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When Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn was mired in the soviet gulag as a dissident where he endured many years of forced labor and torture, they could not control his SOUL... The Illuminist ruling elite who are trying to force us all into a Nazi/Communist Prison Planet can't control any of OURS either, especially if you actively help us conduct research and learn more on how to protect yourself. 

I urge all of you to read The Gulag Archipelago by Solzhenitsyn for inspirational purposes- you're going to NEED the inspiration. I also urge you to read Man's Search for Meaning by the irrepressable Victor Frankl who provides great insight into today's modern day Nazi's via his experiences in the Nazi Concentration camps which he transcended much in the way Solzhenitsyn survived the Soviet Gulags. Find both books at www.amazon.com Reading both helped me survive the 4 years I spent mired within the psychiatric gulag, and the lessons we can learn from them will help us survive the New World Order's efforts to engage in population control/societal control via Chemtrails, HAARP, Codex and the nefarious effort to microchip us from the inside via Chemtrails.

The elite have made their intent chillingly clear. As stated in recent emails, from The Georgia Guidestones we see what they're doing to us. They intend to kill off 90% of us to reduce world population down to 500,000,000. They've actually ETCHED these evil intentions into STONE, but don't take my word for it, see for yourself: http://www.radioliberty.com/stones.htm The Illuminists go against God, they are the machinery of death,  but  they will most certainly fail, and if nothing else will destroy themselves through their arrogance and hubris.

We just need to keep our sense of humor, and direct our anger and outrage into productive forces. The purpose of this email is to help us work together to oppose this treachery. Dr. Ian Revson, the courageous whistleblower who is leaking information to us has some shocking new information for us today in this email that you WILL NEED to SURVIVE!! He and I also need your help. We've got some very EASY things we need you to do, along with NEW advice on how to protect yourselves:


We're ALL under biological attack right now by our government. http://silentsuperbug.com
http://silentsuperbug-reference.blogspot.com I didn't want to believe it, but I did the Red Wine/Peroxide Spit Test recommended by Clifford Carnicom and Naturopath Gwen Scott and I've got the same fibers in my body that everyone else in this country has due to the chemtrails. Soon I'll be able to send you photos of these fibers shot from a Dark Field microscope because I have an appointment on monday to get them examined and to also do a live blood analysis on myself in order to fine tune my personal program of self defense against these ruling elite bastards. 

In this email you'll find some chilling responses from Dr. Ian Revson, the whistleblower operating annonymously from deep inside the Military Industrial Complex to questions I have about these fibers.


I urge all of you to do the Merlot Red wine/peroxide spit test by following the very simple instructions at  http://www.curezone.org/forums/fm.asp?i=1203532  Be sure to use Merlot red wine. Mix 2 Tblsp. Red Wine with 1 Tblsp. Hydrogen Peroxide. After brushing teeth thoroughly and rinsing with water, swish the wine/peroxide mixture around in your mouth thoroughly for 5 min, being sure to really rinse your gums and inside of your cheeks with it as well as your teeth- then spit the mixture into a clean plastic cup. It will be very foamy if you agitated it a lot while swishing it around and it could take a few hours for the foam to settle. Then you'll see the fibers...

You can find someone in your area who does Dark Field microscopy by asking around at health food stores and Naturopath's offices til you find someone who does live blood analysis which is done using a Dark Field microscope. They can take photos of what they're seeing and we need those to be able to generate a research paper to continue waking up people inside the Defense Establishment who are being used to work on these covert weapons systems without realizing what they're a part of. The only way we're going to get access to an Electron microscope is to wake up enough of these people.

After seeing the fibers in the spit test I felt very angry at the ruling elite because this is proof positive of their demonic malevolent attitude toward all of us. I didn't want to believe this is happening- we're being microchipped from the inside- the nanoparticles they're pumping us full of via the air, water and the food we eat are growing inside of us into nanomachines- (See http://silentsuperbug.com
 all totally without our knowledge or consent and now we must reverse engineer what they're doing for our own protection and to be able to do that first we need a research paper, then we need access to an electron microscope which won't be easy to get due to heavy government control, and a research paper generated from results of Dark Field microscopy on spit test samples gathered from all over the US and the world would be the first step and you can help.

Please see Dr.Ian's chilling responses to my questions if you are one of the persistent doubters on the IAHF list who can't believe this is really happening.... read them for your awareness even if you don't doubt any of this because you NEED this information:

Subject: Re: Question About the Wine/Peroxide Spit Test, Which I Just Did

OK Ian- I just did the spit test. So far I mostly see a bunch of foam from the peroxide from the vigorous swishing around of the wine and peroxide while rinsing my mouth. I do see what appears to be fibers. I tilted the cup to slosh some of the residue onto the sides and I do see what appears like fibers sticking to the sides of the cup. I'm going to let the cup sit here for a few hours to see if the foam bubbles dissipate so I can get a better look.

