Dear Plot Holders and Co Workers,
If you read our previous email you will have been expecting to see a 'Donations Request Letter' from BHAF with your invoice this year. However it seems the majority of invoices have been sent out by the Council without it.

We contacted the Council and were told that it was due to an 'error in the post room'. Sadly we expect this will affect the amount which will be raised.

We know this scheme works when implemented properly. In its first year it raised £6000. Plot holders are generous and community minded. For those of you who would like to make a donation the details are below.
Best Regards,


You can see our donations letter here
The easiest way to make a donation is by an online payment;
Once on the online payments page you will need to search ‘Allotment Donations’ again.
Alternatively you can make a donation by bank transfer;

Sort Code:    30-80-12
Account:       10631660
Ref:               Allotment Donation 
IBAN:            GB11 LOYD 3080 1210 6316 60
Swift Code:   LOYDGB21F09

Issues with Contacting our Members
An obvious solution to the donations letter issue would be to email all plot holders with the donation details. We are currently unable to do that as the Council are not presently sharing the email addresses of our members with us. We have been told they cannot give us these email addresses because of GDPR regulations. However we do not think this is correct as plot holders give consent to being contacted by us when they sign up for a plot. Even if they didn't there is a 'legitimate interest' clause in GDPR which would permit it. Despite our arguments we still do not have emails for anyone who has taken a plot in the last two years.

The current situation is that the Council signs up members to BHAF but then doesn't tell us who they are or how to contact them. It's not a situation that is sustainable and obviously seriously affects how we can operate as plot holders representatives.
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