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- October 2001 -

Newsletter of the Scotland Island Residents Association   Volume 2, Issue 21; October 2001








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In this Issue:

Special Edition Coming!

Your newsletter is pleased to announce a special federal election 2001 issue. This will appear in your inbox in the next few days. Each contactable contender for the federal seat of Mackellar has been approached and asked for their opinion and answers to questions posed to them relating to Scotland Island and the nearby locality. Already some excellent responses have been received and when your editor finally gets them all collated (no editing - I promise!) you will get to read them. Expect a message within the week. Check your email regularly...

Safety at the Commuter Wharf

The west Pittwater community association are very concerned about safety at the commuter jetty. Below is the text of a letter sent by them to Pittwater Council. You may like to comment or also send your ideas to the council:

The Association has received a number of notes of concern regarding the safety of users of the Commuter Wharf facilities at Church Point. 

The concerns can be summarised as

a) larger boats and multi stacking of boats near the loading/ unloading area of the pontoon.
b) Multi stacking of boats along the length of the pontoon.

Concern (a)
There is an increasing number of larger boats and an increasing number of boats generally using the Commuter Wharf.  The reasons are many and varied – greater affluence of the area, ability to ‘attach’ extra loan funds to new mortgages to purchase boats, limited ferry times late at
night etc.
The concern is that boat plus engine plus engine guard and a long tether line often means that boats extend well beyond the loading pontoon face.  This makes temporary mooring to unload people,
especially children, difficult and dangerous.

The Association has continually raised locally the need to respect others on the Commuter Wharf and we request:
(i) Council Officers take action to actively fine those boat owners whose boats extend beyond the length limit as displayed.
(ii) Urgent consideration be given to extending the loading pontoon – even by just another 1800mm module.
Concern (b)
There are consistently two, indeed often three rows of boats moored along the length of the Commuter Wharf pontoon.  It is simply inadequate for the numbers who use it.  The risk of injury as
one ‘dances’ across one or two rows of moored boats is obvious.

Parking Sticker Reminder

All islanders are reminded to please ensure their 2001/2002 parking permits are adhered to the inside bottom left of their car windscreen or the left rear fixed passenger window, as fines will now be imposed on cars parked in pay & display areas without current parking permits. Pittwater Council have asked us to insert this notice

Your chance to be in the MoviesYou in the movies!

Places in Short Film Workshops to take place later this month are being offered to young unemployed Pittwater residents as part of the Artstart festival. The short film produced will be part of a travelling film festival in northern Sydney, to be shown in the first week of December. To register your interest please contact Sue Turner on 9970 1171.

Looking for Funding for your Project?

Non-profit community organisations are invited to apply for funding under Council's Annual Donations Program 2001/02, which provides one-off grants of up to $500 per year.

The objectives of the program are:· To support community organisations in providing community and cultural services within the Pittwater area; To stimulate the development of effective community and cultural services to meet the needs of residents of Pittwater; and to encourage high quality community and cultural programs in Pittwater. Applications close Monday 22 October 2001. Please contact Neile Robinson on 9970 1199 for an application form and more information.

Scotland Island FairAll the fun of the fair!

This year's fair looks like being bigger and better than ever! The date is Sunday, 25 November 2001. Start planning your stall/display/activity NOW! The organising committee for the Fair is down to two people and we need help, so if you have any ideas or a little time to help with the planning, please telephone Jenny on 99793777 or email

Robbery! Is your tinnie safe?

Following a spate of recent robberies from the commuter jetty at the Point, we should all be mindful of the need for extra vigilance, particularly when our tinnies are berthed overnight at the commuter jetty. Make sure your boat is firmly fastened to the jetty. Ensure all valuables are well hidden or removed. Check the motor is attached to the hull securely, preferably with 'through hull' bolts. Remove the fuel hose if possible. Record the serial number of the motor and the H.I.N of the boat (if any). Ask your neighbours to check your boat often. If returning to the commuter jetty during the night, keep an eye out for suspicious characters. Call the police if in doubt.

The local guide

As our newsletter continues to grow (nearly 500 readers) we are including some links to other nearby organisations and events that may be of interest. If you would like to contribute, please send a message to the electronic newsletter's editor.

Local Real Estate Agents:

Government Organisations:

Local Transport:

  • Church Point Ferries (02-9999-3492)
  • Land Taxi Manly Warringah Cabs (02-9997-9111)
  • Palm Beach Cruises (02-9997-4815)
  • Pink Water Taxi (0428-238-190)
  • Scotland Island Community Vehicle (1800-069-592)

Airlines, Buses and Railways

Sydney Airport: Arrivals and Departures

Qantas Information

Ansett Information

Virgin Blue Information

NSW Railway Timetables and Information.

Sydney Buses information.

Tides for this week and month for Scotland Island: Flinders University

Join the Scotland Island Residents Association

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