Two questions:

1. How can you be sure that these fibers wouldn't have been present from this test in the years before we started seeing chemtrails? Did anyone ever do this mouth rinse prior to 1990 or whenever it was that we started seeing chemtrails? How do you know for sure these fibers are components of nanotech pathogens?
Hi John,

First thank you so much for your help and courage with this issue.  Without all your help my inbox would still be empty and I would be losing my mind.  Now it is full and this information is circulating among many different types of people who may be able to make leaps forward.

Great question.  We do not know if these fibers were present prior to the chemtrails, because no one was doing the red-wine test prior to its accidental discovery by Gwen Scott ND around March 2008.  The fibers could have been present in our bodies before the chemtrails started in force.

However, we do know this:  

1) The fibers evolved from the mouth have HIGH degree of structural similarity to the fibers found in chemtrails samples.  That is they both have a bounding filament and sub-micron filament structure.  That alone is enough to give us pause, regardless of the eventual 'source'.  But these two traits are identical between chemtrails aerosol fibers and the mouth fibers.

2)  The fibers are NOT NORMAL, aka. they are pathogens and do not belong in any healthy human.  I have confirmed they are not 'supercoiled DNA' or any other disinformation nonsense that has been circulated.   These fact remains that these fibers are pathogens, whether they are man-made or natural infection.   However the fact that EVERYONE is positive constitutes a 'silent epidemic'.

3) We have had hundreds of dead microbiologists since the early 1980s, often centered around 'Marconi', now known as BAE.  Why so many dead microbiologists associated with aircraft control systems?

March 1982: Professor Keith Bowden, 46 --Expertise: Computer programmer and scientist at Essex University engaged in work for Marconi, who was hailed as an expert on super computers and computer-controlled aircraft. --Circumstance of Death: Fatal car crash when his vehicle went out of control across a dual carriageway and plunged onto a disused railway line. Police maintained he had been drinking but family and friends all denied the allegation. --Coroner's verdict: Accident.

Now let's examine this 'silent epidemic' in light of the fact that NIH, CDC, FDA,  US Airforce, US Senate, etc all have been contacted over the past decade regarding aerosol spraying, blood anomalies, Morgellons, mouth fibers, etc and have responded with active denial and disinformation.   As far as I'm concerned, this implicates these officials in this epidemic,  either knowingly or unknowingly.  (probably a mix of both depending on the government 'official' in question, and whether they are an Illuminist).

So yes you are right we don't have 'proof' that this is an exclusive aerosol vector, but there is tons of evidence suggesting this is the case.   I will also go on record saying I think there is more than one vector.  Other possible disease vectors besides aerosol spraying include

1) weaponized vaccinations
2) GMO food
3) 'unknown unknowns'

2.  I know someone who has a Dark Field microscope who does live blood studies on people and they show them whats in their blood. They can take pictures and show you whats in your blood on a computer screen identifying things they consider noteworthy- they do this at health food stores which they travel around to and they make various recommendations after interviewing the person and then analysing their blood. Should I take this cup of fibers to them and have them take pictures which I could upload to you? Does it matter how long after the sample was taken if this is done?

Another Good question.  Take some of your fiber samples and store them in water.   Take some other fiber samples and store them in 91% IPA.    They should be able to make a slide out of one or the other.

This is what I expect them to find:
1) bounding filament
2) sub-micron filament network
3) possible mycoplasm/fungal biological structures

3. Not sure I understand how to do this thing with the isopropyl alcohol. What do you mean by "precipitated" fibers? I should let the cup evaporate til theres only fibers left, then put isopropyl alcohol on them?

I just meant top off the cup of wine+fibers with 91% IPA.  You don't need to dry them first.  The added IPA will destroy most of the red pigment from the wine and the fibers will turn somewhat clear and will float on the IPA.  This may be better for making slides.   It was just an interesting observation I discovered, the fact that IPA makes the fibers clear and more bifurcated.
Please let me know. I have an email distribution list of a few thousand people around the world and once I learn enough about this I will ask them all to do this test and get their fibers analysed if they can find someone near them who has a Dark Field microcscope. What about an electron microscope? Did you ever look at these fibers under one or has anyone?

I Do not have access to an electron microscope at the moment.  I do not know of any pictures of the mouth fibers under electron microscope.  For those in medicine, I believe we will gain the most information by preparing slides using a process known as cryo-TEM (cryogenic transmission electron microscopy).  But this may be pie-in-the-sky, as cryo-TEM equipment is in government hands.

