IAHF List: Most people don't realize the danger we're all in, but as you can see from the article below, we will be exterminated if we fail to protect ourselves from all the toxic heavy metals being sprayed in our air, water and soil. Monsanto is involved with the spraying.
They have patented a type of seed that will germinate despite the changes in ph caused by all the aluminum being sprayed on us. Their goal is to drive all small farmers out of business. They're using weather modification to cause draughts that are doing this, then giant corporate agribusinesses move in and buy up all that land and plant it with their genetically engineered seed.

Sulfur is a mineral that cannot be stored in the body. It MUST exit. There are very few things it won't combine with. It makes cell membranes more porous so oxygen can flood into the cells, pushing out all the toxins including all the heavy metals being sprayed on us by chemtrails. Sulfur binds with all these heavy metals to safely remove them from the body. The purpose of chemtrails is DEATH.

Chemtrails Killing Organic Crops, Monsanto’s GMO Seeds Thrive

May 3, 2013 at 9:35 am
Organic farmers and our food supply have a huge environmental hazard to contend with compliments of the U.S. government – chemtrails. Chemtrails are chemical or biological agents deliberately sprayed at high altitudes for purposes undisclosed to the general public in programs directed by various government officials. These sprays pollute the soil, water and air while compromising the health of humans, animals and plants. But wait – Monsanto has developed seeds that will weather the effect of the sprays, creating a tidy profit for the corporation while organics suffer.

Monsanto’s GMO seeds are specially designed to grow in the high presence of aluminum. Aluminum is the chemical found in chemtrails. If this poisoning continues, true organic farming may become impossible in the not so distant future. When aluminum pollutes soil and water it kills crops. It collects in people and causes diseases!

Chemtrail cocktail

Geo-engineering food companies such as Monsanto use the governments claim of slowing down global warming through chemtrails to justify the need for the GMO seeds. The problem with chemtrails is that what goes up, must come down. These chemicals are seriously polluting our waterways and soil while seeping into crops and contaminating livestock, not to mention changing the weather patterns. Plants are especially sensitive to the soil degradation that occurs with chemtrail spraying, creating serious issues concerning our food supply.

Genetically Engineered Seeds Resistant

Mosantano in cooperation with the government has designed genetically modified seeds which withstand the effects of chemtrails. The seeds are designed to survive extreme weather conditions, pollution, salt stress, heavy metals and chemtrails. Organic and natural crops will die from severe pollution and the chemtrails while Monsanto continues to profit. Further proof that the government and giant food cooperation’s are controlling the food supply.
WARNING: All MSM is not created equal! Why Mine is The Best in the World:
Appearances can be deceiving. A lot of MSM that appears to be "well documented" actually has some serious flaws but you wouldn't know it from the advertising you see on the web.

Most of the MSM on the market is nearly biologically inert and does not work well at all in the cellular matrix of our body because it is quadruple heated to 486 degrees which damages it so that you can't grow crystals with it. Its the crystals that enable the sulfur to open up cell membranes so that oxygen can flood into the cells, pushing out the toxins. Another common problem is contamination with silicon dioxide, an anti-caking ingredient and flow agent used to flow dietary supplement powders into capsules. Silicon dioxide is ground up quartz. It should never be put anywhere near sulfur because it binds with it and deactivates it.

The largest MSM manufacturer in the world is Bergstrom Nutrition. They manufacture "Opti" brand MSM which is often private labelled and sold by many other companies. This product has both problems listed above. Mine does not. Anyone can prove what I'm saying to themselves by getting some Opti brand MSM, mix it with hot water to get it to dissolve. Pour off most of the water leaving only a think film in the bottom of a coffee cup or shot glass and let that evaporate overnight. In the morning, you should have crystals in the bottom of your glass, but all you get with Opti is a scuzzy looking film.

If you drink my sulfur too late in the evening, the oxygenation from it will keep you awake. This is an indication that its doing a good job of opening up cell membranes, in other words, that its WORKING. Try that with Opti and you won't notice ANYTHING. About all you get from Opti is a laxative effect which you'll get from ANY MSM, but I wouldn't count on it to protect me from all the toxins being sprayed on us from chemtrails, and if I had cancer I wouldn't count on it to get very much oxygen into my cells.

My sulfur is heated just hot enough to boil the water used in the distillation process, about 286 degrees, any hotter is overkill, any hotter damages it, and mine doesn't contain ANY silicon dioxide. You can tell because it WILL clump up when exposed to moistore. Opti won't clump up because its contaminated with silicon dioxide which they have in their plant because they use it to flow it into capsules.

I have had people with stage 4 cancer cure themselves by oxygenating sufficiently using my sulfur. I've had people get off every Rx drug you can name just by drinking a couple glasses of my sulfur water per day. Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1931 for his discovery that cancer can't live in an oxygenated environment.
I can confidently trust my sulfur to chelate the toxic heavy metals being sprayed on us by chemtrails, but I would never trust Opti brand, or any other brand manufactured the way it is. I would not feel right selling sub standard crap to people. You get what you pay for.
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See this additional detox information to protect yourself from Cancer, Alzheimers, Morgellon's, Asthma, Allergies, Mental Illness and other health problems being caused by chemtrail spraying.
Most people don't realize the danger we're all in from chemtrails. Please alert them by forwarding this article widely, and urge more people to watch the documentary film "Why in the World Are They Spraying?"
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