Hello and welcome to spring and April!

If you are a gardener, then you know that April is the most iffy month of the year.
We have a million things we need and want to do, and the weather is far from stable enough to follow through.

So what is a chompin at the bit gardener supposed to do with all that energy?

Ahhhh, listen up...lots of very critical things can be accomplished this month.
Things that will keep us outside, busy and happy, plus make a huge difference in our later success as to the visuals and production of the garden.

Pruning, amending the soil, turning the compost, weeding, (if you must) and making sure all your garden tools are clean and in good working order .

This is also a perfect time to divide and plant perennials.

If you live in the deepest part of the south, transplant now, before it gets too-too, hot.
In the south east, most herbs are up and in the case here, ready for snipping.
But...be aware, where ever you are, the possibility of a cold snap is certainly something you should not forget.

If you have plants already up, then make sure you have garden cloth/row covers just in case.

Anyone growing Lavender? Last year was my first serious attempt...all is well, I think, some looks better than others. I have just discovered that Hidcote and Munstead is the choice for my area. I do have those, but they are not the best looking ones in the garden......so we will see what developes with the Lavender.

I know that some of you tried to visit the Sage Hill Farms website during March and found it less than fully functional....I do apologize. It has been under major re-construction, it is up and all is well. We now have it in a blog format so if you feel like leaving a post or have questions or some great information you would like to share...just skip on over and do so.

As always, we would like to invite you to do your herbal shopping with Sage Hill Farms, we have dried herbs, herb seasonings, rubs, marinades and of course, our lovely herbal and blended teas.

You can find it all here:

Through my travels around the internet I sometimes come across other sites that are too good not to share.......I have a few today.
These are sites I know well, have done business with and know that they are "a good thing"

Check them out if you have the need or the desire to do so.


Have an Amazing Grace April! Plant a garden....

Bea Kunz
From our farm to your table-we thank you so much.