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Rock Action Records present....
Rock Action Records are please to confirm new releases, WE ARE UCHU NO KO (13th September) from
Japan's finest noise-rock, Afrirampo and RECITATION (20th September) by legendary hardcore heroes, envy



Release Date: 13th September 2010
Label: Rock Action Records

“The Japanese noise-rock duo's enchantments and incantations cast such a
spell over audiences it's as though they are practising sonic witchcraft” The Guardian
"meteoric" Pitchfork

Rock Action Records is extremely proud to announce the release of lunatic girl duo Afrirampo’s exceptional , WE ARE UCHU NO KO  - on September 13th 2010 - an entirely unique and fitting finale of the band’s  distorted free-form pop melodies, primal garage-stomps, droning feedback and guttural barks.

Released as a special two disc package We Are Uchu No Ko, is far more sonically expansive than previous releases – their trademark intensity is interspersed with quieter, more ethereal passages; there is also greater, African influence with a more tribal percussive sound and call-and-response vocals – some of  which began with Baka Ga Kita (2006) and continues here.

The girl's career from their beginnings on the Osaka underground scene has been unprecedented. Since their formation as a duo in 2002, the two Afrirampo sisters have enjoyed something of a meteoric rise through the avant-rock underground, recording with Acid Mothers Temple and touring with Lightning Bolt and Sonic Youth and collaborating with such luminaries as Keiji Haino (of Japanese underground and noise music scene) and Yoko Ono.

Afrirampo (loosely translated as "naked rock") are sisters Oni (guitars) and Pikachu (drums), both of whom add wild, lustful vocals that occasionally reach pitches of near-cartoonish intensity. Though, their national origin will surely prompt impulsive comparisons to Melt Banana or early Boredoms, the duo recast the trashy, minimalist garage-rock of groups like the Oblivians or Cheater Slicks into decidedly more personalized abstract forms, using open-ended song structures and free-spirited improvisation to create a mercurial strain of fuzzed-out thunder.

The band bid their farewells at their final show on 26th June in Osaka, Japan.



Release Date: 20th September 2010 
Label: Rock Action Records
File as:  alt/ hardcore/ experimental post rock

 “Impressive in a way more cerebral post-rock has long ceased to be” 4/5 uncut
“There really is no way to overstate the quality of this band” Terrorizer
“Outstanding”  Kerrang!
“Get it now!” 9/10 Rock Sound
 “an hour of tooth-grinding hardcore that doesn’t so much blow away the cobwebs as drop a kiloton neutron bomb on butlins….” NME
“envy engulf the listener in a tidal wave of sound and emotion. Unsurprisingly excellent stuff”  Rock Sound

Since 1992, envy Tetsuya Fukagawa, vocal, sequencer, Nobukata Kawai, guitar, Masahiro Tobita, guitar, Manabu Nakagawa, bass and Dairoku Seki, drums - have been melting minds to dominate the independent hard-core scene in Japan.

Mogwai’s Rock Action label are pleased to announce the release of envy’s brand new album, Recitation, an album that shows the band effortlessly melding together their vast array of influences – from lush, cinematic soundscapes of ‘Guidance’ and ‘Last Hours of Eternity’ to the sublime urgency of ‘Light & Solitude’ and ‘A Hint And The Incapacity’. Their driving apocalyptic force is still ever-present throughout before closing with the gently transcendent ‘Your Hand’.

Their music, through their own evolution, encompasses a sound where intensity and beauty coexists.  Recitation is a work best described as reflective romanticism - something that is rarely heard or felt in heavy music.

In short, envy is a band that truly has its’ own sound.

For more information please contact Nita or Josh on 01600 892 890 

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