Visible microscopy is vital.  We need more pictures and opinions.  The highest magnification of the fibers I have found to date is approx 7000x, which is digitally enhanced visual microscopy, done by Clifford Carnicom and his friends.

You can view a photograph here:
One portion of the sample above observed at extreme visible magnification under the microscope.
Dental-gum expelled sample.  Sample extracted with use of hydrogen peroxide-red wine mix.  
(please refer to
Pathogens & the General Population)
Three pathogenic forms visible: bounding filament (black border),
sub-micron interior filament network (blue arrows) and Chlamydia-like organisms(red circles).
Magnification approx. 7000x.

They are clearly nanotech because of the complex sub-micron filament structure, the associated biological components, and the fact there is ABSOLUTELY NO MATCH to known pathogens or synthetic materials.

I mean, anyone looking at the monstrous bifurcated fibers staring back at you from the cup will realize something is very wrong.  Go ahead and put it under the microscope, I promise the "nanotech" claim will stand up to scrutiny.

Sub-micron replicating fractal structure = biological or nano-tech
Thanks again for all your help to draw attention to this vital issue.



On days with especially heavy spraying, stay indoors if possible, and breath a mist of Tea Tree oil or Thieves Oil. If you can't stay indoors, wear a mask. The best protection would be a surplus M40/42 US military mask - “Protects against: chemical and biological agent vapors, aerosols, toxins” however they're becoming increasingly hard to find in army navy stores. A charcoal mask or an organic vapor respirator from a hardware store is better than nothing. If you wear a mask while running or cycling and someone questions you, forward this email to them and they'll stop laughing very quickly.

In a past email I gave very good advice about a series of cleanses you can do to rid your body of toxins- if you missed that you'll find it at the end of this mssg: https://www.ymlp.com/pubarchive_show_message.php?jham+1196 

To this I'd like to add the  recommendation the regular use of Invision International's ionic silver (you cannot get argyria from this product no matter how much you use, and its the most effective delivery system for any silver product: http://www.silver100.com/ 

I'd also like to add these additional recommendations: Maintain the right acid/alkaline balance in your body- by eating raw uncooked foods- lots of green leafy vegetables. Read The Battle for Health is Over Ph http://www.amazon.com/Battle-Health-Over-pH/dp/0972063617 Learn about raw foods from sites such as http://www.markusrothkranz.com/markus_health.html and http://www.markusrothkranz.com/go_raw_now/go_raw_now.html  I got into this a year ago and have gone from 240 lbs to 207 and am continuing to lose weight. Weight loss becomes effortless when you're eating the world's most nutrient dense superfoods which can also help protect you from biological warfare in the chemtrails.

I'd like to add this also: Use organic sulfur. It increases the permeability of cell membranes allowing for radically improved oxygen transport so you can flood your body with oxygen. They're spraying all kinds of pathogens on us right now. Cancer can't live in the presence of oxygen. Don't use the MSM from health food stores, it has silicon dioxide in it which is an anti caking ingredient that ruins its mechanism of action. Get your sulfur from Patrick McGean at 801-290-2013.

To chelate heavy metals like the barium they're spraying on us use Liquid Zeolite http://www.liquidzeolite.org/intro/guidelines.html (there are other brands app $20/bottle) or food grade diatomaceous earth http://www.wolfcreekranch.net/diatomaceous_earth.html

Use megadoses of Vitamin C- it helps detox plus strengthens the collagen, the cement like substance that binds all our cells together enabling proper nutrient transport to the cells and proper waste transport from the cells.

There are other things you can also do, many of you have been sending me ideas and I'm trying to process them by trying them myself. I'll be adding more recommendations in the future.

Please let me know if you do the spit test and please join me in getting photos via Dark Field microscopy! Please email the Dark Field photos of whats in your spit test to me at jham@iahf.com and to Dr. Revson via <ian.revson@gmail.com> If possible, when you go for Dark Field microscopy, also have them do a live blood study on you and email us the photos from that too.

This will help Dr. Revson, who is in process of generating a free e-book, to also generate a scientific paper badly needed to help wake up other cogs inside the military industrial complex who are being used and don't realize it because their work is so compartmentalized. Sooner or later we're going to get our meathooks on an Electron Microscope by reaching out to these people, and we need YOUR help to do it!

Please donate to IAHF via 556 Boundary Bay Rd., Point Roberts WA 98281 or via paypal at http://www.iahf.com/index1.html if you appreciate this ongoing effort to protect your health and to stop the Illuminists efforts to kill you and your family! Please forward this to friends and family after first remembering to delete the unsubscribe link at the bottom so no one will click on it and unsubscribe you.