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Your help is needed to push RP to call for a RECOUNT of this obviously rigged primary.

SCREEN CAPTURE FROM BOSTON GLOBE WEBSITE SHOWING REAL TIME AP PRECINCT TALLIES TELLS THE REAL STORY: WE & RP GOT ROBBED!!! LHS Rigged this election via Diebold machines exactly the way Bev Harris of Black Box Voting Predicted.

LOOK AT THIS: http://www.youtube.com/v/qV6qAGigGYY&rel=1&border=1"> Several of us have backed this up in case anyone tries to remove it from cyberspace, but it proves election fraud has just occured in NH on a massive scale. This is a screen capture made from the Boston Globe (newspaper) website showing Associated Press real time precinct vote totals before they got rigged by LHS associates which counted 81% of the NH vote via their rigged Diebold machines.

Also see this:

Hand Count Shows 15% For Ron Paul

By zooamerica | January 9, 2008
This would have placed Dr. Paul in 3rd place, just as the polls were showing before the primary…
The computer counted votes are the problem.
Not a single hand count township showed less than 10%
Supposedly, Ron Paul got 8% - this does not make sense.
richmond is hand count 34% for Dr. Paul…100% reporting
lyman is hand count 28.7% for Dr. Paul…100% reporting
Orange is hand count 25% for Dr. Paul…100% reporting
Harts location is hand count 25% for Dr. Paul…100% reporting
wentworth is hand count 24% for Dr. Paul…100% reporting
goshen is hand count 17.68% for Dr. Paul…100% reporting
marlow is hand count 16.6% for Dr. Paul…100% reporting
cornish is hand count 14.8% for dr. Paul…100% reporting
Rumney is hand count 14.5% for Dr. Paul…100% reporting
croydon is hand count 14 % for Dr. Paul…100% reporting
dorchester is hand count 13.89% for Dr. Paul…100% reporting
effingham is hand count 13% for Dr. Paul…100% reporting
albany is hand count 12.9% for Dr. Paul…100% reporting
antrim is hand count 12% for Dr. Paul…100% reporting
south hampton is hand count 12% for Dr. Paul…100% reporting
sullivan is hand count 12.61% for Dr. Paul…100% reporting
troy is hand count 12.21% for Dr. Paul…100% reporting
mason is hand count 11.88% for Dr. Paul…100% reporting
newport is hand count 11.45% for Dr. Paul…100% reporting
charlstown is hand count 11.3% for Dr. Paul…100% reporting
Allenstown is hand count 11.16% for Dr. Paul…100% reporting
bristol is hand count 11% for Dr. Paul…100% reporting
warren is hand count 11% for Dr. Paul…100% reporting
Strafford is hand count 11% for Dr. Paul…100% reporting
washington is hand count 11.02% for Dr. Paul…100% reporting
lancaster is hand count 10.9% for Dr. Paul…100% reporting
springfield is hand count 10.6% for Dr.Paul…100% reporting
wilton is hand count 10.37% for Dr. Paul…100% reporting
Northfield is hand count 10.3% for Dr. Paul…100% reporting
mont vernon is hand count 10.25% for Dr. Paul…100% reporting

Join me in demanding a manual recount by doing the following:

1. Contact electionlaw@doj.nh.gov

2. Contact Ron Paul's campaign via this form on their website: http://www.ronpaul2008.com/contact/form

Note: Today I had a long conversation with Walter Reddy of www.libertybroadcastnetwork.org Walter quit his job in Connecticut a year ago in order to stump for RP full time as a volunteer. He has run afoul of hiqhly questionable interference from some people on Ron Pauls Campaign Staff, as has Jim Condit Jr. or http://www.votefraud.org Walter monitored the poll results, but no one in the RP campaign helped him, the campaign interfered with his efforts and held a big party for RP at a time when all those volunteers should have been helping Walter monitor the results from the election. Why???

I'm not fully at liberty at the present time to divulge what we are doing about this. Suffice it to say we are working on this immense problem, utilizing some amazingly cool contacts that are helping us bypass the campaign which we don't trust at this point and we need your help in the following way. If you contact the DOJ in NH, and RPs campaign, just let us know so we can have a paper trail in case we need to turn up the heat to try to smash on through to the other side.

When you swing a sledgehammer at a slab of concrete long enough, you'll start seeing cracks. Every day I go out to the woodpile, grab an axe or a maul, and I beat the living @#$$@$##$@ out of firewood. Keeps me sane in the face of this madness. Also helps cut down on my electric bill to heat with wood. The level of corruption we're up against is monumentally huge, but together, all of us are going to smash through it and we're going to save our country from its planned destruction.

It bothers me that 9 people unsubscribed from the IAHF list yesterday. I guess they were people who just didn't have the intestinal fortitude to hang in there in this battle. That is a shame! When the goin' gets tough, the TOUGH get GOIN'!!

Now is NOT the time to quit, folks! I've been swimmin' around in the DC cesspool since 1989 and this is just gettin' interesting! Have faith that in time, WE WILL PREVAIL! WE HAVE A WAY AROUND THE CRIMINALS INSIDE THE CAMPAIGN OFFICE & WE'RE GONNA TRY TO GET THEM FIRED!

If you appreciate this effort by IAHF to smash through this wall of corruption, please let us know via a donation via paypal at http://www.iahf.com/index1.html  or please send us a check at IAHF 556 Boundary Bay Rd., Point Roberts WA 98281