Richard Herring Newsletter
December 2018
Black Friday - but when's White Friday?
Hey everyone -
I AM A WINNER. JB from JLS can suck my balls! Damn why did I choose him and not Rachel Riley. You KNOW why! I love JB. If Rachel Riley is rubbish. She can suck JB's balls whilst he's sucking mine.
What I am saying is I won House of Games and look how happy I am.
Normal service was resumed this week though, when I failed to win a Justgiving award for my International Women's Day Marathon!
BLACK FRIDAY OFFER (also available other days)
Christmas is coming and we're all looking for ways to save money.
Well how about this?
You can get all three Emergency Questions books containing around 1800 different questions for just TWENTY POUNDS!
These would usually cost you £33 for all three (and you can't actually buy the older two books on their own any more)
Plus five pounds from every bundle sale will go towards making more podcasts. You can't lose!
We've recorded the last RHLSTPs of 2018 (but loads more to come out as podcasts - check out this week's one with Greg Davies - it's maybe the funniest one yet).
(also on iTunes)
Or listen at the British Comedy Guide
BUT we will be doing loads more next year. And not just at the Leicester Square Theatre.
Spring dates (from 4th Feb to 1st April) are already on sale here.
But we're also planning gigs all over the country - there's one already on sale in Birmingham (though it's nearly sold out and is already my biggest selling gig EVER)
Keep checking my gig guide for details of the other dates. And if they keep selling well round the country then we will forsake the complacent Londoners and do even more.
This DVD is selling out fast
It's four discs and includes both Oh Frig I'm 50 and Oh F*** I'm 40, plus loads of extras for both shows, including the snooker tournament I did for the Tempting Failure Festival of Transgressive Art and much more
Only 1000 DVDs have been made and of those 200 have been signed and numbered as Limited Editions. So if you want this collectable item then be quick
You can get the DVD (plus a cheque for £15 x 2 which might not be cashable) for £25
You can get the limited edition DVD (plus a bag for life which will not go on general sale and which is really awesome) for £50
Once they're gone - there will be no more made. Buy the DVD here.
Or a download of the 50 show with lots of the extras for £7- Head here
If you want to see our snazzy trailer- it's here.
Don't forget about the other special edition books.
As well as the regular book and the bundle, if you head to Go Faster Stripe you'll be able to buy
RUDE SNOWMAN EDITION - Rich will write Happy Christmas, sign the book and hand-draw a picture of a snowman with his knob out.  Each snowman will be slightly different, like the Cabbage Patch dolls, but with his knob out. Plus we'll put £5 in the podcast kitty for every one we sell
LIMITED EDITION BONUS QUESTION- There will be just 100 copies of the book, which will be signed, numbered and include a bonus and brand new emergency question, just for you, hand-written in the front. A different question in every book. Plus we'll put £5 in the podcast kitty for every one we sell.
Bristol Slapstick Festival
And I am honoured and excited to be curating the Bristol Slapstick Festival in January. I'll be chatting to the Goodies, the team behind the Inbetweeners and Tim Vine and doing some other stuff too. I will see if I can get these chats filmed/recorded, but otherwise the only way to be sure of seeing them is to buy your tickets here
It runs the 18th-20th January 2019.
I had a really fun week recording this last week. I think it's on Radio 4 in January. And I think it's going to be good.
And if you want to make a small but regular commitment to our enterprise, and get festooned with amazing extras including all the RHLSTP backstage interviews, downloads of all my stand up shows, exclusive video question and answer sessions, entry into a monthly prize draw PLUS find out the RHLSTP guests before everyone else then why not become a Dripster
You'd be paying less than a pound a week in return for 365 blogs and about 40 RHLSTPS.
Drip will shortly be rebranded, but it should all change over fairly effortlessly
If you want pretty much all of that, but not the stand up shows (not sure if you'll get the Q and A sessions either) then set your own price and become a monthly badger.
The end of year monthly draw is always a big one and I will be giving away my House of Games fondue set in that (sadly it has no pic of Osman on it in reality). Plus loads more good stuff.
It's here. We're already an intro and two chapters into the hot new podcast- Stone Clearing with Richard Herring  It's terrific.
I am also back at the old green board for Me1 Vs Me2 Snooker and I am looking for sponsors - make me an offer and an episode might feature you or your product.
Thanks for reading