Person Carrying Bullhorn in Yellow cap: Me, Woman in dress to left of me walking in front of Vancouver Chemtrail Meetup Group is "Afsaneh", and she is Running a Classic Controlled Opposition Group That Only Goes Through the Motions of "Fighting Chemtrails"  We Can Learn a Lot from This....
IAHF List: A few weeks ago I was kicked out of the Vancouver BC Chemtrails meetup group by "Afsaneh", the woman in the dress walking in the front of our group at last summer's march against chemtrails in downdown Vancouver BC Canada which was held simultaneous to many other marches against chemtrails world wide.
I was actually kicked out for the second time. The first time was just before this march took place, but I ignored her as you can see, and joined the march anyway since I knew where the restaurant was where they'd all be meeting as a staging area the morning it took place.
Both times I was kicked out for discussing detoxification, how you could use sulfur and other methods to protect yourself from all the toxins being sprayed on us via chemtrails, but I have since come to see that I was also kicked out because I am a Christian, and I wasn't the only one kicked out for this reason, or for discussing a variety of topics that "Afsaneh" and her two coordinators attempted to keep from being discussed as somehow "OFF TOPIC" (anything tangential to a proper understanding of chemtrails including UN AGENDA 21, Codex, mind control, communism, and other aspects of the New World Order and their efforts to control us.)
When I was first kicked out of the group, I thought I'd merely run into a petty control freak, a mere insecure person, but from this most recent time, due to the fact that other people were kicked out with me, I can now see it goes deeper than just that.
She kicked out Stuart, who had seen through her longer than I had strictly due to his faith, then she kicked me out for defending Stuart, then she kicked out Mateus, and Jeanine, all for opposing censorship within the group.
Today I was contacted by someone within the group named Pam who wanted to share an idea she has to file a lawsuit. I am sharing her email, and my response with all of you because I feel that theres a lot that can be learned from what I said to her. If you read it, you will be in a much better position to protect yourself, and your family from New World Order planned genocide!
Here was the exchange.... please read it carefully, and please forward it to more people! The bottom line is this: We can't stop chemtrails, but we can PROTECT OURSELVES from them by taking steps to detox and by educating others on how to detox using sulfur! We also need to do far more globally to oppose the 10,000 pound guerilla that is driving codex, and chemtrails: UN AGENDA 21. You'll find a lot of information on all of this below...
From: Pam
Sent: Saturday, February 22, 2014 10:13 PM
Subject: hey
Hi John, I met you a couple times in Vancouver.. I'm in the chemtrail meet up group but just want to let you know Im not one of the people who complained about you or Stewart. I don't really care that much about who posts what. I just wish that more people had commented on the letter I got from the minister of Environment. I plan to launch a lawsuit against Harper, and the environ minister in federal court, which is the court where treason cases and cases against the government are heard. I don't expect it to be successful but maybe it will get some people's attention. Thanks for all your hard work.
Pam- The decision making that is going on here to poison us all with chemtrails is happening at an extra governmental level very far above your National government (and all governments, including ours in the USA), it is happening at a shadow government/ UN level. Given this, what good would it do it you filed this lawsuit, even it if made more people aware of the spraying? In the best possible analysis, what would you expect to flow from that?
I was probably the only person in that meetup group (til I was thrown out by “AFSANEH” the so called “leader”) who ever had any experience dealing with this genocide at the UN level, and I saw from first hand experience that there is no way to stop what goes on there even though I tried for a very long time.

I was on the US delegation to the UN’s Codex Alimentarius Commission’s Committee on Nutrition and Foods for Special dietary uses at meetings in Bonn, Germany in ’96 and in Berlin in ’98, then was thrown off the US Delegation prior to the meeting in Berlin in 2000 due to being a whistleblower pushing for congressional oversight on crimes I’d witnessed at both meetings that were committed by Dr. Beth Yetley of the US FDA in which she took actions that went diametrically against the will of the American people as expressed through passage of legislation in 1994 which directly protects our access to dietary supplements that the FDA is trying to take away, so they’re trying to do a “BACK DOOR” play on us by moving offshore to UN Codex meetings as a way to slip past us in a venue where we have no ability to protect ourselves.
