John Hammell in IAHF Office---    Polar Bear Swimmers: Vancouver BC--Polar Bear Swimmers English Bay, Vancouver New Years Day

IAHF List: 2007--Congrats folks! We made it! Its now a brand new YEAR for the health freedom fighters of the world, and in this new year we're gonna shake, rattle and roll to new heights, soar to NEW VICTORIES, so..... fasten your seatbelts..... because THIS SPECIAL ISSUE of the e-letter contains a valuable look back on where we've just been, as well as some thoughts on the challenges expected on the road ahead as the coming year unfolds...

Mixed in with the good news, and the bad news, I've got some fun stuff for ya from all of us crazy people in the Pacific NW on both sides of the US/Canadian border because without some joy, and some hijinks and laughter, can we hope to deal with the pain of  CODEX, the NAU and the mind numbing evil that is this New World Odor?


The motto here in Point Roberts WA is "We're all here, because we're not all there!" On New Years Day, I'd say that motto truly does fit all of us crazy people here in the Pacific NW on both sides of the US/Canadian border because our way of coping with CABIN FEVER is to don bathing suits, and to plunge into the ice cold  hypothermic waters of the Pacific, even if its SNOWING!

Just a few miles from me today in Vancouver's English Bay, several thousand "polar bear swimmers" charged down to dive into the frigid waters wearing santa clause hats and all kinds of crazy costumes, while I choose instead to take the path less travelled and take the plunge off South Beach, right here on the Point.

There was no crowd to jump in with me, and only my friend Mike and his young daughter were there for moral support, but I can't imagine not doing the polar bear swim at my favorite beach where I enjoy sailing my laser dinghy and enjoy taking long walks while staring out to sea trying to figure out how best to fight this health freedom battle.

It was raining hard this morning when I got up. A stiff onshore breeze of 40 knots and driving rain mixed with snow made it hard to get the beach fire started. I drove my beat up Geo down to the beach filled with dry firewood, squirted some jiffy juice onto some crumpled up newspapers- got 'er blazin- then piled on a ton of driftwood which hissed and popped as flames 6 feet tall warmed a circle around the fire. Fierce breaking waves hurled the occassional 30' long cedar log hard into the beach like a guided missile and blown spume occassionally hissed into the edge of the brightly crackling fire. A Canadian Coast Guard hovercraft could be seen patrolling the offshore waters of the Georgia Straight as cormorants and ducks bobbed in the fierce swells. Only my buddy Mike, his young daughter, and a handful of other intrepid souls were present to witness my act of sheer insanity- but I stripped to a Speedo, dived into the surf- almost got beaned by a log- and got the hell out of there PRONTO!!

Back by the fire I wrapped up in a wool blanket, gobbled a chocolate bar, had a shot of kahlua, then a shot of Evan Williams Southern Comfort Egg Nog- and this blissful feeling of warmth drove out the pain of coldness- and the RESET BUTTON had been set! Ah yes! NEW YEARS DAY- How Sweet it is to begin a NEW YEAR of kicking FDA butt!

It wouldn't be fair to those miscreants in the District of Criminals if I didn't give 'em all FAIR WARNING as to just HOW CRAZY we are out here in the Pacific NW. Since I know the gummint monitors the IAHF list, I thought I'd give 'em pause with these SURF VIDEOS of surfing at Tofino over on Vancouver Island just across the Straight of Georgia from Point Roberts where we surf in the snow, sleet, and driving rain all winter long: Check it out, eh? Go to  then to "Video" and watch "Numb" and "Shrink". Those poor paper pushin' miscreant buggers in Washington DC , Ottowa, and Mexico City don't have a chance against us folks, livin' here amongst these crazies has made me INSANE IN THE MEMBRANE and I'll be making not just one, but SEVERAL trips to DC, Ottawa, and Mexico City in the coming year with your ongoing help- because TOGETHER, we are gonna STOP the planned North American Union, and with it CODEX!


As of today, January 1, 2007- I've raised roughly HALF of the funds I'll need for my next 10 day junket to Capital Hill. My last trip cost around $2400. between airfare, lodging, meals, and transportation. If anyone happens to live on or near Capital Hill and can help me crash at their house or apartment please let me know- that would help make the trip a lot more affordable. In November I stayed at Red Roof Inn and it cost about $1200. for lodging alone.


