The Malmö nior-punks take their riffs and sink them down in acid, with a gloomy look they stare into the wall and deliver a new single from the debut album ”Scandinavia”. A blood red video accompanies. 
RA - In My veins
YOUTUBE: https://youtu.be/IqYxXT8Afvg
VIMEO: https://vimeo.com/152546995
STREAM: https://open.spotify.com/album/1RabKR7KdC7IMFy6zZNFYS
DOWNLOAD: https://soundcloud.com/adrianrec/ra-in-my-veins-2
VINYL: http://adrian.tictail.com/products/artist/ra
READ: http://diymag.com/2016/01/19/ra-in-my-veins-video-premiere
"Melodies are stripped back with scalpel precision, before the salt in the wound of every thundering bassline and clattering drum fill takes hold. Post-punk doesn’t come more rawer and more haunting than this.”
RA are Simon Minó, Erik Blondell, Felix Mårtensson and Martin Nilsson. RA sound like they have plugged their instruments straight into a small boom box placed on a festival camping in the 80th. Sheets of noise propelled along by dark pounding bass, tribal drumming and guitars that aren’t afraid of feedback, all topped off with the doom-like vocals of prime-time gloom. Live, RA are really something to behold, a monumental experience. They’ve played high-profile gigs at Copenhagen’s Psych Fest, Fritz’s Corner and the 2014 Roskilde Festival. Their more-punk-than-you attitude has already made a positive impression on the Scandinavian live scene. Don’t miss your chance to see them live during 2015.
2016-02-05: La Mécanique Odulatoire - Paris (FR)

YAST released their second album "My Dreams Did Finally Come True” in 2015 where the first two singles gained appreciation all over. But it’s now with their third single that it really takes off. BBC has playlisted the track on a high rotation and shows are waiting to be announced in UK. They are also invited to play SXSW in Austin. Here is the official video for the track directed by the guitarist Tobias Widman and shoot at the legendary pizzeria Rex in Malmö. Starring in leading roles the band’s bassist Niklas Wennerstrand, Christine Björk (MF/MB/, Nightmen) and Anton Collinder (Terrible Feelings, Nightmen). 

YAST - I Don’t Think She Knows 
VIDEO: https://youtu.be/VjZst1B0_Oo
STREAM: https://open.spotify.com/album/2wONJS575twQsoZWEMbSf1
DOWNLOAD: https://soundcloud.com/adrianrec/i-dont-think-she-knows
VINYL & CD: http://adrian.tictail.com/products/artist/yast
READ: http://diymag.com/2016/01/21/yast-i-dont-think-she-knows-video-premiere
"Floating effortlessly between screeching psychedelic tendencies and a dedication to woozy pop charm, there’s a duality to YAST that’s echoed in ‘I Don’t Think She Knows’’ intimate video."
Hailing from the tiny Swedish town of Sandviken, Marcus Norberg, Tobias Widman and Carl Kolbaek-Jensen formed YAST in 2007. As nice as Sandviken is (and it really is), it’s not the sort of place where musicians thrive for too long. So fast forward to 2010 and our trio have gravitated south to the more music centric city of Malmö. Augmented by the rhythm section of post-rock band Aerial (and fellow Sandviken’s) Markus Johansson and Niklas Wennerstrand, the YAST line-up we know and love finally clicks into place. It took another two years of constant rehearsing and playing shows though before YAST refined the distorted dreamy psych-pop sound that we now so readily associate with them.
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