Then for 5 years I pushed for congressional oversight in an attempt to right these wrongs, (despite an FBI visit, death threats,  goons being sent to my rented house in Florida when I wasn’t home who were witnessed by a neighbor beating on my doors….looking in my windows… they left their calling card… bullets from an FN ASSAULT RIFLE ON MY Doorstep, causing me to run for my life to a remote area in the mountains of Virginia where I had to live underground) only to witness the hearing that I’d pushed for with every ounce of strength that I have be WHITEWASHED on March 20, 2001.
I wasn’t allowed to testify, my witnesses weren’t allowed to testify, the only person allowed to “represent” the dietary supplement industry was a shill for Pfeizer pharmaceutical company whose palm was being greased. The D.C. cellpool has got to be experienced first hand this way to fully see just how deep it really is….
After that I woke up to reality, which is something I wish all of you in the Vancouver chemtrail meetup group would do.
What do I mean when I say this?

Here is what I mean: we’re not going to ever stop chemtrails. That is not possible. The people who are pushing this agenda are too powerful to stop in the conventional ways you’re all trying. You will never succeed, and you need to shift gears cognitively to start grasping the need for a guerilla strategy
You need to start shifting gears so as to understand that what is driving all of this is UN AGENDA 21, the 40 chapter blueprint for population control that came out of the Earth Summit in 1992. There is a bipartisan movement against this Agenda in the USA, but in Canada, there is nothing. Hardly any organized resistance against it at all, and if you attempt to discuss it within your chemtrail meetup group, your so called “leader” will either remove you from the group, or threaten to by saying you are “OFF TOPIC”  (even though you wouldn’t in fact be, you can’t  view the chemtrail issue in a vacuum and see it accurately, it must be seen against the backdrop of UN AGENDA 21 or you will miss seeing it entirely.)
UN AGENDA 21 is the 10,000 pound guerilla in the room that’s driving chemtrails, Codex, and other related parts of the global depopulation agenda.
So how do we best PROTECT people in the face of this madness?
We don’t do it via lawsuits, we don’t do it via street demontrations, we do it via awakening people to how they can detox. That’s the BEST we can do in the face of this situation because we have zero ability to impact what goes on at the UN level and with the shadow government- we have no chance to influence the UN or the Bilderberg group- both are controlled by the eugenicists, by the Rockefellers and their bankster pals. 
NASA spelled out the intentions of these killers in great detail and we ignore them at our peril, we must know our enemy- see this alert of mine and see the slideshow of Dennis M. Bushnell of NASA
While you are WASTING YOUR TIME AND ENERGY pushing for a lawsuit that won’t go anywhere, you COULD BE helping me monkeywrench their plans by personally taking steps to detox, and by educating more people in the need to do this and by teaching them how to do this. See info at  and at
So here is my question to you: what part of this don’t you see, or do you NOW see it? What are you personally doing to detox? If the answer is nothing, don’t you think you really should look at that? Chemtrails are causing a huge increase in cancer, Alzheimers, asthma, allergies, every kind of degenerative disease. People who don’t make an effort to detox are going to die an untimely death.
This is a huge, very well coordinated effort to kill us, to weaken us, to enslave us. Chemtrails include nanofibers that are reassembling inside our bodies to microchip us from the inside. We need to figure out ways to monkeywrench the Bioappi or the last vestiges of freedom will be stripped from us as we are being turned into non reproducing cyborgs and this is not science fiction. Stop wasting your time pursuing frivolous lawsuits that won’t stop anything. Stop wasting your time taking orders from that moron who is running your group. She is  either controlled opposition or might as well be. Her level of stupidity is off the charts. She won’t allow freedom of speech within the group. I challenge you to post this to the group. She’ll kick you out, but so what? Eventually more and more people within the group will see through her.
If I weren’t snowed doing what I’m doing running Sulfur for Health I’d offer to start a new group, but I can’t clone myself, but I wish one of you would consider doing this. If there were a Vancouver chemtrail meetup group that did not engage in censorship, one where it was possible to arrive at the truth because the so called “Leader” (Afsaneh) wasn’t actively blocking discussion that could lead to it, I’d join, but this person running your group now is very bad news. Censorship runs diametrically opposite to what you are trying to do: bring out the truth. You can’t arrive at the truth when you have an idiot standing in your path as a roadblock. Since she created the group on she and her little cabal of people are killing any meaningful discussion on these topics.