We must do these trips to educate people about the IMMENSE THREAT posed by the North American Union. Please go here and really study the site Grasp that the NAU is being patterned after the EU Dictatorship and to fully and quickly get what THAT means, please take this quick web based TOUR of the EU Dictatorship:

Grasp that our would be masters seek to kill us dead!! Grasp that they don't WANT us living to even age 65 because all entitlement programs are BANKRUPT and they want to KILL US, they do not want us having strong immune systems, they do not want us having access to vitamins and minerals within the therapeutic range or to the most effective dietary supplements!!

Grasp that only IAHF fully understands this threat, and grasp that we are up against Astroturf Controlled opposition groups like (So called) "Citizens for Health" and so called "Natural Solutions Foundation" which are actively misleading people about what to DO about this and related issues.

All  of you saw CFH pushing for the bad AER bill which passed last congress, and NSF works directly with them. To understand how these groups are assisting Big Pharma- to grasp what a controlled opposition group or "astroturf" or "fake grass roots" phony health freedom group does- go here:

They do not want you signing this petition which now has over 7100 sigs (and we'll need 70,000. ASAP so help me get the 100th monkey syndrome kicked in as to its extreme importance:

CFH and NSF  WANT CODEX, they WANT the North American Union which is why they're not warning anyone about it or about FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter (with Canada/ Mexico) 

The FDA is attempting to drag their feet on responding to my FOIA request re the Trilateral Cooperation Charter, but I'm in touch with them, and they know I mean business- I fully expect those miscreants will get me some documents no later than the end of January- but they'll try to evade me by not making the full disclosure that the law demands. They have responded to Congressman Paul's letter with a bunch of treacherous SPIN, and soon Scott Tips and I will have a response to that- at which time we'll show you what FDA said, and our RESPONSE!!

So, I need your HELP to get back to DC to follow up my trips of last July and November. We must meet with key people on the House Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee, as well as with key people in the House Energy and Commerce Committee. Keep in mind that now our arch enemies Dingell and Waxman are now back in control of the full committee and sub committee where all health legislation originates, and they HATE the dietary supplement industry!

Expect them to drop a bill in the coming congress intended to blow DSHEA sky high- even BEYOND the damage the bad AER bill threatens to inflict once THAT scam gets rolling.....!

Where we are today reminds me of the situation we faced in 1990 after the Nutrition Labeling and Education Act passed as a stealth bill that got pushed at high speed through the House and was on its way to the Senate like a guided missile aimed straight for the heart of the US Supplement industry before we jumped in to at least curb some of its worst excesses- but we had to pass DSHEA to protect ourselves, and now DSHEA is being threatened from many vectors.

Remember that secret North American Union planning meeting held in Banff Alberta in September? Rumsfeld was there, and we only know about it because some Canadian activists got ahold of the program some how and leaked all the info to our Movement: SECRET RUMSFELD MEETING TO IMPLEMENT NORTH AMERICAN UNION- HEATLH FREEDOM In JEOPARDY


Remember- I have a genetic need for the dietary supplements I use. They saved my life via a suppressed alternative treatment mode nearly 30 years ago- so my back is to the WALL. For 18 years I've been lobbying for health freedom, and every year I get better at it than the year before. When I go to DC, (and when I go to Ottawa and Mexico City this year also for this battle) I do not mince words on this health freedom issue, I lay it on the line- if you're not familiar with my personal story, please see it here

Please dig DEEP folks, and send me the AMMO I need to be able to help you in the way that you all need. If you've sent a donation and haven't yet received the stuff I just sent out to you, please be patient, its on its way. We're halfway to our fund raising goal right now for this trip.

In exchange for your generous donations I'll send you copies of Byron Richard's book Fight for Your Health- Exposing the FDA's Betrayal of America, Kevin Miller's DVD "We Become Silent" (which you can see here I'll send you a copy of Dr.Rath's latest magazine, and I'll be getting more bumper stickers made. For $200. donations or more I'll send you an autographed photo of me swimming in a hole in the ice during a Polar Bear swim a few years ago when I was in Virginia- that was even colder than swimming in the ocean here today!

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Or via paypal at  (click to enter site, then see paypal link near top of the scrollbar. If you have paypal you can email a donation via paypal to me at but if you don't have paypal you can either mail a check or go to the paypal link described above.

Thanks folks! Together we CAN fight successfully in 2007 against Codex, the NAU, the TCC, and other threats to health freedom- if you have any questions, please call me at 800-333-2553 H&W Pacific time.


John Hammell, President