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Skip A Generation - Outski Your Son At 65 - Testimonial
ACL Awareness Compliance - The Only Teaching Method

Winter in Glenwood SPRINGS, a RIDE IN HARMONY™ destination
The Historic Hotel Colorado and Ride In Harmony join forces

                           OUTSKI YOUR SON AT 65

     My son took me up to Telluride for my sixty fifth over the MLK long weekend. He hasn't skied for awhile, but this year he got back into it.
He hasn't seen me ski since I was Harmonized (and Shenderized) at Snowmass.
     Being my son, he tells me to lead out on the first run. I do, put the throttle on, and wait for him at the bottom. I must admit I did some smooth skiing on that run.
     So, being my son, he ups the ante, and we move on to something tougher. Same thing. 
     After two or three more times of this, he gets serious and we head over to Revelation Bowl. A lot of people look, but not that many people ski it. I did! Dropped right in!
     Then it's time for the Plunge. He's yelling there's too many bumps, but I'm off. There was lots of loose snow and the bumps were spaced so I ran it top to bottom. No breaks.
      With that he gave up and told me to show him how to do it.
     We headed over to an easy blue. He had watched your video and I gave him the Shender lecture (it's short and to the point) about the importance of the uphill hand. Then I had him follow me down while I did the exaggerated hand/arm turns that Steve used with me at Snowmass,
      One run. One run! The it was back to the blacks. He'd get nervous on the steep headwalls and switch hands, but he'd practice on the catwalks. We ran all the blacks at speed. As he said: 'the feet follow the hands.'
     The next day it was back to the Plunge and Bushwacker, going back and forth to each run.
     You can really see how the old way doesn't work on these steep runs. People get behind on each turn, because they're pulling their shoulder away from the direction of the turn as they start and then can't catch up. Two or three turns and they shoot up hill to save themselves. A lot of people standing catching their breath on the Plunge.  With your technique, you bring your hand around, the shoulders square up to the fall line and the skis are right where they're supposed to be. You don't think about them! the end of the day you're not tired. Everybody else is!
     Skiing steep runs, again and again, with power and control, at my age is gift.
      I'm working on my son for that trip to sunlight for some serious advanced lessons.
Mike Parr
Jocelyn at Sunlight Mountain Resort- A wonderful slalom run.
The marque hotel of Glenwood Springs, Colorado is the 114 year old, Hotel Colorado. It has hosted 6 presidents, including Teddy Roosevelt, and William Howard Taft, and now it's ready to host you for your RIDE IN HARMONY™ styled learning experience.
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We would like to thank the fine Colordo ski resorts who have opened their doors to us and our guests, making a guided variety of experiences a  component of an extended vacation.
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Take a smart vacation in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, where we  serve our Aspen, Vail, and Roaring Fork Valley guests. Combine a day on the slopes learning an "Easier Way To Ski", with a sublime trip to the world famous Glenwood Hot Springs Pool*, and The Historic Hotel Colorado.  
Acclimatize. Rest for a day or two at around 5000 feet in elevation if you’re going higher. We are just an hour from Vail or Aspen.  Or spend your vacation with us learning an easier way to ski and snowboard. Experience more of central Colorado.
Rest at pool and hotel elevation at night after skiing.

Glenwood Springs, Co                        5761  feet                 YES
Aspen, Co                                       7890 feet                  No 
Vail, Co                                           8022 feet                  No

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         Repeat from a previous issue: The first event in a common scenario that leads to an ACL rupture, is that the turnside hand drops back and in, in a chain of events that can send a shock wave from the tail of the ski through the Anterior Cruciate Ligament. A second factor, but for another time, is the vertical alignment of the athlete.

    The first three lessons of a Ride The Snow In Harmony® playbook,  teach the student to move the crucial hand and arm uphill and forward inside the arc of the turn. These are two.

    The first example above is from "Pole Tilting", and the second from "Pointing".  The second picture shows a skier entering the bottom third of the turn, beginning a pole swing to unwind and begin a new turn, but the leading relationship of the turnside sm hand is clear.

    Though ACL injuries are caused by multiple factors, the simplest answers are usually the best, and garner the greatist benefit.  
    New: PSIA, Professional Ski Instructors of America, teaching methods isolate the movements of the feet, and ignore the upper boby, except to "be quiet" initially. I know. I got fired for refusing to stop teaching this method that was consistent with Aspen Skiing Company flyers on ACL Injury Awareness, but not with PSIA teaching practices in their ski school.                                                                                        
      Play it smart for you and your clients.  Build the your instruction upon the Fundamental Movement of Athletics™, from RIDE IN HARMONY™. Book a clinic for your ski and snowboard school. Or come take a lesson for yourself. You cannot take the risk out of skiing with this or any other method, but you can put good (proprietary) teaching practices on your side and the side of your guests.
Let RIH bring you the 3 Questions of Skiing Tees branded with your logo. Cement the learning experience, and help make your guests next trip fun and memorable.
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