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Our ongoing ability to access the dietary supplements of our choice in America is dependent on our ability to defend our national sovereignty in order to maintain what we have under DSHEA (the Dietary Supplement Health & Education Act of 1994.)
Due to the Federal Government'sfailure to enforce our borders, we are being overrun by illegal aliens which threatens to crush us economically and force us into the ruling elite's planned North American Union dictatorship.
What is waiting in the wings if we allow this to happen is the FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter with Canada and Mexico wherein behind our backs, FDA has already created the framework for one harmonized set of food and drug regs for all three countries as if the NAU were already in existence.
As I've reported in recent alerts, what is driving all of this is UN Agenda 21 , a population control/societal control agenda intended to kill 90% of the earths current human population and enslave the rest. When you watch the network news, its important that you filter ALL of what you see and hear by doing your own research as I have been, otherwise you won't understand anything thats going on you'll just buy in to the ruling elite's efforts to program and mould your attitudes as they seek to manipulate us.

SB 1070 in Arizona has just been gutted by a Federal Judge, and the Appeals process will take a long time with no certain outcome. Arizona is being blocked from enforcing existing Federal laws which our Federal government refuses to enforce as they seek to dismantle our country.
The Amnesty rally held on the mall in DC not long ago was very well funded by the Ford Foundation, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund and other ruling elite interests who spared no expense to erect a huge stage, equip it with a state of the art sound system complete with giant screen TVs like those found in Sports stadiums so the huge assembled crowd of mostly illegal aliens could see the speakers who had been flown in at great expense from all points of the compass. Hundreds of Porta Potties had also been installed for the event, again, at great expense.
None of this is happening for "humanitarian" reasons, quite the opposite. This effort to erase our borders is all part of a broader population control/societal control agenda. In my last alert I spelled all of this out very clearly.
NUMBERS USA just sent out the following alert, I agree with it and wanted to pass it on:


A lot of you are asking for a way to constructively express your anger at what has just happened in Arizona. Of course you are frustrated:

The federal government won't protect U.S. workers, local communities and taxpayers from illegal immigration. The federal government sues to stop states that try to help. The federal court system blocks Arizona from enforcing the federal laws that the federal government won't enforce. Of course you are furious!

(Read NumbersUSA Editor Chris Chmielenski's blog on the Arizona ruling. You'll see that a lot of Arizona's law was left standing, the state and citizens can go after sanctuary cities, and a lot of local law enforcement can still be tough on illegal immigration. But some tough stuff has been blocked.)

So, what can you do?

If you are serious about your anger, then please stick with me and read through this email.

Starting this weekend, get out of your house and go to campaign events for your local congressional seat and for one of your state's U.S. Senate seats (if you have one open this year).
I will tell you below what you need to do at those events.

Check campaign websites, your local newspapers and their websites and your NumbersUSA Action Board

In the end, we may not be able to beat the federal government on the immigration issue, so we have to change the federal government by electing new Members of Congress or changing the immigration positions of the ones who get re-elected.

If Congress would pass the SAVE Act and the CLEAR Act, there would be nationwide requirements to do what Arizona's most recent enforcement laws try to do -- and more.

Don't miss that point.
for notices of times and places of campaign events.
  • The SAVE Act requires every single employer in America to go through a verification system that will open up millions of jobs for unemployed Americans and greatly beef up border security. (Pres. Obama has taken Arizona to the Supreme Court in an attempt to overturn its law requiring verification for all employers in the state.)

  • The CLEAR Act would require the federal government to assist state and local law enforcement when they want to turn over illegal aliens. Generally, it would do nationally what SB 1070 was created to do for Arizona.
We have a chance this fall to create a Congress next year that could solve most of the illegal immigration problems with just those two bills. But it won't happen unless a good share of the 1 million of you start pressing incumbents and challengers (and their staffs) at their campaign rallies.


  • No. 1: At incumbents' events, arrive with plenty of copies (preferably in color) of that sitting Senator's or Representative's "Immigration-Reduction Report Card."

    Click here for the Report Card map that will take you to the grades for your Members of Congress.

    Near the upper left corner of every Report Card is a link for PRINTABLE HANDOUTS.

  • No. 2: If the grades are bad, you can really start to get under the skin of the candidate and the staff.

    Be sure to hand to all campaign staff and media and help explain what the incumbent needs to do to put unemployed Americans and beleaguered local communities first -- and to improve his/her grades.

  • No. 3: Check to make sure whether the incumbent has co-sponsored the SAVE and CLEAR acts.

    Check the SAVE co-sponsorship list here.

    Check the CLEAR co-sponsorship list here.

  • No. 4: Raise questions at microphones or shout out as a candidate passes about why he/she has not co-sponsored SAVE and CLEAR acts to move millions of illegal aliens out of their jobs so millions of unemployed Americans can go back to work.

    Believe me, it is the repetition of simple messages that begins to shift an incumbent (and a candidate).

  • No. 5: If your incumbent has a good grade and is a co-sponsor, you will still want to wave the report card and in a kindlier tone ask if he/she won't provide more leadership in pushing the bills next year.

    Make sure that every incumbent knows there is a constituency for these bills.

  • No. 6: Print out the Candidate Comparison Page for each congressional and Senate race.

    Click here for the map to get you to the congressional races.

    Most of these candidates need a lot more encouragement to promise to take every immigration action to help unemployed Americans and beleaguered taxpayers.

  • No. 7: Take copies of these Candidate Comparison Grids to the events of challengers, as well as incumbents.

    Press each candidate to take our immigration survey and to promise to co-sponsor the SAVE and CLEAR Acts.

  • No. 8: If you can't make it to campaign events in person, phone campaign offices and talk about support for SAVE and CLEAR.

    Talk about how most Americans of all categories support Arizona's enforcement laws and you want to know if the candidate will pledge to support them, too, by making them the law of the whole nation through SAVE and CLEAR.

  • No. 9: Let us know what you are doing by writing notes in the comments section on each Congress Member's Report Card page and on each of the Candidate Comparison pages.

    Communicate with the Director of Local Power Teams Chad McDonald and his staff for any help in taking these actions.

    E-mail them at: jmagyari@numbersusa.com


    The judge's ruling today has ensured that Arizona and immigration will be a hot issue in this fall's elections.

    To the extent that tens of thousands of you take the actions listed above, we can channel the anger over today's ruling into changed candidacies and changed elections.

    For the next three months, we must put an incredible amount of energy into these congressional campaigns. And if you have a candidate that you like but who is bad on immigration, go to work now to get a change in position.
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