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New Beads
Magical Arabian Silver & Red Beads
Large Sky Blue Arabian Tube Beads - 24mm x 12mm
126 Purple Turquoise Tube Beads - 4mm x 3mm
Romantic Salmon Pink 10mm Turquoise Beads
90 Dramatic Striped 8mm Rainbow Calsilica Rondell
50 Majestic Indian Garnet Oval
Enchanting 6mm Bronzite Beads - Unusual
Golden Chocolate Bronzite Teardrop Beads - unusual
Graduated Majestic FAC Amethyst - 14mm to 6mm
Splendid FAC Blue Crab Fire Agate Beads - Large 12mm
Faceted Dazzling Pineapple Citrine Beads
Irresistible Pineapple Citrine Nuggets
Lucky Chinese Year of the Rabbit Jade Pendant
110 Desert Red 6mm Sandstone Rondell
Timeless Garnet Tumbled Nugget Beads
88 Slinky Chocolate Gold Pearl Rondell Beads

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Chalcedony - A Graceful Stone for Spring Jewelry!

Chalcedony is an excellent gemstone to use for graceful spring jewelry. Its delicate, silky light-blue color reminds of early-morning mountain sky. Try making matching chalcedony earrings and a bracelet. Use small beads with subtle silver spacers for style. Sell them in a white or light-blue box.

What is chalcedony?
Its name is said to come from an ancient Greek town called Chalkedon, now in Turkey. It is a fine-grained variety of quartz with a waxy luster and microscopic compressed crystals. Because of this structure, chalcedony is usually semi-opaque - which creates a soft glow as the light diffuses through the stone, ideal for graceful jewelry.

The Romans made seals from chalcedony, and the stone has been carved into ornaments for thousands of years. And in the past its heavenly blue color explains why it had been called Mecca stone and St Stephen’s stone.

Chalcedony comes in every color, but for jewelry it’s usually light milky blue with a hint of pink. Being porous, it’s been dyed blue and pale minty-green for centuries – and today sometimes its color enhanced to emerald green and even tangerine and peachy pink.

Chalcedony is formed in volcanic rock cavities where silica-rich water flows through. Traces of iron oxide in the water create the pinkish and sometimes red color.

The gemstone can be seen in the Arizona Desert, where petrified trees have formed from chalcedony replacing the ancient forest. Native Americas there called the stone sacred as they believed it brought stability to the tribe.

Chalcedony is a feminine stone, full of yin energy. Said to balance the emotions, bring stamina, and promote kindness and charity. It is also believed to be good for love as it lowers anger, depression and melancholy. Years ago sailors wore it as a talisman, and it is the birthstone for those born under the star sign of Sagittarius.

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