In Europe, a drug is now defined as "anything that modifies, corrects, or restores physiological function in the body."

This definition will become the global definition via harmonization of the laws currently being forced by the World Trade Organization unless everyone gets behind the Alliance for Natural Health Lawsuit, which must be filed no later than October 15th and for which donations are still badly needed.

Anderson, the attorney who will handle this case is the best in the EU. He pioneered the case law for overturning EU Directives. We CAN WIN in court, but not unless we get $18,000 in the next two weeks to be able to FILE.....

We've raised nearly $133,000. so far towards the Alliance for Natural Health lawsuit to overturn the EU Food Supplement Directive to which the world is scheduled to be harmonized to unless its overturned in court.

We have just two weeks before this lawsuit must be filed, and we need another $18,000. just to get the lawsuit filed, and we'll need a total of around $600,000. to see it through to completion. Please donate via We must overturn the EU Food Supplements Directive to stop the global falling of the dominoes, read on for complete details: as goes the EU, so goes Codex, as goes Codex, so goes the world.... (unless you act NOW!!!)


5 Hydroxy Tryptophan was just banned in Ireland because it has a quote "medicinal effect" in the body.

Yesterday I was on a conference call with David Hinde, the legal director of the Alliance for Natural Health, who is also a networkmarketing distributor for a large multilevel company. On this call we conferred with one of the top distributors from this company as well as with another distributor. Hinde's words had a chilling effect on these two other distributors, especially when he told them they could both expect to be driven completely out of business by the unfolding events within the next 3 years unless they, and others contributed to the ANH lawsuit to overturn the EU Food Supplement Directive.

Hinde made the point that he was so concerned about the situation before us that he has put his network marketing business completely on hold, essentially abandoning it as he has been working 18 hours per day for the past year on trying to put this lawsuit together, recognizing that he HAD to do that, or be put out of business completely by unfolding events.

As I've stated many times to the IAHF list, we can't count on the dietary supplement industry to come through for us. Their trade associations are dominated from the top-down by pharmaceutical interests because they're not enforcing their own bylaws pertaining to conflicts of interest, or ethics. These pharma interests are controlling a few key people, the lawyers, lobbyists, the front office staff, and people chairing key committees, and that is enough to keep an entire trade association in the dark so they don't realize how they're being set up for the complete destruction of their businesses.

I've cited the example of what just happened at Expo East Vitamin Trade Show in the first week of September where Randy Dennin from Pfizer Pharmaceutical Company threw Maury Silverman, who was representing the Alliance for Natural Health out of a meeting of the Joint International Committee of NNFA and AHPA. Silverman was thrown out of this meeting because he had been circulating copies of my article from the July issue of Life Extension Magazine in which I not only discussed the extreme importance of the ANH lawsuit, but in which I also discussed the fact that Dennin's organization IADSA (International Alliance of Dietary Supplement Associations) is a controlled opposition group that is only going through the motions of defending this industry from attack, while actually leading the industry to the cliff by fostering global harmonization such as the EU Food Supplement Directive, which Pfizer does NOT want to see overturned.

The week before Expo East, the website that was at was mysteriously removed from cyberspace. Dennin is the only one who would have complained to Tripod, a free hosting company that has little incentive to leave a website up in the event of any complaint. Dennin was obviously trying to cover his tracks, but I have put the information back up at and for good measure in these mirror sites as well:

When I emailed Randy Dennin directly at challenging him to tell me if he thought there was anything inaccurate in anything I'd said in my article or in the IADSA exposed website, telling him I was going to post my email to him on the IAHF website but that I'd give him equal time, should he reply, there was no reply.

The writing is on the wall people. I started IAHF in 1996 knowing it would come to this, knowing that if I didn't start a catalytic entity in an effort to awaken the vitamin consuming public that there would be no way to stop a pharma takeover of the natural products industry as skillfully plotted as this takeover we're seeing unfold has been planned. The ANH lawsuit is for ALL the marbles, it will have a HUGE impact on vitamin consumers all over the world due to how it will impact development of a finalized Codex vitamin standard which will be international law. The USA is a member of the World Trade Organization. It was set up to enable multinational corporate interests to make an end run around any domestic law that interferes with their profits, and it includes a rigged court, the Dispute Settlement Body which does not follow our rules of evidence.

The FDA has already set us up to lose in a WTO Trade Dispute on this issue, and despite IAHF's best efforts to stop them, Congress is far too corrupt- an oversight hearing that I pushed for for 5 years was whitewashed on March 20, 2001. I wasn't allowed to testify, none of my witnesses were allowed to testify, the one person who was allowed to testify on this issue lied under oath.

Just 10 days later, his co-chair on NNFA's International Committee, Randy Dennin was chairiing an IADSA meeting in Capetown South Africa titled "Toward a Global Regulatory Model"

The "FIX" is in, people. Don't you want to help monkeywrench the Pharma Cartel's plans to destroy the dietary supplement industry?

Don't you want to defend your access to dietary supplements, and also help defend the access of future generations?

We have two weeks to pull off a miracle. We have two weeks to generate $18,000. more in donations so that the ANH lawsuit can be filed. We must come up with a total of $150,000. in the next two weeks, and if that does not happen, you WILL lose your access to supplements, not overnight, but it will happen within a few years because this is our LAST CHANCE to stop the falling of the dominoes.

