*** Thank you for celebrating poetry with us! ***
Here are some pix from the "Carnival of Poets" event we held at the Institute for the Musical Arts on April 29. Thanks to all who came out to listen and support poetry, to the musician and poets who participated, to Rachel Cyrene Blackman for connecting us to I.M.A., and to Ann Hackler & the I.M.A. folks for the use of their beautiful barn.

Sam Brown & Adrie Rose

The audience with Sam Brown & Amy Dryansky

Carol Edelstein & DeMisty Bellinger

Shanta Lee Gander, Rebecca Olander & Susan Kan

Kathryn Petruccelli & Marie Gauthier

Yasotha Sriharan & Tzynya Pinchback

Rebecca Pelky & Gail Thomas
Janet E. Aalfs & Sarah Sousa

Emerging BIWOC Poet Spotlight

May 2022 Poet: Susan Nguyen

I am learning how to hold grief
in my mouth. Something alive

until it isn't. Like a field is a field
until it isn't, until it is just the color green.

Listen when I tell you how a field
folds into a clover when I am on my hands,

how the memory of what I am looking
for is not as important as the ground

it claims. I don't mean that grief
can be unalive. Or that I keep it loaded

in that place between lower lip
and teeth. I mean I never walked the land

where my father harvested seeds.
In his field, he waited for green

to bend into gold. A single blade
splitting light until there was nothing else.

My father remembers. I watch my shadow.

from Dear Diaspora (University of Nebraska Press)

To read more about this poet and her work,  check out our blog.

Book Review of Jacqueline Balderrama's

Melody S. Gee's Each Crumbling House
is in the Community of Lit. Magazines & Presses

Nancy K. Pearson's Two Minutes of Light

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Other May Flowers:

Editor/Director Rebecca Olander was featured in an interview
for Straw Dog Writers Guild, in which she talked about her work with Perugia Press and as a teacher and poet
Perugia Press Board Member Amy Dryansky
was honored with the Poetry Society of America's 
Cecil Hemley Memorial Award for her poem "Ultramarine"
Rebecca Pelky & Rebecca Olander read together in the
"What the Universe Is" series hosted by Michael Mercurio
Perugia Press participated in an abortion rights fundraiser sponsored by Taylor Swift as Books. Rebecca Olander read poems at the Instagram Live event from Swifted books and donated her book and five Swifted Perugia books to folks who donated
PO Box 60364, Florence, MA  01062