IAHF List: Are you, or is anyone you know, perhaps a family member or close friend addicted to a second generation psychiatric drug, perhaps a teenager with so called "ADD" or "ADHD" or with "Anxiety" or "Depression"? How about to heroin? We've got an epidemic of heroin addiction in America today and it is directly related to an equally dangerous addiction to Rx drugs.
"Shrinks Have KILLED! Shrinks Have LIED!! Psychiatry is GENOCIDE!!!"
In this alert, I've got some simple answers that can save lives!
SSRI Drugs such as Ritalin, Adderall, Prozac,Paxil, Zoloft, Effexor and others destroy the myelin sheath in the brain which is the electrically insulating material that surrounds the axon of a neuron. Proper myelination is necessary for proper healthy nerve function.

When that myelin sheath breaks down, it causes

When you take these addictive drugs, you're causing DAMAGE, but you are ALSO causing the PAIN to GO AWAY....

So people need MORE AND MORE of the stuff as their addiction gets WORSE! Its not uncommon for a child to be put on this crap in middle school, get addicted, and that often leads to their going on other addictive drugs, including heroin. There is an epidemic of heroin use in our suburbs today due to this as cheap heroin floods the country from war torn Afghanistan! 
Its a terrible thing, but these Rx drugs are killing people and are addicting people just as much and just as dangerously as cocaine, heroin, and their street cousins such as "speed", but there is hope, and in this alert I've got some valuable information that I hope will save lives- both from Rx drug addiction and from street drug addiction.

"My people are destroyed through lack of knowledge." (Hosea 4:6)
Please watch this youtube by Dr.Ann Blake Tracy discussing the extreme dangers of SSRIs
What sulfur does is it REPAIRS the Myelin Sheath.

By REPAIRING the Myelin Sheath, you make the PAIN go away, and that means you can break the ADDICTION. If you know anyone addicted to SSRI drugs, get them some sulfur and urge them to take it! You could save their lives! It helps anyone to reduce stress levels and to alleviate depression and we're all under a ton of stress these days! When you're under stress, you dump acid into your gut, sulfur neutralizes it to help you feel calm and grounded!
All pain is caused by the absence of oxygen. By flooding the cells with oxygen you not only drive away the pain, you also alleviate depression and anxiety, increase energy levels, and start reversing all the problems these useless, dangerous, addictive drugs were prescribed for in the FIRST PLACE!
Glycation occurrs when sugar molecules cross link with collagen to make your cell walls overly thick. That blocks insulin from carrying glucose into the cells. When insulin is blocked it dumps the glucose into your abdomen and it is stored as FAT.
Sulfur also helps unglycate cells to insulin can carry glucose into the cell to be burned as fuel.
Taking Magnesium can also help break opiate addictions, and so can taking vitamin C. Many studies have been done on this, so why haven't we heard about this?
Simple, the world's banking systems are kept afloat via the CIA's brisk trade in heroin and cocaine.   This is the real reason why we're in Afghanistan. Poppy production has increased massively since our troops have been in there to guard the poppy fields.
IAHF needs your help to DESTROY big pharma's business!
We can get people off every single useless Rx drug, especially the SSRIs just by getting people on SULFUR! We can also destroy the CIA's heroin trade and put the banksters out of business by educating people using this article, so please forward it widely!
Remember: every day we're being sprayed for population control purposes with a massive load of toxic heavy metals and antibiotic resistant bacteria, all under the guise of protecting us from "global warming"! More and more people are coming down with Morgellons disease due to this, and more and more people are getting cancer and other degenerative diseases.
Don't become a STATISTIC! Arm yourself with THE ANTIDOTE! Alert your friends! Anyone can get off any addictive drug via the information in this article.... please tell more people! This is a classic battle between good and evil, and this information will save lives if you forward it widely!
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