Volume VI, Issue 4                                                         August 1, 2012

In The Spotlight:
This was a big year for the park with new rides, new areas, a new entrance, and even a new logo!

In The Spotlight:
Great Adventure's western themed section had always been one of the highlights of the park. The colorful, larger than life structures were visually stunning, and the area has been home to two of the most popular rides.
Over the seasons the area has had many changes including new names, first becoming Best of the West in 1976, then becoming part of the Frontier Adventures area in 1992.

The latest photo updates
from the park are now posted:

Updates from the Theme Park
and Hurricane Harbor!
The new Fender Bender bumper car ride is together, looks great and is nearly ready to open! Check it out along with news from all around the parks.
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