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The South Carlina Primary was stolen before it even began, and there will be no way to verify any of the votes because they're being cast on ivotronic touch screen voting machines that have been banned in Ohio and Colorado due to being hackable. The League of Women voters in SC has agreed that their primary will be invalid before its even taken place (!) Watch this CNN News Report: 

Please listen to this song "I Lost My Vote" Everyone in this country needs to hear this song and really spend some time thinking about its message, then we all need to take action just as I've been doing here in Whatcom County WA where I have been hounding our County Auditor, the person who runs elections here, our Secretary of State, and my local County Council. I've also pressured local newspapers to write articles on this thorny topic in order to raise public awareness- and they're writing about it.

There is a problem and there is a solution. Use ONLY paper ballots counted in public view. We the People Foundation has served the Secretaries of State of all 50 states with the National Clean Election Lawsuit. They've all attempted to file for dismissals. If the court system doesn't allow this lawsuit to proceed, we will have moved "from the ballot box, to the cartridge box" and that would signal the start of a GENUINE Revolution. Hopefully, we can still avoid that.

    If you have or know an individual who has credible vote fraud evidence
  • GO TO: and do the first 4 links in the To do area then learn from all the videos.
  • Recently I quit all the Ron Paul meetup groups I was in in order to focus my energies instead on the thorny issue of election fraud because its glaringly apparent that we're not witnessing an election, we're witnessing the ILLUSION of an "election".

    We're supposed to participate like sheep being led to the slaughter in the rigged black box primaries, then "vote" in November and via some sort of Orwellian Doublethink believe that an (ahem) "election" has taken place. It bothers me a lot that Ron Paul failed to call for a recount in NH, and it bothers me even more that he issued a public statement that "No Fraud" occurred in NH.

    It also bothers me that he's even PARTICIPATING in the sick joke of a "Primary" that will happen in South Carolina tomorrow given that the State Constitution contains a clause which expressly forbids "counting ballots in secret" South Carolina Elections are Unconstitutional!!! by Mark A. Adams, JD, MBA: The ivotronic  touch screen voting machines being used in South Carolina have been BANNED in Ohio and Colorado because they are hackable and also because they're prone to mechanical breakdown, so NO ONE in South Carolina can have ANY assurance that their vote is being counted accurately.

    I'm proactively trying to DO something about this, and if ENOUGH of us take action we CAN SAVE our country.

    I support everything Ron Paul is trying to do and would like to do, but its painfully apparent that our constitutional right to have our vote counted accurately is not being upheld anywhere in this country (except in some rural areas that still use paper ballots and still do hand counting), so as long as that situation exists, it really doesn't MATTER what Ron Paul would like to do- as things stand, we're either going to have Hillary be installed on us by computer hackers who write code into memory cards being inserted into voting machines to hijack the "elections", or we're going to have some equally dishonest person such as Romney or McCain installed on us, because our "votes" are clearly irrelevant.

    You can clearly see how easy it is to hack a voting machine by watching this

    This You Tube shows the following in less than 10 minutes:

    An Optical Scanning machine thats been hacked, scanning paper ballots, and the outcome of the rigged sample election being totally different than the recorded votes. (Real votes 6 yes, 2 no) Hacked vote: 7 yes, 1 no. You can watch this, and there is NOTHING to prevent this from happening in your state.

    It shows John Silvestro, owner of LHS Associates, the vendor of these machines in NH lying under oath in a hearing before the NH State Legislature last summer His machines were just used to count 81% of the vote in NH (the rest were done the RIGHT way: paper ballots counted
    BY HAND.

    This documents that ballot fraud issues were never addressed in NH, (just as they have ALSO never been addressed in WA, or most likely in your own state either.)

    This film shows Black Box Voting buy the same machine used in NH, and take it to a randomly selected computer repair shop, and they film the technician spotting the problem with the machine immediately, he says "this is very old technology" he pulls out the memory card and says "everything can be stored on this, if you have a reader card, you can change everything on this."

    I just got off the phone with my friend Walter Reddy who was in his car, driving from Connecticut to New Hampshire. He had been there during the Primary in an effort to monitor the polls at the hand counted precincts. He is going to NH to try to stop the ballot tampering that is now going on up there in an effort to sabotage the recount currently going on:

    See this report from Bev Harris of Black Box voting, she is in NH, and ballot tampering is going on:

    Posted on Thursday, January 17, 2008 - 10:48 pm:   

    No worries, say New Hampshire officials when cuts up to eight inches long are spotted in newly delivered ballot boxes. "The only seal that counts is the one on top."

    Except the seal on top can be peeled off without leaving a trace, then reaffixed.

    Black Box Voting has been doing a chain of custody exam for the New Hampshire Primary's recount. On Wednesday night, Election Defense Alliance's Sally Castleman mentioned a troubling observation: After following the ballots back to the ballot vault following Wednesday's recount, she had the opportunity to enter the ballot vault, and noticed what looked like cuts, or slits, in the side of many ballot boxes. New Hampshire officials assured us that these cuts, which slice through the tape and seals do not permit access to the uncounted ballots, pointing to a label on the boxtop which they call a seal.

    But the "seal" can be removed, like a Post-it, and reaffixed. So it's not a seal all!

    We wanted to know if the ballot boxes were slit while in the vault, in the transport van, or came from the towns with slits in them.

    I confirmed this morning that many if not most of the boxes scheduled to be counted today had slits in them. I went out when a vanload of ballots arrived, and saw that they were slit at the time they arrived by van. Susan Pynchon and I drove to two nearby towns and watched as they handed over their ballot boxes to "Butch and Hoppy", the two men who drive around in the state in a van picking the ballots up. We observed as they loaded boxes of ballots into the van with no slits at all in them. We videotaped each of these up close. They arrived at the destination without slits. The label on the top was affixed, but in some cases was crumpled, or also damaged.

    Of cource, the label affixed to the top can be removed and reattached without telltale signs.

    No vault tonight

    A significant departure from the normal chain of custody path occurred tonight. They decided not to use the vault to store the ballots.


    I have sent documentation to the County Auditor (who runs the elections here) that the Sequoia optical scan machines used to count the paper ballots here are hackable and prone to mechanical breakdown. I provided evidence that a Sequoia optical scan machine used in Snohomish County WA broke down and didn't count 21,000 votes.

    I provided her with this You Tube which shows a computer programmer named Eugene Curtis testifying in court about how he rigged an election in Florida in 2000 for Congressman Tom Feeney  He caused the outcome to be 51-49%, and testified that a county board of election would never be able to detect what he did. Feeney was speaker of the House of Florida when this election was rigged.

    My County Auditor ignored this along with everything else I sent her telling me that the "Secretary of State has approved the Sequoia voting machine we use- take it up with him". When I tried this via the phone and email I was ignored, so I'm going to now sent a certified letter with return receipt requested. We all need to do this.

    I got the Whatcom Independent, and the Bellingham Herald newspapers to write articles about this issue which we all need to expose and address or our country is DEAD. Yahoo Groups has Fair Vote groups that you can join in your area which are looking into this issue along with groups like and

    Lets all pray for Bev Harris from because she is in NH right now with a camcorder monitoring the recount and exposing major problems with it including ballot tampering. If she is able to document fraud pertaining to this recount thats going on now, her life will be in jeopardy. My friend Walter Reddy was on his way up there to help her when I called him this morning. Goons have been tampering with the ballot boxes, slitting them open, etc. America has become a banana republic. Please join me in turning this around or we will lose our country and find ourselves mired in a North American Union Dictatorship.

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