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Scotland Island - Western Shores - Mackerel Beach

August 20, 2017

Newsletter for Offshore Residents of Pittwater




Wastewater Study Funded

Local member Rob Stokes announces Scotland Island's first step towards sewerage system! 

As hinted in our newsletter of 1 June, we were hoping to get the feasibility study funded out of this year's NSW Government budget. Please find Rob Stokes' full press release below.

Funds For Scotland Island Wastewater Study

Member for Pittwater Rob Stokes today announced the NSW Government will provide financial support to Northern Beaches Council to enable a feasibility study to be conducted into the provision of wastewater services to Scotland Island.

The funding announcement follows a resolution by Council to seek a partnership with the NSW Government to engage consultants to assess the viability of the project and advise on service provision models.

“This is an essential first step which has never before been undertaken,” Rob Stokes said today.

“Providing wastewater services to Scotland Island has been proposed for decades – but without a detailed feasibility study it’s never been able to be properly considered or progressed.

“Scotland Island is a unique community in an environmentally sensitive location and Northern Beaches Council has rightly identified that this long-standing issue must be put under the spotlight.

“Council now has the resources and expertise available to help drive this study and I’m delighted the NSW Government is able to provide financial support to get this underway,” Rob Stokes said.

Last month Northern Beaches Council also provided funding to the Scotland Island Residents’ Association to introduce a modern, automated water booking system to better distribute and manage residents’ access to emergency water supply – often used to help top-up personal household water tanks.

Background: Previous committees and working groups have worked on various proposals to move towards the introduction of a sewerage system on the Island. Attempts to coerce Sydney Water into accepting this as their responsibility have not resulted in success. The latest proposal involves the involvement of other, potentially more suitable providers who could build and operate such a system. The agreement between Council, SIRA and the NSW government, is to first conduct a feasibility study for such an alternative scheme. Via Rob Stokes, we have asked for the cost of the study to be covered by the NSW Government.

New Water Booking and Automation System

We are pleased to announce that SIRA has been awarded a $36K grant from the Northern Beaches Council to fund a project to introduce an online and mobile water booking system. The system will also automate the (remote) reading of the water meters and operate the line valves at Bell Wharf. In addition, the aim is to improve the water flow resulting in reduced tank fill duration.

We will form a 'User Advisory Group' which will help us ensure the design and implementation will be fit for purpose. If you are interested to be part of this group, please reply here ...admin@sira.org.au

The Galangala Project

"Breathing life into a film archive, Galangala reignites Aboriginal culture."

While blowing on embers of the previous night’s fire, Michael Edols was told by an elder, that reigniting the embers was called galangala and as ‘their film man’, custodian or kukai, that’s what he was doing.

imageHis task was to capture irreplaceable treasures of tribal lore in their spirit lands and also, the colliding values between  ancient physical and spiritual laws and the rugged settlements of the Kimberley. The result was world renowned documentaries.

The Galangala Project (TGP) is seeking funds for an ongoing working relationship with Indigenous Australians spanning 44 years. Today the Edols’ archive will allow Aboriginal culture, through story, song and ancient wisdom to be shared with today’s generation. TPG’s first phase will be completed within six months of being funded.

Aboriginal novelist Kim Scott has said, “Healing is a contemporary preoccupation, through truth and justice”. For Indigenous Peoples who have been separated from their ancestral lands, spiritual traditions, and the opportunity of contemporary education and good health, is too often the beginning of a decline in metal health.

We are amidst a national crisis. The World Congress on Public Health has argued that addressing the appalling rates of suicide among Indigenous communities, lies in strengthening culture.

The issue is not only about our Indigenous Peoples’ loss, but the loss as a nation. Together and now, we can make a difference.

With your support, TGP’s cultural endurance, empowers and supports Indigenous Peoples by giving back, is one step towards healing.

Funding will enable Michael to:
  • Select and edit significant material for access. (Known in the FilmTV industry as sequences)
  • Create an index for the film and sound footage, linked to AIATSIS.
  • Explain the history and significance of the selected sequences.
  • Provide a valuable resource for all levels of education and academe.
With your donations here, Michael and his team shall make accessible, to the descendants and their communities and where appropriate non-Indigenous people these sequences; irreplaceable treasures of tribal lore, customs and knowledge of place. All donations over $2 are tax deductible.

Please share The Galangala Project Facebook page and the link to the https://australianculturalfund.org.au/projects/the-galangala-project/ with anyone you think would be interested in Indigenous well-being and Cultural Heritage.

As you can see below we are building our team and we have so far attracted $210 of the 75K we need to realise this project.  In simple terms, we are trying to raise money to edit, sequence, index, annotate the equivalent of 4 feature length documentaries.

There are 33.5 hours of film and over 100 hours of sound archives.

By way of introduction, Dr Gary Foley of Gumbainggir descent is Professor in History, Victoria University. We are old film industry colleagues and he has agreed to come on board the Galangala Team as Executive Co-Producer with me operating as the Creative Producer.

The Galangala Team is currently in correspondence with: - Screen Australia Indigenous Unit, AIATSIS, Head of Indigenous AFTRS and Screen NSW


Bob,Kerry & Shar Farewell Bash Photos

Images by Shane Oneill

Chi Kung Retreat Day

with Kath Anderson and Tom Christensen  August  27th  on Pittwater



Very old piano in good working order (heavy!) with a lovely offshore history

Tony Bates, Ventnor, Elvina Bay, 0417 325993

Urgent request!!

A few weeks ago one of the Mona Vale PS bands came to perform on Scotland Island.
They accidentally left behind a box of black Fedora hats which they need urgently for a performance this weekend.
If anyone knows the whereabouts of these hats please get in touch with me

Thank you,

Annette Palmer 0421842221


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