August 28, 2012
SIGGRAPH 2012 Recap Video Series

If you weren't able to set up camp at the Pixologic booth at SIGGRAPH 2012, fear not! We are pleased to share with you a taste of the exciting presentations from the lineup of talented ZBrush artists who demonstrated their workflows and techniques. The recap videos are being released beginning Monday, August 27 and continuing through Friday, August 31. Visit the SIGGRAPH recap thread at to watch.
Movie 1
Illustrating the power of the new retopology features in ZBrush 4r4, including the Retopology Brush and Mesh Replacement. With Danny Williams from Dreamworks (he's best known on at ZBC as pOiNtPuShEr), and Scott Spencer, author of "ZBrush Digital Sculpting", "ZBrush Creature Design" and "ZBrush Character Creation". His ZBC gallery is found as Scott Spencer.
View at
Movie 2
Demonstrating several FiberMesh techniques to create realistic hair. With Joseph Drust from Ubisoft's Red Storm Entertainment division. On ZBC he is known as Piggyson.
View at
Movie 3
Showing how ZBrush 4r4's new DynaMesh features make it fast and easy to create complex hard surface shapes. With Joseph Drust.
Available on August 29, 2012.
Movie 4
Demonstrates using the Topology Brush, DynaMesh, Insert Multi-Mesh Brushes and Curves to create form-fitting clothing and armor. With Kurt Papstien from Turtle Rock Studios. Most of you probably know him as KPtoons on ZBC.
Available on August 30, 2012.
Movie 5
Mastering the Insert Multi-Mesh Brushes, including how to create your own Tri-Part Brushes. With Michael Pavlovich from Certain Affinity. He has created five video ZBrush tutorials for Eat 3D and is known at ZBC as Pavlovich.
Available on August 31, 2012.
ZBrush 4r4: Discover What's Inside

We have posted two movies at ZBrushCentral that illustrate some of the things that you can now accomplish when you harness the power of ZBrush 4r4. We hope you enjoy them! More information about these and other new features can be found at
ZBrush 4r4 on ZClassroom

Check out the new Insert Mesh video class for ZBrush 4r4. This video series will deal with the powerful Mesh Insert functionality inside ZBrush. You'll quickly realize the multitude of possibilities waiting for you inside each brush library and the almost limitless customization available at your fingertips. Insert Multi Mesh tutorials at ZClassroom.

Dive even further into the updated features of ZBrush 4r4 with additional tutorials on the powerful topology tool, QRemesher Alpha, and the improved Transpose function.

Take your artwork to the next level with Tate Mosesian as he guides you through creating a stunning environment piece.
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