Ron Paul in His Congressional Office//His Video Message Of Hope & Inspiration- A Call for

IAHF List:

Please watch this inspiring video presentation made recently by Ron Paul from his congressional office on Capital Hill  Its titled "Going The Distance" and it couldn't be more inspiring, more informative, or come at a better time.

Ron is being challenged in his congressional district in Texas by a Neocon who is trying to unseat him. He is forced to spend some of his time and energy to defend his seat, but he's vowed to press on regardless for his Presidential bid at the same time.

I have been critical of this man at times, and I am still angry that he hasn't addressed the issue of election fraud and still hope he will, but I feel inspired by this video address of his to all of us so wanted to share it with you.

If you would consider joining me in a March on Washington to be held sometime in the next 3-4 months, please let me know. We could also conduct a joint action on Capital Hill simultaneously by making the rounds to the House Office buildings to once again push for Congressional Oversight on the FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter which  we must stop if we are to keep Codex vitamin restrictions from being forced on America which is being actively deconstructed.

If you're not familiar with that issue please see my petition at  Ron is the only member of congress who has ever tried to help IAHF to address this issue. If a bunch of you were to join me in DC for a March on Washington, one thing we could do would be to go to Ron's office en masse in an effort to get around the traitorous plants on his National Campaign staff who've been blocking us, and we could ask him OURSELVES to PLEASE DO MORE to utilize the health freedom MESSAGE as PART of his campaign, since he hasn't done nearly enough with it.

Please forward this to all of your health freedom friends, and if they haven't seen Ron Paul and I in We Become Silent, it can be viewed at I realize its hard for you to commit to a March on Washington when no date has been set yet, but please tell me if you would consider being part of it when we DO have it, because I'm convinced its GOING to happen!!!