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  July 2012
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This month:
I CAN's Giveaway - London 2012 activity pack
URGENT: New requirements for school websites
Free School E-safety self evaluation tool
Family News (for those who want it)
Supplement that pension -

Pay less for household bills -
Enter your primary school into The Communication Triathlon and everyone wins
The Communication Triathlon, developed by Openreach and I CAN, the children's communication charity, is intended to boost speaking and listening skills for primary school children.
A class, a year group or a whole school can undertake it over the course of a week or even a day. The programme encourages children to take part in three London 2012-themed activities around Thinking, Talking and Teamwork for 4-7 and 7-11 year olds.
Watch this video to see the Communication Triathlon in action, the children are really enjoying themselves and it has some cool music too!
Register your school for your free activity pack
New Statutory Requirements for School Websites
We here at ICTeachers have been made aware of new Statutory Requirements for school websites and offer a £99 service to update your site.
From 1st September 2012 all maintained* school websites must show the following information:

  • Contact details
  • Admission arrangements or where they may be found (community and voluntary controlled schools only)
  • Link to Ofsted Report
  • Most recent key stage 2 results
  • Most recent key stage 4 results
  • Link to school performance tables on
  • School curriculum information for each year group by subject, including phonics/reading schemes and key stage 4 courses/qualifications as appropriate
  • Behaviour policy
  • Pupil Premium allocation, use and impact on attainment
  • SEN policy
  • Charging and remissions policy
  • School’s ethos and values
The governing body is responsible for:
  • Ensuring that  the information above is published on the school website – or arranging for the information to be displayed on a website, and the address/details made known to parents
  • Providing a paper copy of the information published on the website, without charge, to parents on request
  • Making sure that the information is updated as soon as is reasonably practicable following a change to that information and, in any event, at least annually
*(academies and free schools must already show this.)
As part of our service to schools, we are proposing to set up a prominent link from your current parent information page to a new page dedicated to the statutory requirements.
This means your visitors will know where to find the information and you will be able to keep a check that it is up to date.

In order to do this we are asking that you send us your current documents and we will do the rest.
There will be a one off charge of £99 for this service to cover our time although we have to stress it will be your responsibility to ensure we always have the most up to date documents.
If this interests you email me for details:
Or contact us via our website:
E-safety school self-evaluation tool

The 360 degree safe online tool provides a user friendly and interactive means for schools to review their eSafety provision and to develop an action plan to bring about improvements. The tool is currently free of charge to schools on completion of a simple registration process.
The thing that makes it stand out for me is that it not only lets you record where you are, but suggests where you need to go next to improve!
Well worth a look for any who are concerned with whole school approaches to e-safety.
Family News
OK, where to start. I'm officially an orphan. My mum passed away about a month ago. I didn't react as badly as i thought I would, I think seeing the body helped this time and I did get to tell her I loved her before she passed away. My big tip for anyone who has to sort out funerals etc is TAKE YOUR TIME and don't let anyone rush you. We took four weeks and it all went really well. I'm sure you all have stories about when you lost loved ones, feel free to share them with me, it helps to know there are others out there who understand. The children are all fine, I check in with them on a regular basis about how they are feeling, it's been a bit rough for them as our next door neighbour, Anne, passed away last week as well, plus Phylis, our next door neighbour the other side is now in a nursing home as she can't cope at home any more.
Better news! All children passed their music exams! Yay! John is now doing grade 8, I've let him know that funding for his music ceases when he goes to Uni next year due to austerity cuts ; ). Lizzie is now doing Grade 5 and James Grade 4.
James is in his last few days of primary school, he's looking forward to "big school" and I think he will thrive there. It's been a real battle for him in primary school over the years. The schools quiz team came 5th in the semi finals of the national ks2 quiz competition which he was really pleased with.
Lizze came back from an overnight Duke of Edingburgh practice camp yesterday, she looked shattered! But she was packed off to school this morning looking a little bleary eyed. She is 14, I think we are communicating OK, how will I know!? She keeps hitting me saying, Oh Dad!! I assume this is normal. : )
John is currently, at this moment, at an interview having finished his AS level exams and looking for a job. It's his first ever interview, he has to do a 10 minute presentation using various technologies. He was very smartly dressed! I hope he does well. He's doing 5 A levels and hopes to go to Cambridge to study maths, so a PHd and become a maths teacher. I have encouraged him to get out and about for a few years before making the jump to teaching. What do you think?
In the last email, I mentioned that Fiona's job as a Parent Support Advistor has been made redundant so she is going back to nursing. She has induction days in August. It will be strange seeing her in the uniform again, it's been a while. She's a brilliant nurse.
Well, time to go, have a great hols folks if I don't email again.
Teaching is a high calling, keep the faith.