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19 April 2013
Stitch...  and a Sneakily Stitch Spring

Sneakily stitching spring greetings to you !

A very speedy Stitch London newsletter to catch you up on what's happening in the world of wool. Since we don't seem to be getting a spring this year Knit the City have stitched one just for you. We shove some Dr Who craft in your face, and if you're in London you can join us for the #imapiece exhibition.

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Wander into the woolly wonder below...


We all love our woolies but the fact that it's still brass monkeys out there, and we are still wearing them, is getting us down here at Stitch London HQ. Lucky for us Knit the City, London's pioneering yarnstorming graffiti knitting collective, arrived on the scene and stitched up their very own spring. Woo hoo!

Here are some sneak peeks at their yarnstorming craziness in London's lovely Brixton:

Catch the whole tale over at the Knit the City website at


CRAFTIVIST JIGSAW UPDATE: The handmade marvel comes to London

Tons of you became handmade heroes to join the Craftivist Jigsaw project. Huzzah!

Now you're all invited to come along to the London #imapiece event and see it with your very own crafty eyeballs:

Date: Thursday 25th April
Time: 6-9pm (though the exhibition will be up all day if you can't make the evening)
Venue: Craft Central
33-35 St John’s Square

More info over on our Facebook event page if you need it.
Not in London? Keep your eyes on the Craftivist Collective website to find out where you can go and see the bit of handmade history you helped make.

Find out more at the #impiece website and please remember to sign the petition to end World Hunger too.
  Crafting in the TARDIS
Fancy getting your Whovian handmade on? Stitch London chum The Zen of Making is offering a whole load of free and really rather funky Dr Who crafty tutorials over on her website. Go forth and make something Dalek-flavoured, you needle-wielding nerds you!

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