• Festival of the Spoken Nerd on QI...
  • ...followed by 10 nights at London's Soho Theatre
  • Family concert with London Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Tom Lehrer's "Elements" updated with all the new ones
  • Writing for Dave Gorman, and 15% off Full Frontal Nerdity
Experimental comedy on "Quite Interesting" this Friday
If you tune your TV sets (or BBC iPlayer) to watch the next three episodes of QI, you'll get a sciencey surprise... those lovely question-writing Elves asked Festival of the Spoken Nerd to bring our favourite N-related experiments along to try out on the panel.
We can't say too much about what happened in the studio, but Matt nearly melted Richard Osman's glasses, Steve gave Alan Davies the fright of his life, and Helen ever-so-slightly electrified Sandi Toksvig, Matt Lucas and Susan Calman, with some added festive fun.

Watch the results on Fri 9th, Fri 16th and Thu 22nd December, all at 10pm. Details here.
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Best of "Festival of the Spoken Nerd" at Soho Theatre
If two dimensions are not enough to get your science comedy fix, come see us in all three (or four if you count time as well) at London's finest comedy theatre venue next month.
There are ten nights to choose from, though the Fridays and Saturdays are almost sold out so be quick. Another reason not to delay is that prices go up as more tickets are sold... top tips include choosing an emptier weeknight, and booking ASAP. Tickets from £8 here.
"Conducting Science" with the London Philharmonic 
In an exciting turn of events, I'm hosting my first family concert at the Royal Festival Hall, for the London Philharmonic Orchestra! You can book now for "Conducting Science", where I'll be picking apart the science of music-making and investigating the super-human physiology of orchestral players - with some fantastic classical music mixed in.

Sat 18th February, Royal Festival Hall, 12 noon

It's aimed at ages 6 and over - and there's plenty more to do at the Festival Hall with crafting, instruments to try and science busking. Tickets here.
If you've been waiting for events of mine that you can bring your kids to, wait no more. I'm doing more family-friendly shows in 2017 for ages 11 and up, including:

 - Brighton Science Festival, Wed 16th February
 - Big Bang Fair, Wed 15th - Sat 18th March

Tickets available from the Spoken Nerd website
Oganesson and tennessine, nihonium, moscovium... uh?
To celebrate the news that IUPAC have officially named the latest four elements of the periodic table, I recorded Tom Lehrer's "Elements". Watch it here.
It reveals all 118 elements currently discovered or synthesised (when Lehrer wrote his version, only 102 were known) and also reveals why I've been pretty quiet over the last few months "synthesising" a little something of my own...
Dave Gorman's Modern Life Is Goodish - Series 4
If you're a fan of Dave Gorman (I mean, seriously, who isn't?) then make sure you watch Episode 5 of his latest series, available now on Dave.     

Some of my daft jokes, ludicrous plans and silly ideas made it into that episode, alongside two of my favourite writers, Gemma Arrowsmith and Sarah Morgan with more geeky comedy joy.
What do you give the nerd who has (almost) everything? 
Why, some Full Frontal Nerdity of course.

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