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Enchanting Green Amber
100 Silky Brandy Amber Rondell
Large Red Orange Coral Rondells - 16mm x 7mm
Large Dark Orchid Coral Rondells - 16mm x 7mm
Frosted Black Fire Agate Teardrop
Wavy Square Chrysoprase Firebrick Red Turquoise Nuggets
Enticing Scarlet Red FAC Jade
Large Silver Aztec Rondell Bead Spacers
Large Silver Football Bead Spacers
Large Silver Walnut Bead Spacers
166 Violet-Red Turquoise Heishi
Large Blue Diamond Slab Botswana Agate
Enchanting Blue Botswana Agate Slab
Voluptuous Golden Orange Fire Agate Rondell - Large
Large Glamorous 18mm Amber Beads

How to Make a Beaded Bracelet

Making a bead bracelet is fun and very easy. Fashion a wrist or ankle bracelet, and when you get the hang of it you can churn them out to sell. And unlike necklaces, bracelets don’t need many beads. A single 16-inch strand will usually make two bracelets. You can also add spacers to make the design more interesting and to make the beads go further.

Things You Need:
Jewelry Clasps
Beading Threads
Flat Work Surfaces
Bead Tips
Measuring Tape
Flat-nose Pliers
Long Straight Pins

1. Choose a length for your bracelet and purchase beading thread at least a few inches longer. A standard wrist bracelet length is approximately 7 inches. Add two or three inches to the length for an ankle bracelet.
2. Choose beads for your bracelet. They can be all one size or varying sizes. Choose spacer beads (the small beads that go in between the larger beads) as well.
3. Choose findings for your bracelet. You will need a clasp and two bead tips. The bead tips are used to secure the ends of your bracelet so that the clasp can be attached.
4. Lay out your beads on a towel placed on a flat work surface. Take this opportunity to determine the order in which your beads will be strung. A little planning now will save you a lot of frustration later.
5. Knot a thread end and use scissors to trim off the excess thread. The knot should be at the very end of the thread.
6. Push the unknotted end of your thread through one open end of the bead tip and thread the end through the hole. Pull the thread all the way through so that the knot you made rests inside the bead tip and firmly against the hole.
7 Place a small amount of craft glue onto the knot and allow it to dry. Use a pair of flat-nose pliers to close the bead tip.
8 String your beads. Thread on the other bead tip so that the open end of the tip faces away from the strung beads.
9 Tie a loose knot in the remaining thread end and use a long, straight pin to push the knot down into the open end of the bead tip. The knot should rest securely against the hole. Trim the excess thread and use pliers to close the bead tip.
10. Affix one clasp piece onto one bead tip hook so that the loops at the end of each are joined. Use the pliers to securely close one ring over another. Repeat with the remaining clasp piece at the other end of the bracelet.

Tips Measure your wrist or ankle with a tape measure to determine the most comfortable length for your bracelet.
Look through online and print jewelry catalogs and jewelry shops to get ideas for the type of beads you want and possible color schemes.
Use a double strand of beading thread for extra strength.
If you are making a present, always make it bigger so they can adjust it to the size they need. You won't have to give away the surprise by asking what size they need.

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