May Partnership with Heaven Leigh!

We are very excited to announce that for the month of May Heaven Leigh, Fantasy Author, Empath, Singer, Songwriter is donating 100% of the profits made from her book sales to Michael's Dream Foundation to help with raising funds for our Michael's Dream Box delivery to the U.K.! Get your copies today and help a child at the same time ♥
Just click the book covers below to go to Amazon!

Endymion Oracles: "Nina's Story" (formerly subtitled "The Crimson Flowers") is of an intense LOVE that defies all physical odds. Endymion and Nina are the keepers of each other's souls, calling to each other's hearts beyond realms of beast, spirit or human. Interwoven into their impossible romance is Nina's quest to save her people from a new religion that threatens to destroy their peaceful existence and everything Nina has ever believed. Nina's Story has traveled through EONS of time to find its way into your hands. The rest is up to you.
The channeled messages of Angel Michael Oracles are born from a marriage of minds. From spirit to spirit we all communicate. When one comes to another with urgent messages, it becomes a sacred trust to write out the impassioned words and share them. This began with a little girl, just a toddler, who fell in love with a spirit’s message of healing the world. She unknowingly taught her mother to hear this spirit deep within. One day, past writings from Michael may be found to corroborate the ones set forth in this book. Yet if those writings are never publicly shared, this book is a testament to the Earth Angels who are now hearing and feeling these messages. Beautifully illustrated to bring the words alive, our prayer is that you feel the JOY and breathe in the truth of Angel Michael’s message: LOVE Lives Forever.
Featuring a poem written by Michael Jackson, MichaeLuna is a full-color illustrated Fairy Tale that asks: What if Michael's muse was a real being, watching over and inspiring him, as she had done for great musicians down through the ages? But something unexpected happened when she began her musical relationship with him. Magical and confusing feelings disrupted the realm of this heavenly goddess of song. She fell hopelessly and impossibly in love. Wouldn't you? 22 Illustrations in all.
 Now is your chance to get something you've always wanted AND give back to the children Michael loved so much, thanks to Heaven Leigh. Hurry and get yours now!
Did you know you have choices?
When you make a donation 
please choose from
General fund (Admin Costs)
The Children's Hospital Fund
The Dream Box Project Fund
We thank you for every kind gift.
Your Love goes a long way.
Coming in June!
Starting in June we will be raffling a beautiful prize that anyone who loves Michael and the Magic of Neverland would be excited to own!

See Michael's Children's Hospital Facebook pages for raffle details - Coming in June!

Vote for Michael's Dream Foundation and Help Us Win $50,000!
Michael's Dream Foundation is still competing for Ty Pennington's Ultimate Giveback Challenge
and we have a good chance to win the $50,000 for the children. All we need from you is a vote!

NOTE: Because the voting is done through a Facebook "app" you will need to allow the app access to your PUBLIC information only, before it will direct you to the voting page. There is no harm in doing this as none of your PERSONAL information is ever made available to them. Also note that some iPhones will not take you to the voting page but if you do it from a computer it will work.

It takes only a second and it's FREE! Please help us win by giving us your vote.

The voting deadline is June 9. Please, do it for L.O.V.E.

Thank You for your Support
Michael's Dream Foundation Team!

Buy A Donor Pack to Send to a Child
We have a lot of work to do to reach our target for our delivery of Michael's Dream Boxes to Martha Care in the U.K. we now have our thermometer up to show you where we stand so you can watch our progress. There are so many different donor packs to choose from at all different price ranges, or if you don't know what to select, you can make a general donation and let us pick where it's needed most. Either way we need to reach our goal of $22,000 to make it a successful delivery to the children who need it most.
Announcing a New Partner
Poli Brucker and MSOL (Michael's Soldiers of Love)

Poli and the members of the group MSOL (Michael's Soldiers of Love) specialize in bringing people together in beautiful Teamwork while reaching out healing the world in many different ways. 
Michael has inspired Poli and the members of MSOL by doing random acts of kindness.
They are united with Michael's Dream Foundation to help raise awareness of Michael's Dream and the need of raising Funds to accomplish its charitable projects.
Starting in June
will give 50% of sales on King and Queen pillows to Michael's Dream Foundation just by mentioning the code MDF in your order.
We are very happy and proud to have Poli and the members of MSOL on our Team.
If you have a bunch of old t-shirts that you no longer wear, consider "upcycling" them for a good cause!

There are so many cool upcycled things you can make with old tees and sweatshirts like tote bags, scarves and very cool looking necklaces. Think about all the wonderful ways to upcycle and you will never again look at an old t-shirt and say it’s time to throw it out. Have fun and remember to use the links provided in the Bits and Pieces section to make and sell your new upcycled wonders.

There are so many wonderful ways to help Michael’s Dream Foundation raise money.
Let’s build that dream!

School is out!!!!
Yelp!! The kids are out of school! What to do, what to do? Ok everyone, let me share this useful link with some awesome tips.

Make a calender with your kids and let them give their own idea's and input.
Let them know that you are not at their beck and call and this is a time for them to be creative.

Parents, you will also have to manage your Facebook time as those quiet free hours are now filled with shrieking, whining and constant needing. Give your children one hour a day to spend with them and let them suggest the fun. Like a date.

Here are a few suggestions for the kids.

Plant a small garden.

Reading time, E books or take them to the library.

Make ice's use Dixie cups, even suggest to sell them for a quarter each, summer pocket money comes in handy.

Give them a summer chore list and
reward them with pocket change.

An outdoor scavenger hunt.

Build a fruit parfait with them.

Water balloon and shooter fights.

Buy the kids a summer journal.

Visit thrift stores and teach them to be practical and buy books and board games with their earned pocket money.

Make a homemade tent and camp out.

Have picnics in your garden.

Hold a dance party outside with lights and a BBQ

Scour the local newspapers and community centers for free summer activities.

Make a bird feeder.

Take the kids to a park and go for a nature walk.

Collect leaves and rocks to paint.

Make crafts with everyday things.

Have a yard sale.

There are so many cool things to do that practically cost nothing. Now go make those calendars and then put your feet up with a homemade sangria.
Michael's Dream Foundation is growing! Come join the team.
 As the foundation grows so does the demand for support in volunteering. There are several positions available within the foundat
ion. We need loyal, loving people that have the ability to express the love that MDF was built on. This is a worldwide foundation so we encourage all countries to apply. Please check out the application which is very short and simple and a few personality questions because we
have a spot waiting for you.
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 Why not get our bumper sticker to show the world you support Michael's Dream only $5.00 plus we have many great items in our MDF Zazzle store! You can even customize your order! Personalized items make great gifts!
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In case you missed it...
It's Back! The #MJGBP2014 is back and this year it's in 3-D!!

2000 Watt Overload!

We prepare to take you to the next level!
Pre-Register and get ready to party on a Global Scale!

May Comic strip... Annie Are you OK?
Now It's Trivia Time....
 Last Months Questions, with Answers as promised:

1. In the movie, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which member of Charlie's family
 goes on the tour of the chocolate factory with him?
Answer: Grampa Joe

2. The movie, Superman starred Gene Hackman, Marlon Brando and Christopher Reeve. Who got top billing?
Answer: Marlon Brando

3. The main street in Back to the Future is also the main street in what other 80's movie?
This Months Questions:

1. In the movie Batman, who wrote and performed all the songs?

2. In Beverly Hills Cop, when Axel Foley enters the hotel he uses an Alias. Who does he say he works for and who does he say he's going to interview?

3. In the Star Wars trilogy, who does Hans Solo acquire the Millennium Falcon from?
Answers avaliable in the next newsletter!
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