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April 2019
April News
Hello everyone
My New Year's Resolution is holding fast. No booze or chocolate for nearly 90 days now and I've lost 10.4kg. I am going to waste away (I am still 2.4kgs from swapping being obese for simply being overweight according to BMI) Will I be able to fit into my 2014 suit for the final RHLSTP in London next Monday?
Here's what's going on for me this month
The RHLSTP tour continues (though most dates are coming up in the autumn) with two shows in Brighton. The later one with Stephen Grant is sold out and the early one with Angela Barnes has fewer than 10 tickets left.
So be quick
I am also doing the Edinburgh Fringe with RHLSTP every day except Mondays from 2nd-25th August at the New Town Theatre at 1.30pm. It's not yet on sale, but will let you know when it is. No stand up show this year, so this is your only chance to see me.
You can see all the confirmed tour dates here (and an extra gig in Newcastle)
Keep an eye on that list, as the names of guests will be revealed there - but if you want to know first then become a monthly badger (quick cos we're going to put minimum payment up soon, but you can still get in for a pound a month in perpetuity now)
But there will be more added so don't worry if there's not one near you yet. They're selling very well so book early.
RHLSTP as a podcast
We've moved over to Acast - hope you're enjoying the ads.  You will be able to get ad free podcasts by becoming a monthly badger (though it will be a month or so before we have site ready)
I think the latest series is the best yet - a great interview with Rob Brydon went up this week
I continue to recommend Bulb. Renewable energy with no contract, great customer service and they've just brought their prices down, when some of the Big 6 have raised their prices. Plus use my code and you and I will both get £50 credit. Just click here.
Not only have you helped me not to have to pay anything for my gas and electricity in the last 18 months, but I've also been able to put £20,000 from this into the RHLSTP pot to help pay for the videos (we do still need some help with this and there will be another Kickstarter imminently). So it's a nice way to pay me back personally and help us make more podcasts. And get renewable energy that is probably cheaper than your current supplier and some free money. You pay me for my work, whilst not having to part with any money and getting some money. It's sort of magic!
Have a lovely April.
Richard Herring