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Candace shook me awake saying "John- wake up! You're having a nightmare, and you scared the hell out of me yelling in your sleep! What were you dreaming about?

Which is the only reason I can remember because usually I can't recall dreams.

I had the most wonderful dream, I just had to share it with you. Here is what happened:

In my dream I saw a succession of Cruise Tomahawk missiles guided by lasers and satellites all home in on the German Bgvv Building in Berlin, and simultaniously on the Bgvv building in Bonn where the Codex meetings are held.

Incinerated in the attack were a huge gang of Pharma whores all of whom resembled Grossklaus- they were all clones of the sausage eatin' beer swillin' swine himself looking very furtive and evil as they conjur up their despicable genocidal schemes to destroy the global dietary supplement industry to make the world "safe" for German pharmaceutical prescription drugs.

Whap! Whap! Whap! Cruise missiles simultaneously slammed into the headquarters and manufacturing facilities of Merck, Pfizer, Eli Lilly, Hoffman La Roche, Monsanto and all the other drug companies simultaneously all over the world along with all the main buildings of the world's FDA's including the Parklawn Building in Rockville, Maryland.

As vast sheets of flame illuminated the night sky, the souls of those who were murdered by the Cartel came down from Heaven all singing that song by Leonard Bernstein "I feel pretty", as a fiendishly grinning Jack Nicholson looked on, beaming his approval.

(I just saw the movie "Anger Management" a few days ago at a friends house with Jack Nicholson and Adam Sandler, it was funny as hell- I highly recommend it!!!)

Then- to cap off this wonderful dream, I saw an image of all the world's FDA buildings collapse and implode as huge explosions engulfed them all in sheets of flame, and people woke up in nursing homes, hospitals, and mental hospitals who all poured out into the street singing hymms of praise to God for this glorious night when all upon the earth were suddenly freed from the awful tyranny of the Pharma Cartel.

Then REALITY set in, as I began to square the total UNREALITY of this dream with where all of us in the world actually stand right now.

Codex has just "advanced" their mindlessly draconian vitamin standard 2 steps closer to completion, moving from step 3 to step 5, and at the same time Durbin, Dingle and Waxman have introduced house and senate language in the USA that threatens to repeal DSHEA if enough idiots in congress band together over our strenuous objections to push it through.

While thats never going to happen, the FDA has set the USA up to lose in a future WTO trade dispute on the vitamin issue, and the congressional oversight hearing that could have stopped this evil scheme was whitewashed on March 20, 2001 despite my pushing with all I had for 5 years to try to stop this evil.

So, where does THAT leave us?

I'll tell you- it leaves us in a very dicey position that is unseen by many who simply aren't connecting the dots on how the Cartel's takeover was meticulously designed and planned by some of the best PR minds on the planet. Last spring Australia just yanked 1600 totally safe products off the market under false pretenses, and on June 18th, the Canadian government grossly violated Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms by harmonizing Canada to Australian law.

Controlled opposition group IADSA played a role in bringing that about, and now they're trying to do the same thing in South America (to bring about harmonization to Australia.)

Meanwhile CRN is proclaiming Codex "Victory" (along with some misinformed people including Gary Null and others who aren't connecting the dots) and as they're proclaiming "victory", they're simultaneously urging their vitamin company members NOT to support the ANH lawsuit because they don't WANT the EU Food Supplments Directive to be overturned....

With Australia about to come to the Codex meeting a year from now with the white paper from hell on so called "scientific risk assessment" and with the EU moving from observer status to FULL status at Codex, the writing is on the wall unless enough of us connect the dots and GRASP the full importance of the ANH lawsuit http://www.alliance-natural-health.org to monkeywrenching things and make donations accordingly. (If you've donated, please do so again- they're expecting to be in court by Christmas.)

Right now, the cartel is "playin' us like a pinball machine" as they advance their juggernaut closer to their goal of total global takeover, yet the average joe on the street in America has no clue as he goes into Fresh Fields or Whole Foods or any other health food store and stocks up on his favorite supplements....

The Vitamin trade associations are all being totally controlled from the top-down by the Cartel- yet their rank and file members are blissfully unaware, blinded from the truth by being busy going about their day to day business as they blindly just TRUST people who they should not trust at all- but not grasping the nature of the takeover, they're all walking like sheep to the looming distant cliff, and I'm not sure how to wake them up.

So I need all of your help in the following way:


1. Forward this email to at least 10 friends, and give it to owners of health food stores, especially if they belong to NNFA in the USA and CHFA in Canada. Both trade associations are lying to their memberships about this issue, as both are being controlled from the top-down by the Cartel.
Have these store owners call me at 800-333-2553 h&w to discuss all of this in depth so that they can come to understand it and what to do about it.

2. Please donate to Alliance for Natural Health http://www.alliance-natural-health.org The life you save could be your own. Their lawsuit to overturn the EU Food Supplements Directive has major global importance due to how we've been so skillfully set up.

3. Don't be fooled by the incremental nature of the Cartel's takeover. They were very slick to design it in the way that they did (so as not to arouse a public backlash by moving too quickly.) Their slow, gradual move on us is insidious because few see it coming. The only reason I do is because I've been monitoring it like glue since '96 when my article on Codex in the September issue of Life Extension Magazine was the first time anyone ever called this threat to global attention.

4. Spread the word to everyone you know about the healing power of nutrients. The more people using dietary supplements, the larger our grass roots army can grow and there is safety in numbers. We CAN win, but ONLY if EACH of us does our due diligence and doesn't leave things to "the next guy" to do. This is a true grass roots movement. We MUST go the extra mile to educating our friends, neighbors, coworkers and relatives.

If we don't, there will be HELL to pay. Don't believe it? Just ask the people of Australia who have experienced the tip of the Cartel's spear and who are frantically trying to band together behind Dr.Mark Donahoe and others to try to set things right. Just ask the people of England who were mocked by the ruling labor party despite generating over a million signatures on petitions to try to stop England from harmonizing its vitamin law to the EU food supplement directive.

ANH needs ongoing donations for their all important lawsuit.
Please give generously http://www.alliance-natural-health.org

Candace and I are busy getting the IAHF office set back up with big plans for the coming year to turn IAHF into a membership organization, and to do a lot of traveling and public speaking in an effort to alert people to how we've been set up. Your donations are always appreciated, and thank you for your ongoing support!
For Health Freedom,
John C. Hammell, President
International Advocates for Health Freedom
556 Boundary Bay Road
Point Roberts, WA 98281-8702 USA
800-333-2553 N.America
360-945-0352 World