Going Back to Indiana!!

Announcing Michael’s Dream Foundation’s intention to restore or rebuild the defunct St. Mary Mercy Hospital at 555 Polk St. in Gary, IN as a children’s medical recovery center.
In June of 2013, MDF began the research and preliminary groundwork to determine if the St. Mary Mercy hospital site and existing buildings can be re-used. The environmental studies and research required to make this determination alone are costly and time consuming so we have not made it past the research phase yet, but it is still something we wish, with all our hearts, to make happen. There is a possibility that we may begin fundraising soon for the initial study costs to see if we can even use the land, and whether or not the building can be restored or rebuilt. The primary structure was built in 1908 so there are many factors to consider.
In July of 2013 we were given an estimated cost for the site assessment which is $9300. Once it is decided to move forward with this project, monies already received to the Michael’s Children’s Hospital fund will be a starting point to get the ball rolling, so if you would like to donate now please feel free to do so through the Donate! Tab on our website.
This is something we are very excited and passionate about and would love to see the entire community Come Together to see such a project through to the end. MDF cannot do it without YOU!
Please stay tuned for further updates and announcements regarding this upcoming project.

Spotlight Recognition: Hayley L. Howell
Hayley L. Howell has generously donated several of her children's books to be included in Michael's Dream Boxes!
Maker of Dreams
Raffle Winner Drawn!

We are happy to annouce that our maker of Dreams Raffle winner has been drawn!
And the winner is....Virginia Urbach!
Congrats Virginia and thank you to all who participated!
Rob Swinson himself will be sending out her prize!
Win this beautiful Pillow:
  Poli Bruckner and the soliders of L.O.V.E are holding a Raffle for this beautiful "I love you more" burlap pillow, 1 ticket is $3, 3 tickets for $5, and 7 tickets for $7! Use paypal bbruckner2@yahoo.com once they receive all money they will assign raffle numbers. At the end of the month they will document winner by video!
WOW, school is almost here!
Actually I should be saying YAY! 
Do yourself a favor and get organised by following these 10 tips and you will be ready to put your feet up.
1. Have a Fashion Show Before you go shopping for new clothes! Have each child try on the clothes they haven’t worn since last year. As you find items that no longer fit, set them aside to bring to a consignment shop or donate them to charity.
2. Fill out any necessary medical forms. If you need to have forms signed by your child’s pediatrician, send them to your doctor’s office as soon as possible.
3. Purchase school supplies. You can get a list of the specific school supplies your child will need from the school secretary or teacher and most local retailers.
4. Confirm your babysitting arrangements. Double check that your babysitter knows what day school starts, and understands when you’ll need him or her to be available.
5. Consider purchasing alarm clocks for the kids. If your kids are extremely reluctant to get up in the morning, consider using an alarm clock with gradually increasing sound, or use a timer to make their bedside lamp turn on just before you want them to wake up.
6. Plan your lunches first. You'll need to decide whether you need to purchase new lunchboxes. If you do, make sure you look for one that says lead-free on the label. Some vinyl lunchboxes give off a lead residue, which you don't want near your kids.
7. Organize your closets. This can help to get everyone out the door a little faster in the morning. If you’ve gotten behind in doing the laundry, or you have a lot of ironing to do, take some time to complete this task before school begins.
8. Update your calendar. Your calendar is a great tool for staying organized and managing the kids’ busy schedules. Take the time to add school-related items to your calendar, like half-days and holidays. Also, fill in your kids’ regular activities, like soccer practice, ballet, or karate. Get into the habit of looking at your calendar each evening to be sure you know what is coming up the next day.
9. Create a system for organizing and storing papers. On the first day of school, your kids will probably come home with 5-10 papers for you to sign. You’ll want to have a space in your home where your kids can regularly leave the paperwork that requires your signature.
10. Gradually move the kids' bedtimes up. You'll want to be sure your kids are getting plenty of sleep when school starts. If your kids have been staying up extra late this summer, you want to gradually move their bedtimes up by about fifteen minutes a night. This will make bedtimes easier on you when school begins, and it will help relieve the back-to-school jitters and insomnia.

Now that you have this under control enjoy the rest of your summer!
We are looking forward to your continued support for Michael's Dream Foundation.
Big Hugs

What has Annie been up to?
Get ready for us to take you to the next level:
2000 Watt overload of excitement! In 3-D!
Prepare yourself for this years party to celebrate Michael's birthday!
You can pre-register now and find out more information on what is in store for this year. 
Just like last year it will be broadcast from August 28-30th 2014 so whereever you may be you can
party with other fans from all around the globe.  If there is one thing Michael loved it's the whole world
and he was loved the whole world over!  Agree? Then come join the celebration, and like Michael sang
"Enjoy yourself for me"
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