Dear Plot Holder,
This years AGM will be on

Wednesday 3rd April at 7pm
The Brighthelm Centre,
North Road,

All plot holders and Co Workers are invited. Arrive 20 minutes early for a glass of wine and chat.

Along with the usual AGM business, this years guest speaker will be Rod Weston from Rod is a composting fanatic and expert.  He runs an allotment compost demonstration site. He was also Vice Chairman of the National Allotment Society. He will be doing a talk on how we can all make our own great compost on our allotments and he will also be answering our questions. This promises to be a very useful talk.

Other items submitted for the agenda include the continued discussion regarding the use of synthetic herbicides such as glyphosate on the cities allotments, and how this may affect bio-diversity especially the health of bees. A recent study has revealed the harm Glyphosate causes to bee populations.
"Exposure of bees to glyphosate can perturb their beneficial gut microbiota, potentially affecting bee health and their effectiveness as pollinators"

There may be a discussion regarding a proposed new rule which aims to reduce excessive use of glyphosate and also stops inconsiderate use which affects neighbouring plot holders.


BHAF is run by volunteer allotment holders to promote and protect allotments in Brighton and Hove, and to represent the plot holders interests. All plot holders are members. We are always looking for volunteers to join the committee. If you would like to join the Committee please get in touch, especially if you have any skills that would benefit us. We would be keen to find more people with secretarial skills and computer skills.

Any other agenda items, and nominations for BHAF Committee posts for 2019 should be sent to at least two weeks prior to the meeting.
Cheese and Wine will be provided! We look forward to seeing you there!

Follwing our last newsletter which reported how much we had raised in allotment donations, we received this message and we thought we'd share it. A big thank you to all those of you who made a donation!

"I have very little money and no garden. My allotment is a vital outdoor space for me and my family. Today I found out that BHAF have received £6000 in voluntary over-payments from allotment holders. I can't put into words how much I appreciate this. Regardless of whether or not this keeps plot prices down, it's a wonderful, selfless gesture that has brought a lump to my throat and a tear to my eye. I cannot thank you enough"

Spotted at Wyvale at the racecourse!

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Mark Carroll
BHAF Chairman

Plot holders are most welcome to upload pages to our website. Just go to our site, and go to 'add you story' It's really easy to do!

Brighton and Hove Allotment Federation