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August 2015

What's on Where by Whom with Whom

        TURN project photo: Verona van de Leur, photo credits: Robbie Rader

 TURN a filmproject by Bea de Visser, produced by KeyDocs at HFM Co-Pro Selection 2015

A disturbing black-humorous quest for the undercurrent of boundless ambition in the life of turn legend, webcam girl Verona van de Leur and her astonishing comeback.

The HFM Co-Pro will run 24-27 September.

During the Platform´s 17th edition, 20 entertaining and thought-provoking Dutch and international film projects in development from 13 different nationalities will be presented to a wide group of international cinema's most important and influential financiers, distributors, sales agents and co-producers. 

filmstill BLOWUP, Bea de Visser
BLOWUP at the International Festival of New Film Split, Croatia
12th – 19th September 2015
4 Girls and 4 pieces of chewing gum together make a world of difference in terms of seduction, dirtiness, emotion, sensitivity, sweetness, playfulness, innocence, color, smell and bewilderment.
BLOWUP [BUBBLS] by Bea de Visser, Cineboard/ One-Channel, 23” loop
The one-channel projection will be presented 24/24 hours on the wall of the Diocletian Palace
Watch its original presentation at Pathe Rotterdam Blowup [Bubbls]

 photo credits Nicoline van Harskamp
A Romance in Five Acts and Twenty-one Englishes by Nicoline van Harskamp

live translations, exhibition, publication and theatre play
follow this project at
This work was created in a process involving live translation, publishing and theatrical staging. At its basis is "Pygmalion – a romance in five acts", a play from 1912 by Bernard Shaw. It tells of the power relations between language, class, and gender: working class girl Liza Doolittle is attracted by the notion that Professor Higgins can raise her social standing by teaching her to speak English like a lady. But entering into a contract with him, she comes under his manipulative powers – not only her diction, but her identity is remoulded against her wishes.
watch the short trailer

filmstill MOTOR, Simone Bennett
 MOTOR by Simone Bennett at the International Kansk Video Festival (Russia/Siberia)
A program curated by Pim Zwier with work from i.e. Jeronme Schlomoff, Martijn Veldhoen and Pim Zwier
Motor [excerpt] A short film about how fear and paranoia spreads like a virus.

image filmstill CHAIRS MISSING, Bea de Visser
Chairs Missing by Bea de Visser at VidéOGraphies
A project by Vidéographe, Montréal – Québec
curated by Sonja Zlatanova
From 8 June to 15 July 2015
only on VisualcontainerTV Videoart webchannel

The video selection ” VidéOGraphies ” oscillate between documentary and fiction , the fiction and testing plastic , video art and art films , cinema and contemporary art . They occupy a territory entirely investigated by authors who work in galleries , museums and festivals and investigating this porosity between contemporary art and cinema.
Chairs Missing [excerpt] A post-narrative, staged documentary image of an almost deserted pool, a day before the demolition.

recommended to watch
Mama Superfreak [excerpt] adapted for screen and directed by Bea de Visser. 
In one long shot this adaptation of La Mamma Fricchettona, a monologue by Nobel Prize winner Dario Fo, shows Viviane De Muynck in a humorous elucidation of a woman’ s odyssey from doting motherhood to a state of independence whilst addressing an invisible and anonymous man

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