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Scotland Island - Western Shores - Mackerel Beach

August 17 2020

Newsletter for Offshore Residents of Pittwater, Australia

Scotland Island Energy Reliability Project

Construction work continuing in Church Point Reserve Carpark

As you are aware, Ausgrid’s contractor Dunstans Construction Group has been drilling between Church Point and Scotland Island, ahead of the installation of a new electricity cable. This cable will improve the reliability of the power supply to Scotland Island.

Dunstans work involves directional drilling a hole to Scotland Island and installing conduits (plastic pipes) through the borehole. The cable will then be installed through the conduits.

Progress to date
As the borehole was being widened earlier this month, a small crack in the rock allowed some drilling mud to be released from the borehole to the surface, near Carols Wharf on Scotland Island. The drilling mud, which is used to facilitate the drilling process is a biodegradable product.

As soon as the borehole drilling pressure dropped (linked to the mud releasing), Dunstans paused drilling, executed their incident response plan and notified the NSW Environment Protection Agency (EPA). The response plan included installing silt curtains around the impacted area and cleaning up the released mud.

Drilling has restarted and is being closely monitored. Initially, drilling will occur at low tide so the release point is above the low tide mark reducing risk. There does remain a small risk of further drilling mud releasing through this leakage point. Silt curtains and response equipment will remain in place until the works are completed. We will update you further as the drilling progresses. The project is still planned for completion in late October.

Work on Richard Road, Scotland Island
Work on Richard Road is progressing. The area will be fenced and accessed regularly until cables are installed in October, weather and ground conditions permitting. The area will then be reinstated.

During the work, we will aim to maintain pedestrian access to Richard Road and the wharf and adjacent reserve from the road. However, there will be times when access will be restricted during our work hours. We will notify the community in advance of any access changes.

Access to the wharf from the water will be maintained at all times. Ferry, water taxi and boat activities will not be affected.

Work hours
With statewide changes to construction working hours due to Covid-19, our work hours will be amended as follows:

Monday to Friday 6am to 6.30pm – with drilling work between 7am and 6pm
Saturday -7.30am to 5.30pm – with drilling work between 8am and 5pm,
Sunday 6am to 6.30pm – 7.30am to 5.30pm – with drilling work between 8am and 5pm

Please note outside the above mentioned drilling hours, you will notice the project team on site, preparing for the work and carrying out maintenance work on the equipment.

Parking and traffic at Church Point Carpark
The temporary parking restrictions in the Church Point Reserve Carpark will remain in place until October. We will contact residents who have kindly swapped their parking permits for Rowland Reserve, to discuss the extension of work.

Keeping you informed
Ausgrid will issue email notification updates. Residents can register for these updates to be emailed to them at majorprojects@ausgrid.com.au.

For enquiries related to construction, please contact Dunstans on 0490 750 197 (24 hours).

For information related to the project visit our website at www.ausgrid.com.au/scotlandisland. Alternatively, you can contact Ausgrid on 1800 604 765 or majorprojects@ausgrid.com.au.

We apologise for any inconvenience this work may cause you and thank you for your continued patience as we work to improve network reliability in the area.

Yours sincerely,
Adrian Woodford


Planned Power Outage Tuesday 18 August

7.00am to 4.30pm


Properties impacted on Tuesday 18 Augustmap

Planned Power Outage Wednesday 19 August

7.00am to 4.30pm


Properties impacted on Wednesday 19 August


4 Minute Kindy Survey

With our long-day care service now closed, SIOCS is seeking input as to how the community would like to use the space.

We'll be putting a plan to Council and want the maximum possible input from islanders. At our recent public meeting, many great ideas were generated. Now we need an idea of which are the most appealing to you... which ones you'll get involved in!

It's vital we gather as many responses as possible. Answer for yourself and on behalf of any younger children in your household. Invite other adults in your house to take the survey too, but only once per person please.

It is only 6 questions & takes just 4 minutes. It'll run for 2 weeks with results then presented to the community.

Please click & get started now;

Cameron Nicol,
SIOCS Committee President

Box Divvy note for Scotland Island Hubster - Pittwater


Hey Scotland Islanders.
We are looking for someone on the mainland to run the Pittwater Hub which services Scotland Island. The current Hubster will continue for a few weeks but now has a fulltime position and unable to long-term continue.
So someone in Church Point, Bayview, Warriewood, Mona Vale who has 3 hours a week, a place to pack like a garage and love for local food.

They earn an income running the Hub. Currently the Hub has 24 members.
Matt picks the orders up from Church Point so you need to get the orders to the end of the Church Point jetty and are paid to do this so you can possible out-source this to a man or woman with a van if you don’t have one.
Let’s see if we can find someone.  They should contact Box Divvy if interested in within the next week at info@boxdivvy.com.au
Anton & Jayne
The Box Divvy Team
A Social Enterprise Food Network


With heaps of other stuff
Paul and Tracy Smith’s place

Saturday 19th September
10am or miss out


NBC Bushcare Sites


There are two Bushcare sites on Scotland Island:

Catherine Park
Site - Catherine Park
Meeting Place - Outside phone box near Tennis Court Wharf, Scotland Island
Day - Sunday
Week of Month - 2nd
Time of Day - 9.30am - 11.30am
Site Supervisor - Sharron Kinnison
Contact No - 0438 719 764
Elizabeth Park
Site - Elizabeth Park
Meeting Place - Various - Contact site supervisor for details
Day - Saturday
Week of Month - 4th
Time of Day - 9.30am - 12.30pm
Site Supervisor - Emmie Collins
Contact No - 0405 330 781

Elvina Bay and Morning Bay:

Rocky Point Reserve
Site - Rocky Point Reserve
Meeting Place - Circle at end of Sturdy Lane, Elvina Bay
Day - Monday
Week of Month - 1st
Time of Day - 9am - 12pm
Site Supervisor - Paul Webb
Contact No - 0449 894 811
Coopers Point
Site - Coopers Point
Meeting Place - Halls Wharf off Church Point Ferry Wharf
Day - Saturday
Week of Month - 2nd
Time of Day - 10am - 1pm
Site Supervisor - Darrel Davies
Contact No - 0434 057 750
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Apple tree Wholeness

The next course I will be running is a puberty workshop for girl located conveniently on the island.
Please feel free to contact me if you would like to know and more information about the workshop.


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