carefully. Put in your exact lot number, if known, or street number. Please mention your ZONE (315/316/317)

No obligation - No money upfront - Change your mind if you wish.

But do it TODAY. If you later wish to apply on your own without SIRA's help, that is fine. There may, however, be a long delay!

Link to map of Scotland Island and other Offshore Zones: Click Here

Telstra Privacy Statement: Click Here

Fill in the Demand Register: Click Here

Further information? Click Here

Telstra has offered to hold an information day about ADSL on Saturday July 4 from 2-4pm in the Community Hall. Telstra will provide an update on what's happening with ADSL on Scotland Island and Western Foreshore areas, as well as answering general ADSL questions.


Please note - I am the Pittwater Offshore Newsletter Editor. I am not employed by Telstra, nor do I have an financial interest in this opportunity. But I do know I will be first on the list.

The views expressed in this newsletter are not necessarily the views of the Scotland Island Residents Association, or any of the associated Pittwater Offshore Resident's Committees

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