The Cartel are not stupid. They're the world's most profitable investment industry, and they've designed a takeover which is intentionally incremental, long and drawn out because they don't want to trigger a public backlash. This is your last warning, your last chance, you can check out every single thing I am saying and tell that it is true, and if you need any clarification, you can always call me at 800-333-2553 N.America, 540-961-0476 World or email me at

In a nutshell, the FDA has set us up via the SPS (Sanitary Phytosanitary Measures Agreement), a subsection of the GATT Trade Agreement. The only legal means by which we can defend our vitamin laws in the event of a trade dispute against us is on a basis of SAFETY. We'd have no problem doing this if a trade dispute against us were to be adjudicated in a US Court using our rules of evidence. But it would not be adjudicated in a US court, it would be adjudicated in a new International Court, one that does NOT use our rules of evidence- one where no private citizen, no matter how well qualified, is given standing to appear before the court unless both parties in the conflict agree to allow it, which to date has never happened.

For the most part, the only people with standing to represent a country in the event of a trade dispute over this Codex vitamin issue would be National Reps at Codex meetings. In the case of the USA, that would be Dr.Beth Yetley of the FDA, the same person who has set us up to lose in a WTO Trade Dispute in the first place.

What Yetley and the FDA have been doing is generating FALSE DEFINITIONS of supplement safety with help from the pharma dominated National Academy of Sciences in order to pull the rug out from under us in the event of a trade dispute against us, so we'll have no leg to stand on. In '98, despite my best efforts to stop Yetley from putting the biased, unscientific paper on the table at Codex titled "A Risk Assessment Model for Establishing Safe Upper Levels For Nutrients" (which you can read at along with a scholarly rebuttal by Richard Malter, PhD I did not succeed. She not only ignored me, but she also ignored several members of Congress, including Congressman Dan Burton who had told her not to put this paper on the table because to do so violated US law (see these letters from Congress which Yetley ignored at

See the videotape of me confronting Yetley while holding one of these letters in my hand at a pre meeting of the US Codex delegation the day before the '98 meeting started at in the Media section. Also in my Media Section See the videotape of that same Codex meeting where Herr Grossklaus, the Nazi chair of the meeting forced me to turn my camcorder off, which proves the non transparency of the UN Codex so called "process."

At click on the spinning globe to see the letter signed by Congressman Paul and DeFazio (Republican and Democrat) to Congressman Burton pleading with him to hold a proper oversight hearing on this Codex vitamin issue. In their letter they informed him that the Congressional Research Service has confirmed my concern that the US will be forced, due to its WTO membership, to harmonize its vitamin laws to a finalized Codex vitamin standard unless Congress stops the FDA from continuing to violate the law.

The law that FDA is violating is an amendment that I got to the harmonization language of the FDA Modernization Act of 1997. I did the work on Capital Hill that got it amended, but FDA is blatantly ignoring the will of the people and the will of Congress. I received a letter from L.Robert Lake at the FDA showing his interpretation of my language. FDA's attitude is that they have found a loophole in my language due to how Kennedy watered it down, and their attitude is that most judges go only by the letter of the law, and that they don't make any effort to try to determine what the will of the people or the will of Congress actually WAS.

They could do this easily by seeing the statement made by Senator Hatch in the Conference Report from this legislation, but most Judges would not bother to look at this because they are too corrupt. All of this information is on the IAHF website, use my sites search engine to find it.

Where do I think all of this is heading?

I honestly believe the ANH lawsuit is our last chance to head off another American Revolution.

I honestly believe that if the US loses in a WTO Trade Dispute over the Codex Vitamin Issue, that blood will flow in the street.

I honestly believe that there are two things that the American people will not tolerate:

1) An effort by the government to take away our dietary supplements, and

2) An effort by the government to take away our guns.

I believe fully from all I have witnessed, experienced, seen, and read, that we're up against a genocide agenda, an effort to cull our numbers. My view is that our would be rulers want us to die the moment we turn 65 so that we don't hit the entitlement programs "too hard."

My view is that when we are born, our birth certificates are monetized as collateral against an unpayable debt, and are held by the International Monetary Fund.
My view is that our SS # is our Slave Number, and that efforts post 911 are rapidly accelerating to force us into a global totalitarian state, with everyone to be put under electronic mind control via the CIA's MKULTRA Mind Control Program see

My view is that 911 was totally orchestrated just like Pearl Harbor was to manufacture consent for everything that followed and that the best websites to examine the truth of this on are Mike Ruppert's From the Wilderness at and Alex Jones My view is that the American Sheeple, and everyone in the world are being played as suckers, and totally set up to the nth degree by the Illuminati, the ruling elite behind the scenes who rig elections and who control the mass media.

Because I see all of these things, and have attempted to be a whistleblower, I was kicked off the US Codex Delegation to the Committee on Nutrition and Foods For Special Dietary Use, and was banned as a licensed, credentialled member of the press from ever setting foot in a Codex meeting in Germany again by Jurgen Kundke, the Bgvv Press Officer.

Some have alleged that I am "insane" or "paranoid". I have never made any secret of the fact that I once spent 4 years locked up inside the psychiatric gulag. The story of my recovery via a suppressed alternative treatment mode, orthomolecular medicine, can be found here Since I've posted the story of my recovery on the web, it has been downloaded over one million times by suffering people and their loves ones who are desperately seeking answers all over the world.

You be the judge of how "Crazy" I am after reviewing everything, and I think you'll find I'm not so "crazy" or "paranoid" after all, I'm just seeing things that many don't see because I'm an "outside the box" thinker with a greater ability to "connect the dots" than most because I choose to spend my time examining things that most people simply aren't paying any attention to.

I'm about to have my own radio show for an hour twice a month. Peter Kawaja of Highway To Health is making this possible. Its going to be on , exact dates still to be determined.

For Health Freedom,
John C. Hammell, President
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