By what experience and authority do they profess to speak? How much sense does it make to kick the only Naturopath in the group out of the group when he was attempting to educate people about how to detox, when that is the only thing we can really do  in the face of this insanity to protect ourselves? Ask Afsaneh how many UN meetings she’s been to. Ask her how many attempts have been made on her life for fighting the N.W.O. I’ve had attempts made on my life because of my efforts to try to stop Codex. Afsaneh does not appear to be able to think outside the box enough to understand the interconnection between UN AGENDA 21, Codex, and Chemtrails, either that, or she’s controlled, but if she’s not controlled, she might as well be due to her efforts to curtail free speech within the meetup group.
That is not leadership. That is bullshit. To be a leader, you need to get in the other guy’s shoes and walk around some. She could have attempted to communicate with me either in person or by phone, but her problem is she is a petty control freak, and people like that are no different than the people we’re opposing in the N.W.O. I extended an invitation for her to call me on my toll free line, but it was easier for her to just throw me out of the group. No one in the group should respect her for this. I am copying some people in on this who communicated with me after I was kicked out. Stewart was also kicked out, and so was Jeanne. Not sure if Mateus was kicked out or not, but wouldn’t be surprised if he was.
No one should ever be kicked out of a group like this. She kicked me out twice. The first time was right before the march in Vancouver in August which I attended anyway, after which she “Let me back in.” When she kicked me out the first time, I had just met with Bill Vander Zalm at his house to discuss his freedom of information act request, and I had that news to report. If she isn’t controlled opposition, why did she kick me out this way?
Why don’t one of you go to and start a new group, I would, but am snowed here trying to do the work of 10 people. If one of you start a new chemtrails meetup group, and make an important focus to educate people about how to detox, I will join, but if you start new group which continues to waste time and energy on trying to stop something you’re never going to stop via demonstrations and lawsuits, then count me out, I won’t waste my time that way. I have no illusions about what we’re up against from my own personal experience with the UN, which is a massively evil scam.
Were you aware that there is an alter to satan inside UN Headquarters in NYC? I don’t make this statement lightly- see info I have been inside this room. I was on a class trip from high school to the UN years ago. There is something eery about the place. The huge black slab of magnetite is an alter to satan.
The room was built by a group called the “Lucis” trust, which sanitized their name from the “Lucifer Trust” in an effort to disguise themselves- see info  “Afsaneh”, an atheist, won’t allow any of this to be discussed in the Vancouver Chemtrail Meetup group.
She is running a controlled opposition group. She is directly assisting the people who are behind the chemtrails by blocking people from seeing the truth.
She is only going through the motions, she isn’t actually fighting chemtrails at all. If she were, she’d have no problem with this big picture being discussed, and she’d really have no problem with information about detoxification being disseminated since it goes directly against UN Agenda 21 population control plans.
Be sure to take the time to really understand UN Agenda 21, the blueprint for population control. You can’t properly understand chemtrails any other way. watch this 9 minute video “UN AGENDA 21 for Dummies”  Familiarize yourself with these organizations that are fighting UN Agenda 21, someone in Canada needs to create an organization like these up there, we have a bipartisan fight back here in the US that takes in the whole political spectrum:
I have read the whole thing, all 40 chapters, you can do that here 
If you want to talk about any of this please call me at 1-800-333-2553 H&W.
Please share this privately with everyone on the Vancouver Chemtrail Meetup group except for “Afsaneh” and her main organizers, they’re all opposed to the dissemination of this information. We’re in the midst of a pitched battle between forces of good, and forces of evil. The battle is so intense, that sometimes entire organizations that you think are “GOOD” are actually controlled by the dark side. The Vancouver Chemtrails meetup group is one such group and it must be stopped. It must be exposed! Please, someone who has time, go to and start a new meetup group, one that won’t engage in censorship! If you create such a group, I will join. I’d start it myself if I weren’t so damn busy!
John Hammell