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Here’s our newsletter of July, you can also follow us through social media. 
We are looking for 14 people who are willing to sponsor a child at the Meet Kate Children’s Home to go to a private school. Of the 17 children who are currently going to school, 3 are already sponsored. We would love to send the other 14 to a good school, so they receive a better education. They are currently attending government schools, but the quality of these schools is often lacking. Some classes have over 55 students and the teachers don’t always show up.
For a mere 10 euro’s a month you can sponsor one of our children to go to school. Will you sponsor Bright, Ruth or Eddy? Go to our website and donate easily and safe through PayPal or with your Creditcard.
For an overview of the children, click here
Kelly in the Netherlands
Mid June Kelly travelled to The Netherlands for three weeks for some Meet Kate business. She had meetings with potential sponsors for the expansion of the daycare center and the playground. She also met with a few possible Dutch volunteers who might make a contribution to Meet Kate in Ghana!
Our annual report and financial statements of 2010 have been signed and checked by our accountant, you can find the link to our annual report at the bottom of this newsletter. 
New pages on website
Over the past month we have added some new pages to our website! The goals of Meet Kate are now more extensively described on a separate page. Read all about why we do what we do and what we feel is important about our projects.
We also published our policy and our annual report of 2010. Find out how Meet Kate spent your donations of 2010 and read about our plans for the future (Currently Dutch only)!
Finally, we have also made a special webpage for our daycare center, since this has become a big part of Meet Kate! Click here for more information about the idea behind the daycare center, who is working with the children and what the building plans look like for the expansion (including the budget plans). 

Kelly de Vries 
Meet Kate Foundation, Postbus 92235, 1090 AE, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

25-07-2011, Ekwamkrom
Birthday in July

Ibrahim (9)
Portia Baah (8)
Philo Fynn (Director)
Joseph (6)
Meet Kate wants you to meet...
Every newsletter, we introduce you to someone in one of our projects. This can be one of the children, a student, teacher or employee.
This month, we’d like you to meet
Enoch Gyan
Gyan got in touch with Meet Kate through Henritta to teach Kelly and Mark Twi, the local Ghanaian language. Considering he's already a teacher in primary school he knew how to teach. And since we were very please with his methods he soon started tutoring children in the Children's Home. As soon as a spot for housefather became available we asked him to become a full time staff member! And this turned out to be a great success!
This month Cassandra 
was replaced under her mother's care! It is fantastic news that with the help of the MKCH, Cassandra's mother was able to find a job and a house in Accra. 
This month, we would like to thank Ed Stuij of Accsal for checking our annual report of 2010! Read the news items to find the link to our report. 

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