Richard Herring Newsletter
March 2016
International Men's Day is November 19th
Hi all
Just taking a break from letting people know when International Men's Day is (it's November 19th - check out this video for confirmation) to let you know about some exciting news
We're hoping to make six monthly video episodes of the seminal (in all senses) internet stand up and sketch show, As It Occurs To Me. But it will cost a fair bit to make and so we need your help. We've set up a new AIOTM (aiotm) kickstarter with some fabulous rewards. Plus click that link and you can see the first of a few bits of filming we did to promote this new venture. It's quite funny and it's impressively all one take!
If you can spare a pound or two then that would be great. If you have more then you get some nice and rare rewards. And if we hit £100,000 you get six (at least) 30 minute brilliant episodes of the show to enjoy - aside, they will be mediocre episodes that you will merely tolerate.
Whatever happens there will be a couple more filmed bits coming to you for nothing. Be ace if we can do more.
Happy Now?
The Happy Now? tour is underway and it's my most successful show yet (so far, but Croydon on Thursday seems set to bring the average crashing down). I am probably coming close to you, but book ahead, as about one in three of them are selling out!
Lord of the Dance Settee DVD
Last year's show is available as an extra-packed DVD or a just the show (plus a couple of extras) download. The DVD include sthe whole show, with the full surprise ending (plus an extra surprise bit that we only did at the Bloomsbury and the 12 shows show) and loads of extras (including the audio from the 12 Shows version of the show and another frame of Me1 Vs Me2 snooker). And it's coming in a proper plastic DVD case to make it look more like it's a real DVD.
If you also buy the programme then you will be making a donation to SCOPE and getting a lovely, packed booklet too.

I think that's all for this month. But I've probably forgotten something. Learning the date of International Men's Day has taken its toll on my memory.
Richard Herring