August 14,  2018
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UNDY 5K Run/Walk info
Talking with Wade
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Link to Opry Archives for 2018 appearances
Door Prize Winners - 2018 Friends Fest
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8/18 Nashville, TN - UNDY 5K
8/24 Bushnell, IL
9/14 Abilene, TX
9/15 Luchenbach, TX
9/22 Ft. Worth TX
9/29 Beaverton, MI
10/20 Panama City Beach, FL
10/26 Bell Buckle, TN
1/27 Country Music Cruise
For appearance details, go to the Tour page of wadehayes-woww.com. You can even get a map link. Enter your starting point and it will guide you to the venue. There are  ticket links when they have are available.

UNDY 5K Run/Walk info
There's still time to register for TEAM WADE for the Colorectal Cancer Alliance this Saturday at Shelby Park (the Bottoms) in Nashville. Wade is scheduled for meet and greet before the race, beginning at 7 am. 
Donations are appreciated, too.

Talking with Wade
Helen - A lot of people don’t know Jack’s story (about his rescue dog). You told it beautifully and concisely in the song “Who Saved Who?” Would you tell it again for others?
That’s pretty much how it happened.  I was on I-40 late one night. About 70 miles from my house, I’d stopped to fill up, and he was there just rummaging through trash cans. He just came up, jumped in the truck and sat down. He had a pizza crust hanging out of his mouth and obviously he’d been eating out of trash cans.  He was really, really skinny.  He had several holes, several open holes, and he was covered in ticks. I felt bad for him and worried about him. The people in the filling station said there was another dog with him and it had gotten hit on the highway.  So I took him home and put some meat on him and got him all healthy. He turned out to be the best dog I’ve had in my life. That was about 10 years ago. He’s a great dog. He’s full of personality. He makes me laugh every day. He makes me want to kill him sometimes. Wade and Jack(laughs, jokingly). That dog has been there through thick and thin.  What started the song - he came up to me recently and I noticed how white he’d gotten and I thought ‘what in the world am I going to do if I lost him.’ When I started thinking about it, I thought of all the times I was sick and going through my treatments and I would still have to get out and walk him. Therefore, I walked him a long time, twice a day, with a chemo bag hanging off me. It helped me get better, start getting back in shape and it was good for both of us. He’s been a great dog and a great friend. 
Editor's Note: Right off the cruise, Wade was on the Nashville Today radio show. He introduced "Who Saved Who?" to a great response. The program shot a video of his segment. You can see it on their facebook page:
Helen - What’s been keeping you busy lately?
I have this old house I’ve been working on.  I’ve finally decided to sell it. I’ve been very busy with that. I want to build a house. I’m trying to buy a house to live in during the interim. It’s been an all day, every day thing. Finally things are falling into place.
Helen - How about the music side of it?
I’ve recorded a session a couple of  months ago and the song about Jack is on there and several more. There’s a  song on there I wrote with a female artist,  named Danielle Lauderdale. She’s really good.  There’s a couple of songs that I had written recently and for some reason I like them.  So we’ll see what happens with it. We want to shoot a video on the song about Jack.  I had no idea that song would generate so much interest. I wrote it for myself.  I did it on the cruise, and I saw several people weeping in the audience. I did it at a little Opry show in Virginia.  Somebody sent me the video of it and I looked and I hadn’t noticed that 2 of the band members were crying when I sang it. I didn’t realize that it would have that impact on people. We’re trying to shoot a video for it now, if we can find somebody to shoot for us. 
Helen - Thanks for talking with us.  I know you have a busy day.
Yes, I’m going to go hang a garage door.

On You Tube
Wade and Megan Mullins at the Pickin' Parlor in Tishomingo on 9/16/2016, performing
Johnny Lee's "Looking for Love."
Submitted by Melinda "Pep" San Miguel
Wade and Randy Lanham on the Country Music Cruise 2015
Kentucky Bluebird
Submitted by Chris Keefe
Elsewhere on the "Net
Terri Clark has a country music radio show titled Country Gold. Wade was her guest on the July 17, 2017 show.
A podcast features a 23 minute interview with Wade. You can hear it at:
Terri Clark podcast with Wade
Recently the Wide Open Country Web Site ran a feature titled "10 Best Wade Hayes Songs." I noticed that 8 of the ten were also videos. How does their list compare with yours?
10 Best Wade Hayes Songs
A Fiddle and Steel (a former Printers Alley nightspot) reunion was held at Redneck Rivera recently. Wade's performance included Working Man Blues, Luchenbach Texas, Baby I'm Yours. Center Stage Magazine recorded it on Facebook Live. You can see it at
Fiddle and Steel Reunion

Wade was there on these 2018 dates:    Grand Ole Opry Archives
February 13 Tuesday - Track Location 1:03- 1:15
 Old Enough to Know Better, God Made Me to Love You, I Wish I Still Drank
March 17 Saturday - Track Location: 0:07-0:15
 Old Enough to Know Better, I Wish I Still Drank
July 4 Wednesday - Track Location 1:15-1;28
 Old Enough to Know Better, I Wish I Still Drank, Who Saved Who? (Jack's song) (standing ovation)
August 3 Friday - Track Location 1:06 -1:16
 Old Enough to Know Better, Who Saved Who?(Comments from Bill Anderson)
April 19 Thursday - Track Location 06:25 - 19:20
Big City, Luchenbach Texas, Wichita Linman (Comments from Larry Gatlin)
 Scroll down to to locate the date you're looking for. Click for Sound Cloud tracks. To hear Wade's performance, move to the track location. 
Our NEWS page has pics of Wade backstage at the Opry.

Friends' Fest Door Prize Winners
2018 FF Prize Winners
With Helen and Wade, Betty McCrary, Jane Baab, Robbin Arnold, Robyn Ulicini
We had sold out house of fans from across the country - Washington to Florida, California to Connecticut. 

About those Wade imposters on Facebook and Twitter
Wade fans - Heads up - Recognize those who are imitating Wade on Facebook and TWITTER.  Wade doesn’t reach out personally to anyone from his official facebook page. He doesn’t ask for money for any reason. It seems when one pretender is taken down and another pops up. Their copycat sites look real. Beware. Notify facebook and Wade’s management team if someone is trying to scam you. Wade's official Twitter account name is @wadehayes1.  Any variation on that is an illegal copycat. Don't be fooled.

Be Kind!
I’ve been asked to remind the members of this group that Private lives are PRIVATE, including Wade’s and anyone else’s. Persistent questioning of someone about private issues amounts to harassment. I’m asking those who feel they are being targeted with out of order questions and comments to send me names.

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