Photo 1: John Hammell With Byron Richards- Author of Fight For Your Health- Exposing FDA's Betrayal of America

Photo 2: My Canoe at Lightening Lake- Manning Provencial Park- British Columbia Canada- A Good Place to Forget About the NWO BS.

IAHF List: Byron Richards called me yesterday with news of a horrific new bill that we've got to stop in Congress or DSHEA will be blown sky high and our health freedom will be shreaded via a variety of different means. In the 18 years that I've been earning a living fighting the FDA, this is the WORST BILL I have EVER seen!!

Please read Byron's article about S. 1082, the Food and Drug Administration Revitalization Act at 

Please ALSO listen to Byron on the radio tonight (Wednesday April 25th) at 9:30 PM pacific time for ½ hour on Extreme XM talk channel 152  which you can hear over your computer by going to see the link to the Satellite Feed on the Right (

If you want to read S.1082, the Food and Drug Revitalization Act in its entirety, you can do so here: (p 105-125)


Its a trojan horse bill that PRETENDS to address SAFETY ISSUES, while in REALITY it puts us all far more at risk of being harmed by dangerous biological drugs that have had little or no safety testing and INCREDIBLY it even turns the FDA itself into a DRUG COMPANY!

It contains specific language that shreds DSHEA, and unfortunately the bill is GUARAN-DAMN-TEED to come to a vote on the Floor of the Senate because it renews the Prescription Drug User Fee Act- (which expires this year.)

Heres what Richards has to say about this: PDUFA allows Big Pharma to pay the FDA fees to speed the approval of its drugs. The new Kennedy bill will increase these FDA bribes to 380 million dollars in 2008, well over 50% of the FDA budget for new drug approvals. This is like paying the mob for protection. Kennedy, by replacing the existing PDUFA law with this new bill (S1082), is ensuring that his twisted legislation is the one that will be put before the Senate for a vote.


See this excerpt from Byron's article: "It is astonishing that the FDA will now manage a full scale business activity that uses a “non profit” foundation as a shield to avoid international patent problems, protect proprietary rights of its commercial drug-development enterprise, and massively expands FDA regulatory powers to quickly remove anything from the market that is competition to its own products and licensing agreements." He goes on to say that this Drug company located inside FDA would be called the "Reagan-Udall Foundation for the Food and Drug Administration"

(Our tax dollars would be used to create an actual DRUG COMPANY inside the FDA that would aggressively ATTACK any products that interfere with its PROFITS! This is the worst damn thing I've EVER seen in my 18 years of fighting these bastards!


In Byron's words: "Furthermore, the new bill seeks to allow a massive expanse of FDA regulatory power through this new foundation. For example, on pages 106-107 the bill states:

“The purpose of the Foundation is to advance the mission of the Food and Drug Administration to modernize medical, veterinary, food, food ingredient, and cosmetic product development, accelerate innovation, and enhance product safety….The Foundation shall [take] into consideration the Critical Path reports and priorities published by the Food and Drug Administration, identify unmet needs in the development, manufacture, and evaluation of the safety and effectiveness, including post approval, of devices, including diagnostics, biologics, and drugs, and the safety of food, food ingredients, and cosmetics.”

Through this foundation the FDA is seeking broad new regulatory power that it currently does not possess. This will include the authority to attack any dietary supplement (which are food ingredients) as unsafe based on its use of “Critical Path” technology. This means the FDA will use proteomics (the advanced study of proteins in biological systems) to assess changes in biomarkers (the change in the state of a protein at the molecular level) in order to establish whatever it wants to consider as a risk. The FDA can slant this technology, based on their own personal opinions, to make anything they want appear as a risk – including your favorite dietary supplements that you use to stay healthy.

IAHF Note: DSHEA does not allow FDA to use risk assessment as a basis for removing dietary supplements from the market, yet FDA illegally DID use a very biased "risk assessment" (which totally IGNORED the many health BENEFITS of ephedra) as the "basis" for banning ephedra.

The Circuit court reversed the FDA's ban, but then a higher court corruptly upheld it and this is now being appealed to the US Supreme Court which could hear the case in October. I have read the Nutraceutical Corporations Writ of Certiorari which was filed with the Supreme court on April 5, 2007.

What you need to know, however is this: even if the Supreme Court were to find in Nutraceutical's favor, if this bad bill of Kennedy's were to pass into law, FDA would be re-armed with the same power that the Supreme court would have (temporarily) stripped them of (assuming Nutraceutical were to win its case), and THAT would put us back to square ONE!!

So we MUST pull out ALL the stops to try to KILL this bill!

Call Byron Richard's article to the attention of every health food store in your area!

Send copies of his article to the ceo of every Vitamin company whose products you use!

Call it to the attention of the pharma dominated vitamin trade associations and put PRESSURE on them if you are a member so that they don't attempt to IGNORE this (as they are given to doing.)

Call Byron Richard's article to the attention of Senators Hatch and Harken (who I don't trust at all any more due to recent corrupt actions and due to the huge amount of pharmaceutical money now flowing to them both) but since they were the Sponsors of DSHEA back in '94, if they get ENOUGH CALLS, LETTERs, FAXES, and PERSONAL VISITS about this--- at least in THEORY they MIGHT go to bat for us and try to get the DANGEROUS LANGUAGE in this bill changed SPECIFICALLY to PROTECT DSHEA!

You can reach ANY member of Congress via the US Capital Switchboard at 202-225-3121.

Tell your own Senators to vote NO on S.1082, The Food and Drug Revitalization Act and tell Hatch and Harkin (and your own Senators) you want to know what THEY are doing to CHANGE the bill to make sure dietary supplement consumers are protected! Call Byron Richards article to their attention!

I am going to ask Life Extension Foundation to create a Cap Advantage alert on their site against this bill so that with one mouse click you'll be able to flood every member of the Senate with complaints about this bill, and will tell you when they've done that, but for now, please join IAHF in spreading the WORD and simultaneously, please also carefully read ALL of Byron's article at the link above.

Also, please continue urging more people to sign IAHF's petition calling for Congressional oversight on FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter- see

A lot of people have been seriously distracted from where their attention should have been by the scare campaign started by controlled opposition group "Natural Solutions Foundation" which diverted attention away from getting congressional oversight on FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter by instead focusing people's attention on a non issue- a recent FDA Guidance Document. The sky is not falling due to that Guidance document, but it WILL FALL if people continue utilizing NSF as an information source. See the past 5 alerts at  for clarification and make sure everyone you know signs on to the IAHF email distribution list for updates at because there is safety in numbers.

Donations needed to send IAHF to Capital Hill to lobby against S.1082 and For Congressional Oversight on FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter- I'd like to go very soon if possible like middle of May- the Hotel on Capital Hill that I stay at isn't cheap so please give generously for airfare and hotel to help IAHF continue to defend your access to supplements- if you have a friend in DC who can crash me at their house that would be good info to have:

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