A call for Polar Bears

1. Art manifestation w. refugee ships in Germany ends.
2. Sculpture invasion of Climate Conference in Bonn
3. Polar Bears needed for COP23 Demonstration!
After two months intensive travel, the floating art installation – the Refugee Ship – ended its latest campaign, visits to 24 German cities. During the whole campaign the brave crew have lived and slept on the open boat in order to watch for the 80 bronze sculptures of climate refugees. The trip offered experiences such as a barge ramming the refugee ship MS Anton and demonstrations against the project from the anti-emigrant party Alternative Fur Deutchland. So it has been some intense months for the German organization Outlaw.die Stiftung who has been in charge of the campaign. The refugee ships' extensive German tour ended with a big party in Berlin. See pictures, articles etc. from the trip. Now the refugee sculptures are back at the workshop/gallery, awaiting the November climate summit in Bonn.
Otherwise there is silence before the storm at Gallery Galschiøt. Galschiøt self is taking a well-deserved vacation and our two cool tattoo /art therapy girls have left, after several months of modeling beautiful imaginative vaginamodels. They now continue their journey in their caravan 'The PussyWagon' and their adventures can be followed on their blog.
The climate summit COP23 in Bonn is in November, and as usual we plan to “invaded” the conference with Galschiøt's climate sculptures. We will exhibit the Impaled Polar Bear Unbearable, the 6m tall Smoking Statue of Liberty will be driven around in an open sports car with Trump behind the wheel and the climate-renowned Polar Bear Army will make events all over the city.
On November 4th there is a big demonstration in Bonn which aims at convincing the delegates to make better climate friendly deals, for the sake of future generations.
We need Polar Bears for our “army”. We have the suits, but if you are in Bonn, we could use some help, marching in the suits (or maybe driving as a Polar Bear with President Trump in front of the Smoking Statue of Liberty). Please write me if you are interested. Anyways, the next newsletter will be from the climate summit.
That’s all you get. And I have not even mentioned exotic stuffed, shaved and tattooed animals that will be lowered into big transparent cylindrical pools.
Till next time
Lasse Markus, principal writer and news collector at Gallery Galschiøt
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